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Octomom's Neighbors

Every Day Is Hell

1/23/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relentless screaming ... cackling ... police sirens -- just another day in the life of Octomom's neighbors ... who all claim Nadya Suleman is constantly disrupting the community AND damaging property value.

TMZ spoke with several neighbors who all tell the same miserable tale ... everyday is like living next to a horribly obnoxious amusement park. 

In fact, TMZ obtained an eardrum-bursting audio clip that one neighbor recorded during an especially awful screaming session at Octo's pad.

One person told us, "We continuously hear kids screaming and crying and fighting."

Another neighbor told us they're constantly being woken up at 6AM by the sounds of screaming children ... when Octo lets the kids go outside to "play" with no regard for the noise.

As for the cops, we're told the constant police presence is becoming a nuisance ... in fact, neighborhood locals -- even children -- are often subjected to ID checks simply to gain access to streets around Octo's home.

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by. 

... and you thought you had bad neighbors.


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The sad part is...the needs of the kids will never come first.

1336 days ago


The owner of the house went out of his way to help her and she burned him. He want's her out. God only knows what his house looks like.

TMZ..Good point on the zoning laws.

1336 days ago


i really feel for these neighbors. I couldnt imagine living anywhere near this narcissistic, mentally unstable con artist. For all the ppl posting they should help her out..BULL! The only thing i would help her with is moving her ass out of there. I do feel for the kids b/c they dont stand a chance for any type of a normal life but thats going to be up to CPS to step in and take them away. I just cant imagine spending all that money on PS and her balloon lips and yet her one son still has his cleft lip. Thats only one of the hundreds of examples of why this woman isnt fit to take care of these kids, she has no concept of what being a mother is about. I dont blame them for recording this, i would have done that long ago and called the cops every time, that may be the only chance these kids have at getting out of there and into better homes.

1336 days ago


I have a few things to say about this:

1) If you are able to be in your own yard (or house) and hear that amount of noise from across a cul de sac, something should be done about it, legally. I agree with most posters here that believe that Octo has no idea how to properly handle this litter of kids.

2) In her interview on Oprah, with Suze Ormon, it was totally clear that she was grasping at straws as to why she would put herself and her family through. She kept trying to blame everyone but herself claiming the lack of love she received her whole life made her put HER emotional needs above everything else. It also looked as if she was hoping Oprah would feel sorry for her and open the big "O" wallet to help her out, because she was "self medicating with babies" due to her inability to get love from her parents. She is so concerned with receiving the love that was owed to herself that she forgot that very few people have the ability to GIVE BACK the love and attention a child DESERVES to that many kids at once. She puts her own desire for love above that of her kids.

3) That neighbor reminds me of a neighbor around here that had an argument with another neighbor in my neighborhood. The woman resembles her physically even. Anyway, because she had it out for our other (nice) neighbor, she made it her job to ruin that other persons well being. Our nice neighbor was on disability from being diagnosed with Lupus. He had to quit his job and his wife took on 2 jobs because they still had 2 teenage kids at home. But with the disability and her income they were able to get by. UNTIL THE BITCH NEIGHBOR, took a picture of him mowing a neighbors lawn, for some extra cash (on a day he was able to physically do something), and wrote a letter to his insurance company stating he was scamming the system. His disability was cut off immediately because that's evidently all the insurance company needs to cut you off. FYI, the argument that started the whole argument was because the nice neighbor's wife didn't wave back to the nasty neighbor when she was diving up. They had been friends and lived right next door to each other. The woman took about $1200.00 a month from that family because she didn't get a wave....

1336 days ago

say what?    

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by.

......That's a crock!! The only thing you have to disclose is if prospective buyers ask if there's been a death in the house.

1336 days ago


The neighbor is talking about the noise, but Nadya is living in that noise.

Posted at 6:19 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Celeb Gossip Addict



You Octoscam apologists are comedians! I can't stop laughing at all of your inane logic. LOLOLOL "Nadya is living in that noise." AHAHAHAHA She CHOSE to turkey baste all of those children. It's her own personal hell that she brought upon herself.

If you feel so passionate about your favorite fraudlebutard grifter, then why don't you donate your time and monies to her? Why don't you invite her into your homes. She made at least $2 million last year. Why didn't she use that money to pay off her mortgage? Instead, she wants the world to believe she's down to her last $300. Only fools such as you will believe ANYTHING that clown says. So, help her out, STFU and GTFO.

