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Flavor Flav

The Ad That

Sets America Back 60 Yrs

1/25/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flavor Flav loves his fried chicken so much -- he put his own GIANT face right on the menu at his new joint in Iowa.

TMZ has obtained photos of Flav at his new "Flav's Fried Chicken" restaurant in Clinton, Iowa yesterday -- where he debuted his eye-popping yellow and orange menus ... and his self-indulgent sign out front. 
So we gotta ask ...


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Is it me or does Flav look like ReRun from "What's Happening"?

1333 days ago


It isn't so bad, considering that is his own grinning face, minus the watermelon slice and from the line of people waiting to get in the place it is working for him or else the food must be really good. I wish him well.

1333 days ago


What! No watermelon and chitlins!

1333 days ago


Wholesome sides? Uh, other than maybe the greens and slaw(depending on what they're covered with) I don't see a whole lot of wholesome on the sides menu - it's all either very starchy or deep fried.

1333 days ago

what the?    

To those of you who are going on about the 'e' in potato. In the case of the plural (ex. potatoes) the 'e' is correct. Only in the singular does potato not have an 'e'. So most of you are only partially correct.

1333 days ago


Does he have his name copy written? That doesn't really look like him. And although he acts like a buffoon, he's pretty smart. I honestly think, or at least hope he would have tried something other than such a stereotypical venture.

1333 days ago


#57--It's copyrighted not copy written.

Ok a half rack rib meal is 16.95 and a full rack is 18.95. Who is their right mind would buy the half rack at that price?

1333 days ago


TMZ. Pot Stirring for sure.

1333 days ago

Just Sayin    


Wat da f#ck do korean and chi-knees know about chicken.

This is the business plan for all the chicken joint in the hood:

Hire a black person who really really knows how to cook chicken, pigs feet, ribs collard greens, biscuits etc.

Learn their spices and technique, slang.

Fire their a$$ and hire ming-lo.

(keep on black person on staff cause you always need a house ninja)

Study culture and sell em whatever you can.

i.e. They wear weaves, sell em weaves

They drink, sell em booze

They like sports wear, sell em sports wear

They like hair care, sell em hair care

Addicts like sweets, sell em sodas, grape, orange, pineapple, fruit punch.

Take all the money you can out of their community and drain it dry as a chicken bone.

Move to the next neighborhood of color and repeat process until rich.

Now that your children are rich, bring over relatives and repeat the process.

1333 days ago

Sad sad    

Spencer now's your change to write a new song. Aint nothin but a chicken wing gimmie a side of tatoes.

1333 days ago

Sad sad    

*chance. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

1333 days ago


That's enough to deter people from ever stopping there to grab a bite to eat!

1333 days ago


Hey It's fine. The sign is jazzy and noticeable. He's a star and he needs to promote the restaurant. He's got a business going and it looks like people are waiting in line in the COLD to get in. Now all he has to do is make sure the food is good, prices are reasonable and people will keep coming.

1333 days ago


The bigger story here is why in the world is he opening this place up in IOWA!?!?! They have a black population of like .000001%. This should be in Compton or some other ghetto.


1333 days ago

Christy Cross    

Too bad Flav doesn't know how to spell potato!

1333 days ago
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