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H&R Block -- We Want No Part of 'Skins'

1/22/2011 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

H&R Block is the latest company to pull its ads from the controversial MTV show "Skins" -- but the company tells us their ad wasn't supposed to run during the show in the first place.


The popular tax return company is just the latest to pull its ads from the show -- Wrigley, Taco Bell and GM have already pulled theirs. A rep for the company tells TMZ, "H&R Block is not an advertiser of the show. One ad ran by mistake as part of a rotation. Once we learned this, we immediately took steps to ensure it didn't happen again. This program is not brand right and H&R Block did not select it to be part of our rotation."

The controversial teen drama has drawn the ire of conservative groups because of its racy subject matter. The Parents Television Council has fired off a letter voicing their concerns to the U.S Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees.


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ignorance is bliss, this show has been on the air in UK for years now and their kids are quite fine over there . you dont hear them shooting up schools, killing their parents or shooting congress women. america needs to get its head out of its ass. MTV has a show teen moms correct? does that not mean that teenagers are having sex to be teen moms. please!!! the UK version of Skins(the original) teaches kids how to protect themselves from pregnancy , stds etc. why is it america has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world!!! and it is not because they are watching skins, its because they are not educated enough to know better

1336 days ago


I'm really not surprised by young non-parents who don't see the big deal and you don't have to watch. I was one of those people once myself. As a parent however, you start to see how inappropriate shows aimed at teens with a teen cast where sex and drugs are so irresponsibly glorified and why they are so damaging. And yes, it is a parents responsibility to monitor what their children watch. Unfortunately, there are alot of azzhole parents who don't monitor and unless you home school and keep your kids in a bubble, you send your kid to school with these other kids who are allowed to watch and expose your kids to this world anyway. It's hard to effectively parent that way when your fighting against the media and your kids peers. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it were on HBO or Showtime and advertised as a more mature show, but the ads that ran for Skins were targeted to teens during prime time hours. Also we're talking about a generation of kids dumb enough to fall for the marketing and promotion of individuals like Snooki, The Situation and Kim Kardashian s viable role models. Seriously the media needs to stop giving these no-talent jerks attention and give the kudos to people actually doing something more productive in society. More healthy role models, please...

1336 days ago


Finally, a show that's so absolutely bad and unredeemably raunchy and perverse that no one is willing to back it. Now take all of the shows creators out to Sarah Palin's skeet shooting range, blindfold them and then tell them to run like hell while you play a tape recorded voice yelling "pull, pull, pull".

1336 days ago


You can't buy publicity like this. The TV show is a sure fire hit.
Whoever was their publicist on "Skins" give'em a huge raise! H&R Block wasn't even gonna purchase time. Amazing!

1336 days ago


Sex,drugs,prostitution and underage nudity? What's the problem?
Talk to some of the kjds in high school in Memphis as to why pregnancies there are 3 times the national average.

1336 days ago

lost grrl    

The PTC is a bunch of up-tight idiots who don't believe the rest of us should be able to decide what we want to watch. If you don't want to watch, then don't. If you don't want your kids to watch, then use the password protect/V chip thing. Simple. This is what these idiots do...years ago they tried to force Nip/Tuck off the air and I actually organized a fairly effective anti-PTC letter writing campaign to the sponsors they were targeting. These people "red Light" Glee for goodness sake!

Skins is not really as bad as everyone says it is--unless you are judging it on quality. The UK version was fabulous and it didn't lead to the demise of teens in the UK. This show is on late at night and has a TV-MA warning. The PRC know they cannot go to the FCC on this matter because cable channels--even basic cable--can show what they want...they only have to worry about the support of sponsors. And that is why they go after the sponsors.

What a person watches is their own decision. If you have a child that you think is not ready to watch something, don't allow it. TV is not a substitute for parenting. And BTW what did happen with Nip/Tuck? Oh yeah...hard liquor companies stepped in to fill the void left by more traditional advertisers. So if you pressure Taco Bell to pull out then your kid will see a show sponsored by Grey Goose...cheers!

1336 days ago


what happen to the REAL MTV this stuff they show on there these days isn't MUSIC TV is Stupid tv why would anyone want to watch other peoples F**KED up lives? Last I knew the "M" in MTV was for Music tv and it was that all day long!! Not any more... I WANT MY MTV(back)!!!

1336 days ago


TV is NO PLACE to show this kind of crap to our young children.
It's close to kiddie porn (I suppose)... and America doesn't need or want it (from what I've read and discussed. Besides, we have TMZ for All Our Hot Stuff we want. :) Cheers !

1336 days ago


I love it when corporate America suddenly develops a conscience. Now that is high comedy.

1336 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Good. This show is a joke. How about playing music again MTV

1336 days ago


I'd be the last person to be offended by any of the content in Skins, but I fully agree that it is inappropriate for highschool students / MTV's audience of 13+ year olds.

In the same way people were discussing the Tuscon shooter being "unstable," most of MTV's young audience are too stupid not to be taken in by the glamour of the show and to think underage sex, drugs, cartheft, and ODing have no consequences.

1336 days ago


It's a remake of the UK Skins i have seen all 4 seasons of the UK show and trust me if the first episope get this reaction the look out it gets better!!!

1336 days ago


Aargh! This drives me crazy! Does every parent think their child/teen is stupid? Do you think that they have no brains of their own? Do you think you can wrap them in a safety bubble where they will never be exposed to drugs, sex, alcohol? Teens are not stupid, but yet everyone seems to treat them as if they are. Healthy, honest discussions in the home about alcohol, drugs, sex and stds, are far more beneficial parenting tools than banning a TV show! It may be an awkward conversation but if you honestly believe that your teen isn't being exposed to these things in places other than on TV, you are so wrong. Don't undervalue your children, when given the real facts, most are smart enough to make up their own minds.

1335 days ago


I haven't watched the show, so I can't really make a comment on it's content. But I can have an opinion since I was once a teenager myself. Times have changed, and not for the better. Everything is out there, leaving nothing to the imagination anymore.
I'm sure this show wouldn't shock me, but it would probably make me sad to know that these kids are going to growup one day soon and look back at this experience and think, what was I thinking.
Nothing is sacred anymore. Again since I haven't seen the show I don't know exactly what is going on, but more than likely like any teenager regardless of what generation, we all went through the stage of fighting for independence, experimenting with alcohol and drugs, making out, the whole 9 yards.
But does it make sense to have a show where people get to watch it happening? Who cares what these kids are doing? Whatever it is, we've been there, done that and never got paid or had it televised for the world to see.
I think we even still had some respect for ourselves back then, and I'm not that old. What we did, we did it privately, without fanfare, and yes we all still had raging hormones kicking around inside of us.
I feel sorry for these kids. Because they think what there doing is cool, but in 10 years it won't be so cool. And when they have children, oh they won't be so proud of what the entire country got to see them doing. Sad and pathetic.

1335 days ago

The whole thing is a joke

1335 days ago
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