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Ba-Rockin' Some

New Hairdos!

1/22/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With rumors swirling about Barack Obama possibly dying his hair -- we got to thinking ... there are so many COOLER things he could do to his 'do! 

After all...isn't this the president who wanted change?


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He needems Dennis Rodman as a stylist - after a little trim - he would ask - What color of Kool-Aid would you like to be today!!!

1316 days ago


have some what if he wants to color his hair he has an imagine to uphold. Must be a slow news day because this isn't news

1316 days ago


I find this very racist and done in poor taste. Why does everything always come down to colour in this country? I am very saddened by your choice to depict the President in this way. Just because he is black does not mean he is "hood". I think you should make a public apology TMZ

1316 days ago


I would like to see da Prez with Bieber bangs too!

1316 days ago


Magilla Gorilla!

1316 days ago


If he put on a pair of leotards and danced in The Nut Cracker (Leotards too tight) - would all of the gay guys go nutty over his booty?? or would that be a Don't Ask Don't Tell rule??

1316 days ago


#8 David. You are a fffing IDIOT! Have you ever heard of political satire? Take a look back in recent history BushII, Clinton, Reagan, Carter. Both parties all white. Just because he was voted president because he is Half black doesn't mean you can use the race card. You are a reverse racist and should get a Life.

1315 days ago


Real Classy TMZ. Very disrespectful.

1315 days ago

Ann Maie    

TMZ, you're disgusting. You probably think Joan Rivers' joke about Michelle Obama is OK. The only thing worthwhile about TMZ is Charles, and at times, I wonder about him. If you can't respect the president, at least respect the office.

1315 days ago


This is disrespectful. He's the President of the United States. Stop it.

1315 days ago


First and foremost, I have passed on the same views when then President Bush was in office. It is good to see everyone's strong intelligible/unintelligible views. People, I understand the need to find humor in what we do day in and day out lately, however, at a time like this when our country is striving to maintain our Super Power status, we are being left in the dust education-wise, decency, work ethic (to name a few) by a whole lot of up and coming countries, seriously, can someone really tell me how this reflects on us as a nation from an outsider's persepective, in that this is the best we can come up comically in reference to our nation's leader? This just gives more fuel to all of our competitors who are starting to see our country as a laughing stalk. Countries used to revere this nation, they used to view it in such awe! While we our best minds like the person whom placed this up is using it to degrade the person who holds the highest position anyone could ever dream of attaining, people who used to look up to us for leadership and guidance, are infact turning and seeking that guidance from our competitors.....

Freedom of speech is one of the many great things to enjoy about this nation. I just thought it might have been better to express it to all those other countries who still have much to learn from us using better taste than this. Please keep in mind that we are not the only people who get to view this, billions of people all over the world get to read and see this too. Hey, if this is the image we want them to have of us as to how we view our leaders.....then I guess to each his own.

1315 days ago

Y do he got    

PURPLE photo shoping matches TMZ`s purple brain dead care center cult harvey the fake flakers with purple milk beavis blut head overtones,NEWS? WTF is fox shootin up those TIMMY ZEE`s with? piss?.

1315 days ago


while you're at it, why don't you post a picture of Sarah Palin in devils horns or a rainbow wig and a red nose? She reminds me of both (usually at the same time) so fair is fair.

How about George Bush in a dunce cap? Maybe that would be a good reminder of why there was so much crap to fix when Obama took office. All of you smart asses who have nothing better to do than sit back and talk **** about the man might want to remember that. He's trying to clean up the massive mess the last president made. Give the man a break. I'd like to see any of you do better.

1315 days ago


just read about the his dyed hair for the 'state dinner party'

i prefer to see him with dreadlocks rather than color dyes,that will be cute!

1315 days ago


@tallblonde, Well said!. Unfortunately, we do live in such a none sensible atmosphere, that I do not think anyone will take the time to take into consideration your reasonable contrubutions to this conversation we are having.

1315 days ago
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