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Octomom's Neighbors

Every Day Is Hell

1/23/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relentless screaming ... cackling ... police sirens -- just another day in the life of Octomom's neighbors ... who all claim Nadya Suleman is constantly disrupting the community AND damaging property value.

TMZ spoke with several neighbors who all tell the same miserable tale ... everyday is like living next to a horribly obnoxious amusement park. 

In fact, TMZ obtained an eardrum-bursting audio clip that one neighbor recorded during an especially awful screaming session at Octo's pad.

One person told us, "We continuously hear kids screaming and crying and fighting."

Another neighbor told us they're constantly being woken up at 6AM by the sounds of screaming children ... when Octo lets the kids go outside to "play" with no regard for the noise.

As for the cops, we're told the constant police presence is becoming a nuisance ... in fact, neighborhood locals -- even children -- are often subjected to ID checks simply to gain access to streets around Octo's home.

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by. 

... and you thought you had bad neighbors.


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Octo did this to herself ON PURPOSE. Thinking she would get a jon and kate make 8 reality type show. Didn't work.

Now instead of 6 kids she could never afford to house, feed or handle, she adds another 8. AGAIN, DONE ON PURPOSE.

1368 days ago


Did anyone else notice, in her Oprah interview, how much she looks for approval from Oprah and Suze? Additional, did you catch on to the fact that this woman has no idea how to tell the truth? She knew very well the Ormon had viewd her financial history yet sat their and lied about how she paid for all the fertility treatments. But then when Ormon shanked her lying butt, she admitted to it. She seems more like a child to me than a mother. She lies so much that she can't keep them straight. It's never acceptable to lie, but when you're a kid you probably try it a few times to see if you can get away with it. But as an adult, I would be insulted that anyone thought I HAD to lie to anyone. Not sure if that came out clearly, but it looks as though she lies out of fear of getting in trouble, like a child would. And to think she's teaching those lessons to 14 kids is just insane.

1368 days ago


Posted at 2:49 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Brooke
She wants quiet, she should move to a damn retirement community.

And if Octoscam wants to do porn/fetish, she should move to Nevada and the Chicken Ranch!

1368 days ago

Snow White    

And if Octoscam wants to do porn/fetish, she should move to Nevada and the Chicken Ranch!

Posted at 11:24 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Alvin

At the very least, she ought to move to a commercial zone since she's running an illegal day care center.

1368 days ago


"... get her a house surrounded by enough property..."

Posted at 5:29 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Celeb Gossip Addict

Someone already offered her a house on farm property that she didn't want. And it was free. Neighbors don't need to donate any money... she doesn't want to live where she can afford it.

1368 days ago


Kimba, all joking aside, do you really believe someone should be able to move into a neighborhood and totally cause drama, discontent and constant noise? Take Octo out of the equation and answer truthfully, if possible. Also, do you really believe that kids are entitled to make any amount of noise they want, even if it disrupts the whole neighborhood? Please be honest.

1368 days ago


I still say the doctor should have to pay child support (and I agree it should go into a conservatorship), for all fourteen children, until they are adults.

1368 days ago


I agree with all means go over and help.
Posted at 6:32 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by janet

Yes, supporters... go help her. I hear she wants help with housecleaning and cooking. Maybe one of you could sanitize the balls in the playpen?

1368 days ago


Not unlike having a dozen or more illegal aliens living next door minus the horde of cars on the lawn and filling the street and the LOUD music blaring at all hours of the day and night.

It's the beloved diversity that makes the USA so strong and the wondrous multi-culturalism that We, the People are expected to embrace!!!!!!!!!

1368 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

Bruno-post 132

Your so right, they might not even want her. I think that they are open to converts though, good luck getting her to convert to their lifestyle though.

Are Kody and the Sissies FLDS? They seem too mainstream.

1368 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

Can you see Nadya in a sister wife prarie dress, with the loop d doop hair do braided bun thing? That would be funny.

1368 days ago


Why would the neighbors have to disclose that she lives nearby? I know that having 8 kids is unusual, but I don't think it qualifies as a sex crime.

Also, is there even such a word as "woken?" If there is, it is definitely not being used in the right context. TMZ's highschool weekend staff at in again. Harvey must not pay much if he can't find staff members that don't butcher the English language.

1368 days ago


It used to put me in a foul mood just hearing two children screaming and playing next to me. Those same neighbors used to pollute the air with their charcoal BBQ every evening. Another neighbor had to deal with their neighbors parking their cars in front of their house all the time. These people who overflow their space into others should live out in the country on a large lot of land. She should be teaching her children how to respect other people. This woman is greedy and selfish to have more children than she has the time to train.

1368 days ago

Snow White    

"Also, is there even such a word as "woken?" If there is, it is definitely not being used in the right context. "

Woken is the past participle of wake.

"Why would the neighbors have to disclose that she lives nearby? I know that having 8 kids is unusual, but I don't think it qualifies as a sex crime"

First, it's 14 kids, not 8. The expendable older 6 are always getting left out. But yes, in California you are required to disclose any public nuisances in your immediate area when you are selling your home. The media circus that is Octomom absolutely falls under the definition of public nuisance.

1368 days ago


"TMZ's highschool weekend staff at in again."
Posted at 11:59 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by TXluvsMJ2

1. BTW, highschool is two words: high school
2. Your sentence above is out of whack.

You happen to have an English degree that makes you qualified to comment on other's posts?

1368 days ago
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