TMZ Live: Viewer Visit via Skype, Octo vs. Duggar

1/21/2011 5:05 PM PST
 New feature on TMZ Live today -- we answered a question from a viewer ... live via Skype! Plus ... does Max really look like "Survivor" winner Judson Birza? Mike and Gary answer the toughest question yet: Octomom vs. Michelle Duggar ... who'd you rather? And ... all of your questions answered!

***If you wanna Skype with us on the show, shoot us an EMAIL HERE with your name, phone number, Skype ID, the question you'd like to ask ... plus a little bit about yourself.

(1:08) The "Fountain Lady" ... can she sue because they released the awesome security camera footage?
(2:00) Should Harvey record "My Way" in the studio?
(5:00) Katherine Jackson goes after AEG ... does she have a case?
(7:55) Welcome Barbara --TMZ's first viewer to ask a question live ... and it's about Lindsay Lohan.
(10:14) Barbara's Michael Jackson poster sparks an MJ story.
(12:12) Getting to know Barbara ... and Harvey knows a teacher at her school.
(19:15) Does Max look like "Survivor" winner Judson Birza?
(21:00) Lisa Lampanelli cracks a nasty Zsa Zsa Gabor joke ... was it over the line?
(25:32) Awesome Twitter question: Who would Mike rather ... Octomom or Michelle Duggar. Max and Gary also pick their poison.
(31:00) Kelsey Grammer's future wife ... how much would she make if they divorced?