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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Done Clubbing! (Seriously)

1/24/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you heard this one before -- Lindsay Lohan is telling her friends she is never clubbing again. As in forever. Forever ever. For reals. Stop laughing.

Lindsay Lohan Done Clubbing
Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she is "completely over the club scene" -- no more "I'll just have water, thanks" -- and realizes that cutting it out completely is the best chance for her to avoid temptation and remain sober.

We're also told the no clubbing pledge extends to her friends as well -- as in she's going to stop hanging out with the people that only used her to party.

Which pretty much only leaves her trainer and the pizza delivery guy.



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Dude this chick is so delusional she believes her own lies.
She drank with an alcohol monitor on--who is she kidding?

1305 days ago


BS, She has that hearing coming up and she's gonna have to explain the commotion at BF so now the family is bombarding the media with "good girl" stories. Lindsay was probably sitting in a club when she came up with this one and they all laughed their azzes off and ordered another round.

1305 days ago


#30 Delmar
You said, "...Lindsay is not your friend, TMZ, and her real friends would never, ever talk to you or radar or any other cheap, exploitive tabloid..."

No, but her parents would sell her out for a buck as they have proven time and time again.

1305 days ago


Who's she whoring herself out to in the B.H mansion where MiLo said she's living? The jewelry guy?

1305 days ago


She won't have anything to explain. The fact that she completed rehab and got a great report is the most important thing.
As she is on supervised probation the scheduled hearing is just a formality.

1305 days ago


Remember the old saying in recovery.... "If nothing changes... nothing changes."

The only one Lindsay Lohan has to prove herself to is Lindsay Lohan. There is not one thing anyone in her circle can do to help this child.

She has gone down this road many times in the past and no one at this time outside of her inner circle really cares nor believes one thing she has to say.

Remember... how can you tell a drug addict or alcoholic is lying? "Their lips are moving." They always lie. Therefore, Ms Lohan... the ball is in your court.

Sometimes people lie so much they actually believe their own lies. Remember OJ?

I will continue to pray God will do whatever it takes to save this mix-ed young girl.

1305 days ago

truth and mercy    

MORE POWER to you Lindsay!!! Sane friends and family would not give a diabetic or hypoglycemic SUGAR , so just REMEMBER that alcoholism IS A DIS-EASE with 100% recovery rate .... you just can NEVER EVER EVER drink again! Watch celebrity rehab and help EDUCATE society that alcoholism IS a fatal, deadly, self destructive medical ailment, NOT a moral or social defect!!!! Some of the KINDEST, BEAUTIFUL, SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED, EMPATHETIC souls are alcoholic/ addicts. Let Go and Let GOD.

1305 days ago


WTF, just cause you don't club doesn't mean you wont do drugs stupid b!Tch and I bet TMZ sources is "Michael Lohan."

1305 days ago


TMZ stop reporting Michael Lohans crap for god sake.

1305 days ago


Whatever happened to helping the homeless (the one she used for the photo op)?

How about the starving children she used as an excuse in court?

1305 days ago


"nothing good happens after midnight" is a pretty decent thing to keep in mind, hope she can find positive people who help her do other things w her time...always, always good to prune the hangers-on tree when trying to grow up...for her health and functioning, hope she does change directions

1305 days ago


She is trying to save money for the pay off.

1305 days ago


Oh please. How many times have we heard this exact same BS? So many times that we can actually chart out exactly how her lies & BS go, chronologically:

1) She gets out of rehab, declares "I'm sober & going to stay that way".
2) She states "I'm dumping all my friends that take me down the wrong path".
3) Almost immediately, she starts hanging out at clubs, bars and parties, the EXACT WRONG PLACE for a recent rehabber.
4) She starts complaining about how "the media is hounding me", even though she texts them ahead of time to let the know where she's going, so as to get the maximum press attention.
5) She starts hanging around with her old friends.
6) Blind items start appearing on gossip websites, about how her friends "are leading her down the wrong path".
7) Now the lies begin. She steals something (clothing, jewelry, some other girl's boyfriend/girlfriend) and denies it completely, except she's photographed with the stolen property. The clothing/jewelry owner initially make a big stink about it, but eventually back off, possibly due to being paid off.
8) She starts acting erratically; she shows up hours late to appointments & meetings, blaming it on others.
9) She's photographed at 3-5 am, stumbling out of a bar/club, obviously having trouble walking. She blames it on "being tired from working so much", although she hasn't had a full acting job in months or years.
10) She breaks the conditions of her probation by failing a drug/alcohol screening. Immediately, white oprah declares "it's a mistake" or "it's a setup".
11) She's hauled into court to answer for her idiocy. She arrives late and/or disheveled; she acts erratically and/or arrogantly towards the judge.
12) She's sentenced to jail/rehab; jailtime suspended subject to completing rehab.

We're already at #5 on this list (jumbled up in order, but all have already happened). Except this time, Judge Fox is ready to dropkick her arrogant ass straight to jail for 6 months MANDATORY. I hope he throws her into general population; No More Special Treatment. She needs to have her ass kicked & her stuff stolen; she needs a jail experience so horrifying that it gives her pause once she starts with the stupid behaviors again. Aversion therapy is the only thing that will work with this braindead idiot...

1305 days ago


She won't have anything to explain. The fact that she completed rehab and got a great report is the most important thing.
As she is on supervised probation the scheduled hearing is just a formality.

I wish her well, but get real, nicole. The "fact" is that LL and others are still under investigation for incidents that occured during her stay at BF. No outcome can be predicted before her court date.

1305 days ago


She's also done "acting"

1305 days ago
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