1336 days ago


I applaud the neighbor for voicing the complaints....our homes are our sanctuary....we work hard for our homes, & deserve common courtesy...I live on a wonderful cul de sac,bordering on a large park, where of course, a few of the kids play ball hockey, toss the football, & if they start to get a little noisey, their parents are the first ones to come out, & tell them to tone it neighbors we respect each other..if someone ever moved in here, & chaos could be sure..they would'nt last long..everyone deserves peaceful co-existance...if the noise level coming from Octos house is that high, I would be the first one to report to the police & the proper authorities...all the neighbors should get together..& register their complaints..I feel sorry for them!

1336 days ago


@ say what,

You are absolutely correct. I'm in real estate, although in a different state than California, and that is not something that needs to be disclosed to a potential buyer at all. I wonder who told TMZ that nonsense, maybe the nosy neighbor across the cul de sac? Unless California real estate law is that different from where I live. That being said, I absolutely would not purchase a house across from her though. I'm sure I would tire of that noise and have to go smack Octo, or at the very least I would be sure to wake her up with loud noises on a regular basis. It's only fair....

1336 days ago


the comments people make is terrible. obviously her neighbours don't have an autistic child or else they'd understand exactly what us parents have to go through on a daily bases.

Posted at 6:35 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by KT fr CB


That special needs child is suffering in mental anguish and physical pain everyday because of abuse. While you sit by and gossip about it.

Posted at 6:40 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Mike


@Mike: Awesomesauce.

1336 days ago


She puts her kids out at 6 AM? That's what I do with my dogs, and it sounds like she is treating her kids like a pack of animals. (And I bring the dogs back inside right away if they make noise.)

I guess that everybody has to deal with the possibility of a noisy neighbor moving in, but some posters seem to be unaware that many towns have noise ordinances to try to prevent undue noise. For those people, I'd like to point out that you don't have to live with excess noise, and perhaps your town can do something about it.

I don't see how anybody in the USA can be jealous of Octomom. (There are starving people elsewhere in the world who must be jealous that somebody is able to survive in the US with 14 kids and no job.) She may be famous (infamous would probably be a better world), but who would want to live like that? She can't take care of 14 kids, but I have a feeling that she wasn't even able to take care of 6 kids.

And now, through sheer misfortune, her neighbors are forced to deal with the consequences of her bad decisions. Would anybody knowingly buy a house in that neighborhood? Only if you got it very cheap. I think that statement about reduced property value is entirely accurate.

1336 days ago


First off TMZ went to her and asked, all she did was tell the truth. This lady had to look at the "Don't be an Octomom" sign for a whole month. She had to put up with Octomom selling her used underwear at a garage sale. They advertised her used underwear for sale to bring in customers...what kind of nuts did that draw to the little cul-de-sac. There was a giant truck with a 20ft poster of Tattool and Nadya right outside this woman's home. Who would want to see that out the front window? Now she finds out these two idiots filmed a fetish video in Nadya's playroom and bedroom. The police have shut down the cul-de-sac many times in two years for "events" taking place at her home where they were afraid trouble would break out. This isn't normal noise and disruption.

1336 days ago


First of all, to the 'parents' who defend Nadya based on their own parenting 'skills'; you are most likely one degree of separation away from Nadya yourselves. Even the simplest form of life can breed. Being a breeder and being a parent are two very different things. It's really too bad that just anyone can produce a child, because many people with children do not qualify as parents (as evidenced by the many comments regarding how the neighbors 'should' help monetarily or otherwise).

Second. Clearly Nadya cannot take care of 14 very small children as they deserve to be taken care of (I suspect she couldn't take care of one, properly, as she obviously has mental issues of her own that are not being addressed). Right or wrong, these children do exist, and that in and of itself is a problem. A problem for Nadya and a problem for everyone subjected to this family.

Third, and most importantly. The doctor who implanted Nadya should be made to pay child support for all 14 children (he helped create them, after all), to ensure these children have a chance. He is definitely responsible for their existence. If this thought has never been on the table of 'what-to-do-about-this-tragic-problem', it certainly should be.

