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Lindsay's Accuser

Wanted For Sit-Down

with D.A.

1/21/2011 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Riverside County D.A. wants to take another run at Lindsay Lohan's accuser -- Dawn Holland -- in light of TMZ's report that Dawn made a $10,000 deal with LiLo ... law enforcement sources tell us.

As we first reported, sources tell us the plan was for Lindsay and Dawn to pose together for photos -- and for Dawn to make $10 grand off the sale of the pics.

We're told the district attorney will now extend an invitation to Holland to speak with them about the alleged assault incident at the Betty Ford Center. Up to this point Holland has refused to cooperate with investigators.

The D.A.'s Office refused to comment because it's an ongoing investigation.


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@ Mike - You have to be kidding? Hate Lindsay? Far from it. I have been in her corner for years. If you know anything about me you will find I have prayed, preached, and went out on a limb defending this child. I have supported her out of love ... as I would for my own daughter.

There comes a time when enough is enough. She has dug this big deep hole without any hate from most of the people here. How can one continue to support a person who doesn't care for anyone but herself?

Her behavior is constantly dragging so many others down with her. It would be different if it was just her. But she lies, makes up hundreds of excuses, blames everyone else for her trouble and has yet to prove to anyone she is serious about her own recovery.

Why should others continue to care when she doesn't?

Betty Ford Ripoff Center has also bought into her antics. They gave her a clean bill of health after this last fiasco? Come on... She is ready for society after this b/s she caused?

People are just fed up ... and I include myself.

1368 days ago


@ Mike ... I also think this action from Michael Lohan is the straw that broke the camel's back for those of us who have supported Lindsay.

That's it for me.

I will continue to pray that God will do whatever it takes to save this mixed up child.

Her family should be commended for trying ... but all they have done is enabled their daughter to continue in her screwed up ways... never taking any responsibility for her own actions.. thinking her family will bail her out time and time again.

Go ahead, Lohans. Keep enabling this child and all you are going to do is one day throw dirt on her grave.

WAKE UP!!! LET YOUR DAUGHTER BOTTOM OUT. Quit throwing money at this problem...


1368 days ago

Sad sad    

Oh man lol.

1368 days ago


ahhhh .. this poor girl is out of work. leave her alone.

1368 days ago


Grandma Cracker, you couldn't have said it any better than that! Right on!

1368 days ago

Sitting Bull    

How many of you actually believe Lindsay was drunk and possibly coked up on Dec 12? Have you considered the possibility that she is telling the truth? Suppose Dawn Holland really was targeting Lindsay from day one? Suppose Lindsay was worried that DH might tamper with the breathalyzer results. Just suppose.


1368 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Mike? Really? Just suppose NOBODY on the entire planet is stupid enough to believe that dribble? Guess that would mean that you and the Lohans would be gone, right?

1368 days ago

Sitting Bull    

grandma cracker..Let me understand, you believe she was drunk? You seem quite intelligent. You're not going to tell me you believe she was drinking.


1368 days ago


Mike, she's in rehab. They test people everyday. You think DH came out of no where to threaten LL? BS. If LL had just fessed up it would have just been some alteration in her treatment plan and she would have moved on. It happens in treatment.

Now, along with the refusal you have a criminal conspiracy and endless tabloid references to her and view of a really ugly side of the Lohan camp.

1368 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Mike you are a jackass.....

Seriously, YES, I think Lindsay had been drinking. She has been around the rehab block, she knows the game. She could have been goofing on beers earlier. Alcohol metabolizes at a rate of about an ounce per hour. The two hours she jacked around before giving a test would have allowed her body to metabolize 2 oz of 80 proof liquor. She got all up in Dawn Holland's face too with her "liquid courage" and "I'm a star attitude". Then, she was lame enough to CALL THE COPS ON HERSELF! Good God Mike, if she would have given a dirty breath test after sneaking in, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED WITHIN THE WALLS OF BETTY FORD!!!! Yes, a report would have been made to the Judge along with a revised treatment plan, and that would have been the end of it. Treatment is not punishment and counselors are not out to get clients.

Lindsay Lohan brought all of this on HERSELF, and it is indicative of how ill she really is.

1368 days ago


Oh please. Lindsay was just celebrating MLK Day early!

1368 days ago


People have been debating about whether or not Dawn said no crime occurred. Yes, she did say that once - but I didn't interpret that as meaning the incident didn't occur, just that Dawn didn't think it was worthy of being called a crime. More like an on-the-job accident. (When she said in a recent interview that she wanted what was rightfully hers - she was talking about workers comp/injury insurance, which she's still waiting for. She quite clearly said the injury was due to Lindsay's actions.) An addict got belligerent and physically abusive when asked to take a breathalyzer, that's all. I think Dawn never wanted Lindsay to go to jail over it. But Lindsay was dumb enough to call 911, most likely on the dumb advice of her mom (who must still think that the first one who calls gets the victim title), which turned it from an internal BF affair to an external police matter and then public record.

Dawn has been quite careful in what she's said. She hasn't switched stories at all. She has never said it never happened. She also has never talked about medical records for Lindsay, and the only do***ent she provided to TMZ was her own report for workers comp (she was given a copy) and not a medical record for Lindsay. I don't think she's violated HIPAA at all. BF has stricter rules, perhaps, but in this case - Lindsay made everything public as soon as she dialed 911. And Lindsay continued to keep it public by trashing the tech in the tabloids.

Lindsay seems to switch stories every few minutes. Remember her original excuse for it all? The tech had the audacity to chew her out for breaking the rules... Oh, my. How awful. Things have mushroomed into many colorful variations since then.

Lessee - on the one hand, we have a tech with seven years of sobriety behind her who was just called in by a supervisor to give a breathalyzer test to three wayward souls who broke curfew, including dear Lindsay. On the other hand, we have an addict who hasn't been able to stay sober for that many weeks, who refused that test. Whom to believe? Hmmm.... What a toughie.

1367 days ago
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