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Octomom's Neighbors

Every Day Is Hell

1/23/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relentless screaming ... cackling ... police sirens -- just another day in the life of Octomom's neighbors ... who all claim Nadya Suleman is constantly disrupting the community AND damaging property value.

TMZ spoke with several neighbors who all tell the same miserable tale ... everyday is like living next to a horribly obnoxious amusement park. 

In fact, TMZ obtained an eardrum-bursting audio clip that one neighbor recorded during an especially awful screaming session at Octo's pad.

One person told us, "We continuously hear kids screaming and crying and fighting."

Another neighbor told us they're constantly being woken up at 6AM by the sounds of screaming children ... when Octo lets the kids go outside to "play" with no regard for the noise.

As for the cops, we're told the constant police presence is becoming a nuisance ... in fact, neighborhood locals -- even children -- are often subjected to ID checks simply to gain access to streets around Octo's home.

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by. 

... and you thought you had bad neighbors.


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Hmmm and where does the neighbor suggest she move to? U gossips should put cash together and get them a farm to live on or something then no more complaining neighbors...Constant police presence u are the one that's prob. calling them.

1368 days ago


The easiest way to get Octoslut out of the neighborhood is to keep recording until they have enough evidence to get her kids taken away by CPS. If the kids are out late, being cursed at, ect eventually something is going to happen that will be enough for CPS to step in and remove the kids.

Guess it's also good that any audio or video recordings of incidents at the Octoslut's house will be worth big bucks to the tabloids. TMZ is doing a public service making sure the neighbors have an incentive to get the dirt on Nutya.

1368 days ago


Octo mom ,she got the rights to live where every she wants..Neighbors get some ear plugs and deal w/it...

1368 days ago


@25 U must be kidding, right?

1368 days ago


Amazing how many people out there think that everybody else out there should "just deal with it" when it comes to the inability of others to actually "parent" their kids. Wonder how many of you are of the same ilk as those that think it's ok to bring their screaming brats to a restaurant and allow them to ruin everyone elses night out, because kids will be kids so "just deal with it".

1368 days ago

red velvet    


Octoincubator's "rights" to do whatever she wants ended when she CHOSE to take the RESPONSIBILITY of putting the needs of 14 children ahead of her own.

Something, might I add, that she HASN'T done. At all. She's left it all on the taxpayers and her neighbors. So no, her neighbors DON'T have to "deal with it". She needs to start taking care of her children, or she needs to have them slip up and sent to homes where they CAN receive adequate care. And then SHE needs to "deal with it".

Breeders: it takes a village to raise a child, yes, but the village must be willing. I don't see how any village would be willing to help this waste of space.

1368 days ago

Snow White    

It's always sad when trash moves in to the neighborhood.

1368 days ago


Whys should these neighbors have to move anyway? They have jobs and can afford their homes. They're not the ones harassing the public, Dr.Phil, Oprah, etc... for handouts.

1368 days ago


I have no sympathy or understanding for Nadya. She payed to have 14 children put into her body. She asked for this and she got it.

Why should anybody help her? There are millions and millions of people in this country living in poverty who didn't ask for their situation. How many people do you think that the millions Nadya has already squandered could have helped?

She should have done the responsible thing and not create these children, but she didn't. She should have done the kind thing and give them up, but she didn't. Because she is neither responsible or kind, she is merely selfish.

1368 days ago


by payed, I mean paid.

1368 days ago


Kimba, you are obviously paying attention to what I have to say. You're just too ignorant to understand. Stupid is as stupid does.

And as far as the nosy neighbor woman goes, maybe the neighborhood got together, being that the cops are failing to do anything about it, and decided to let people know what she's doing to their neighborhood. Maybe they think that once it gets out, someone with authority, will be able to get involved and help the situation.

1368 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

I HAVE A PERFECT SOLUTION! Someone needs to set Nadya up with Kody Brown- She can become the fifth sister wife! It would be a blessing and benefit for all.

1. Kody would increase the size of his family by a whopping 15, thereby increasing his standing in the polyg community and doesn't the size of their family have something to do with scoring more points in heaven- that's 15 birds with one stone Kody!

2. The sister wives get the "blessing" of another sister wife, they'll be so happy won't they?

3. Nadya would have lots of free help with her kids and the California tax payers wouldn't have to step in, especially because she would MOVE! That would make her neighbors happy.

4. It would be good for her kids because they would probably live on a compound or a farm far from other neighbors, or around other polyg's who also have tons of kids and are used to the noise of crying babies, cackling, meltdowns, children fighting, wives fighting, etc.

5. I could go on and on but the best benefit for Kody and the wives, their ratings for their reality show would go through the roof, they would knock Jersey Shore out of the water, thereby making a pile of money for Kody, the sis', and Nadya. Which, lets be honest, is what there all really after they want to be famous and they want to be rich, otherwise why would they even have a reality show right.

What is it that Kody says, ..." love should be multiplied and then divided..."? Or something like that, put your money where your mouth and shaggy hair are Kody, marry Nadya.

who agrees with me?

1368 days ago


Miss B- What the heck did Kody and his wives do that was so wrong that anyone would wish someone like Octoskank on them?

1368 days ago


Tmz, keep up the pressure on her. It's good to see some real articles about her antics. There are many more you could delve into.
If you are going to report on her, no more fluff.
I'm sure the neighbors feel like they are living in a circus
with a screeching hyena.

1368 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

Bruno-post 128

They would see her and all of her kids as a "blessing", she would fit into their lifestyle, polyg's have that many kids all the time, depending on how many wives they have sometimes they have eight that are all the same age, just not from one mother.

Wouldn't you watch that show?

1368 days ago
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