1336 days ago


I'm amazed at the number of people blasting the neighbors for "insensitivity" since they do have a lawful right to a "reasonable expectation of privacy" and "peaceful enjoyment" of their own property. If they are on their own property or on "public" property (i.e., the street) and can record audio loud enough to hear what is going on in that house, they are well within their rights to post it. They are also well within their rights to set up 24/7 audio/video security aimed at that house from their own property and endlessly loop the images via internet for anyone who so chooses to watch (i.e., Child Protective Services). With CPS's failure to intervene on behalf of the children due to the suspected abuses happening within that home (physical [caged tups], emotional [screaming, alienation of affection], and ommission of medical care [failure to correct a severe dental deformity for Jonah]), and all of these abuse violations have been witnessed by the neighbors while CPSs has done nothing - it should be time for the Orange County District of Attorney to intervene against CPSs themselves for "failure to protect" minor children to mandate a lenghty intervention and observation of exactly what is going on in that house [and we're not talking about a couple of hours - I'm talking a matter of constant supervision for a minimum of 1 month). Personally, I do not care about Ocotmom or what happens to her -- what concerns me is the mental and physical wellbeing of the chidlren has been constantly neglected by the agencies whose only existence is to monitor and investigate issues such as these.

1336 days ago

karen lee    

She never should have bought a Z-lot house -- with NO ROOM between houses!
I forget, DR PHIL HELPED HER RENOVATE THAT TYPE OF HOUSE -- RATHER THAN ADVISE her TO GET A BIGGER HOUSE ON an ACRE (somewhere ELSE cheaper w/LAND) for 14 kids to GROW. HOW LONG BEFORE those babies need MORE than crib Space. AND 14 growing kids CONTINUE playing in a stamp-like SPACE?

NOTHING she has EVER done has ever makes sense! ORDINANCES in places like LaHabra should LIMIT the # of kids living in that SMALL space WHERE they would be NUISANCES to neighbors.

lF she had not squandered almost $2-MILLION on herself (cosmetic work SHE STILL LIES ABOUT) or all the designer clothes, make-up, $10,000 CUSTOM TUB INSTALLED in her master bathroom - etc.

SHE WOULDN'T BE in this awful mess except for her wasting hundreds of thousands on luxuries, $8,000 last Xmas ON TOYS. Anybody spent THAT MUCH on toys for ONE DAY?

ANYBODY FEELS SORRY FOR THIS UN-REPENT-able FOOL should waste their sympathy for the POOR unfortunate families whose jobs were riffed through no fault of theirs -- with kids STARVING with NO HELP from Dr Phil, SUZE or Oprah, Gayle King, etc. INSTEAD of going for RATINGS,,, these billionaires could do a lot more good helping families in need these days. The kind of people that have suffered in silence for too long … and don't bring RATINGS because their NOT news.

Save your tears for REAL poor families who LOST their homes -- NOT Octomom.

God better forgive her ... the taxpayers of CA and US taxpayers paid more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS for JUST their birth alone .. and medical costs continue climbing daily.

Multiple births cause AUTISM and CLEFT PALATES, BIRTH DEFECTS – SHE already had SIX kids – a couple kids WITH disabilities. And one baby STILL has a cleft palate. WHY DIDN’T SHE spend some of her millions she got EXPLOITING those baby TO ACTUALLY HELP THE BABIES and the rest of her litter?
HOW MANY PARENTS do you know that HAVE 3 TO 4 KIDS WITH disabilities == and continue having EVEN MORE KIDS?

The best thing for her kids WOULD be placing them IN LOVING HOMES with SENSIBLE PARENTS who WOULD PUT THESE KIDS NEEDS first.

Memo TO OCTOMOM’S NEIGHBORS: GET TOGETHER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST: DR PHIL (AIDING, ABETTING HER INSANITY IN ENABLING HER TO MOVE NEARBY) in a totally UNSAFE space for 14 kids. AS WELL == there are existing LAWS ... CITE YOUR COUNTY/CITY, state for NOT PROTECTING your rights and allowing THIS NUISANCE to continue, etc. get tv stations & radio stations to HEAR - record etc ... ;PUBLIC SAFETY IS BEING ENDANGERED, TRAFFIC, ..

1336 days ago


I can't imagine being the kids living in that prison. It's disgusting and unsanitary to have so many humans confined in one small place. Still can't believe the state/county allows it. Daycares and people with 14 dogs can't do it for the same reason. The smell and the noise must be over the top. As for the neighbors seeing that misery everyday must be horrible. And for anyone who thinks ANYONE is jealous of Octo, you are insane. She's gross, poor and has 14 kids, why would anyone would be jealous of that?

1336 days ago
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