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Lindsay's Accuser

Wanted For Sit-Down

with D.A.

1/21/2011 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Riverside County D.A. wants to take another run at Lindsay Lohan's accuser -- Dawn Holland -- in light of TMZ's report that Dawn made a $10,000 deal with LiLo ... law enforcement sources tell us.

As we first reported, sources tell us the plan was for Lindsay and Dawn to pose together for photos -- and for Dawn to make $10 grand off the sale of the pics.

We're told the district attorney will now extend an invitation to Holland to speak with them about the alleged assault incident at the Betty Ford Center. Up to this point Holland has refused to cooperate with investigators.

The D.A.'s Office refused to comment because it's an ongoing investigation.


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Why does Riverside County have such a massive hard-on for Lindsay? Give it up! Law enforcement has much better things to do than to go after Lindsay, don't they? Apparently not.

1379 days ago


Holland and her lawyer have made several scheming attempts to extort Lindsay out of money. In a court of law, Holland's testimony will be worthless. She got fired from Betty Ford for unethical behavior, she accepted payment from TMZ, she made multiple attempts to squeeze money out of Lindsay and her camp. She has already made public statements claiming that no crime has occurred. It would take all of 5 seconds in court to completely discredit this woman.

1379 days ago


If Dawn changes her story now...can't SHE get prosecuted too? Only she does not have money to get herself off.

1379 days ago


if this ever goes to trial, Shawn will make mince meat out of Dawn. she has no credibility left and after her "i want what's rightfully mine" money comment to radar online her credibility is completely gone.

1379 days ago



that little stunt of a deal is all michael lohan. i doubt lindsay or her camp even knew about it. the fact they supposedly put an end to this deal, i think shows it was not authorized by anyone legitimately on her team. it was reported by dawn's lawyer that he had spoken to michael within days of getting hired. it's exactly the kind of stunt michael has pulled in the past with the hidden photographer in palm spring taking pics of his first meeting with lindsay.

1379 days ago


NOTHING is going to happen
Lindsay has 35 days until she is back in court and due to complete probation.
She still completed Betty Ford, got a glowing discharge report and left on January 3rd(earliest possible date set by the Judge)
She has attended all her therapy and passed all her tests (so far)

The D.A didn't even want Lindsay to be on probation after she ****ed up when she failed the drug tests when she only had to stay clean for 67 days.
So if she goes in on Feb 25th and is in full compliance she well really everyone will be glad to get her out of the system.

1379 days ago


Of course Dawn was paid off anyone with half a brain and who isnt an obsessive stalkerish 15 year old Lohan fan could tell.

Dawn went from wanting to press charges to all of the sudden claiming "everything was blown out of proportion" faster than Paris Hilton can say "thats not my purse!"

1379 days ago



Looks like the Lohan family is here once again using alias handles defending Lindsay.

Nicole,how do you find the time to live at TMZ all day defending Lindsay 24/7/365 days a year?

It's amazing how Nicole is right on it,twisting the facts 365 days a year defending this family.

1379 days ago


Go check out Radar again, Dawn Holland has given another interview. The woman is wacko. It will be proved this was all Michael Lohans doing. Neither Lindsay nor those around her had anything to do with this. When they heard, it was stopped.

1379 days ago


Oops my comment didn't come out right at the end. Palm Springs has drug dealers, rapists , murderers, and crime like any city, and seady areas, not to say crimes don't happen in nice areas. Point is this is ridiculous to spend any more time on this case. Lindsay is gone from their city, do you think Linds wants to vacation there?? Hell no so drop it they both seem guilty but I'm more on Linds side I guess I just want her to get better and I'm sure they both got physical but no broken bones nothing major. Heck my cat attacks me worse than Lindsay did to poor old Dawn. Joke on that part. Its a little scuffle between two addicts, yes Lindsay will always be an addict even when sober just wish her the best.

1379 days ago


The D.A didn't even want Lindsay to be on probation after she ****ed up when she failed the drug tests when she only had to stay clean for 67 days.
So if she goes in on Feb 25th and is in full compliance she well really everyone will be glad to get her out of the system.

Posted at 1:13 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Nicole

OMG Nicole we all know Feb 25 is the date of Lindsays probation hearing good god do you have to keep reminding everyone? Also she will not be out of the system on Feb 25th, she will still be on probation doesnt matter if its unsupervized she is still "in the system" I mean if your going to keep ranting about it you mines aswell have your facts straight.

Now instead of keeping track of how many days is left of LL's probation or how many days Lindsay had to go without taking coke why dont you do some real math?

Counting Baldwin brothers is always fun.

1379 days ago


Holland then had a change of heart and informed authorities through a Beverly Hills lawyer that she did not want to pursue the matter because as a recovering addict herself, she sympathized with Lohan.

I dont recall Holland making any public statements claiming that no crime has occurred.

1379 days ago


I laugh when these Lindsay fans..aka the Lohan family acts like Dawn Holland word would be worthless in a court of law?

Is it not true that Lindsay is a big fat liar herself?

Oh my passport was stolen

Oh that's not my coke

Oh that's not my coke..again?

Oh I'm not a drug addict

The "Oh" list goes on with Lindsay.

Lindsay's word is pretty useless in a court of law also,also to an arresting officer.

The truth is,Lindsay will screw up again,and the same people will be here defending here,twisting the facts as they usually do.

Lindsay is always so NOT!!

1379 days ago



1379 days ago

why is she there ?    

to the Accuser
do what's right,
don't be bought for $$$$$$
tell the truth .
justice in in your hand,
much respect for the truth .

1379 days ago
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