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'Top Chef' Star's Baby Daddy:

I Want Custody!

1/26/2011 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The baby daddy of "Top Chef" star Padma Lakshmi has filed legal papers to wrestle custody away from her ... TMZ has learned.

Adam Dell -- brother of the computer king -- filed papers today in a Manhattan court.  Under an out-of-court agreement, Adam has visitation rights to see his 11 month old daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi, 9 days a month. 

That agreement, sources say,  is in effect until February 20, when Krishna turns 1.  Both Adam and Padma were discussing a custody arrangement after Krishna's birthday, but the negotiations recently fell apart.

Sources tell us ... Adam is still furious over the name Padma chose for the baby.  We're told two days after Krishna was born, Adam went to the hospital and launched into a 4-hour tirade over the name.

Adam, who had an intermittent relationship with Padma, was also complaining he was only allowed to see the baby 7 hours a week, though sources connected with Padma say she has never denied him a day of visitation.

Sources connected with Padma tell TMZ ... she feels "bullied" by Adam and wants to handle this in private, for the sake of the baby.  We're told Padma -- who is not receiving child support -- has made it clear to Adam she wants nothing to do with him other than raising the baby, and feels this is Adam's way of forcing a relationship.


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Not trendy at all, its just "ethnic" and as previously mentioned, has a strong religious meaning. As for custody, be careful who you get with ladies because you never know who you might be stuck sharing a child with for the rest of your life! Feel sorry for the kid, cant imagine what living in a tug of war is like, hope to all that is holy my own kids never do. It would have to be really bad for me to do that to them. Being a Dell, I'm betting he can get really fantastic lawyers. He's going to have to pay though, and big. If he's not paying child support he has virtually no rights.

1366 days ago


Why are there so many misogynistic men on this site????? Seriously! I just don't get it??? This is a gossip tabloid site. What are you exploring your more feminine side? Go watch WWE you bunch of lunkheads!

1366 days ago


Sounds like she would have been better off going to a sperm bank. Wouldn't have to be going through all this.

1366 days ago


I don't think Krishna is a 'trendy'name. It is probably some kind of religious or family name that is important to the mother.

1366 days ago


Krishna is a beautiful name. Who goes to the HOSPITAL after the baby is born and goes on a 4 hour tirade over it? It sounds like he may want custody of the baby to either get money from her, or, as was suggested, force her to have a relationship with her. Not gonna happen Adam. He sounds a little creepy-I would be afraid to let him take that baby anywhere.

1366 days ago


She is such a bitch for doing that behind his back.

1366 days ago


If neither one of these people wanted to be so bothered with each other then why didn't they use protection in the first place???

I suspect that Padma wanted someone that she could easily manipulate but discovered that Adam Dell wasn't having it. Whether she likes it or not, Adam Dell is her baby's father and he is entitled to have a relationship with his daughter. Taking her to court was perhaps a last ditch attempt on his part to work out a more satisfactory agreement with Padma. I wouldn't be surprised, if they actually fell out about money. Just because Adam's brother, Michael, is wealthy doesn't mean that Adam is wealthy, too.

1366 days ago


An Indian woman giving her baby an Indian name... clearly grounds for losing custody!

1366 days ago


Dell is a bully with money. He should abide by their prior agreement. The child's name suits her too bad Dell cannot respect that choice. The little girl is going to pick up on Adam's issues all too quickly what an absolute waste.

1366 days ago


But if the kid is half Indian and half caucasian then why does it have a full Indian name? That is what's lame!!

1366 days ago



Dell is a bully with money. He should abide by their prior agreement. The child's name suits her too bad Dell cannot respect that choice. The little girl is going to pick up on Adam's issues all too quickly what an absolute waste.

Posted at 10:18 PM on Jan 25, 2011 by Anonymous

I suspect that the "MONEY" is what enticed Padma into allowing herself to become "knocked up" in the first place. Perhaps she should have chosen a "sperm donor" in which she had substantially more in common with than superficial appearances.

1366 days ago


Kinda funny how she was bouncing around from old sugar daddy to old sugar daddy but it was the guy who was the same age who got the job done and got her Don't get why she doesn't like him.

1366 days ago



Seriously? You think a half Indian half White baby should have an Indian and Western name? I mean there is nothing wrong with it, but I have no idea why you think that should be the rule. If she wants to give the kid a fully western name so be it, and if she wants to give her a fully Indian name that is fine too. If the girl ends up wanting a more western sounding name she can always go by Kris.

1366 days ago


"his way of forcing a relationship"? Uhm hate to break it to you Padma but you had sex with the guy... without protection obviously...I'm thinking you had SOME kind of relationship already.

And by the by...who knew the "Computer King" had a bro?

1366 days ago


What sugar daddy are you talking about?? This guy is not even paying child support!! Nothing..nada..

He is telling that the mother's baby chose a "horrible name".. OMG!!!! He is part of the Dell owners and he doesn't know how to use Google to find out the meaning of Krishna's name????

Just imagine if Steve Jobs doesn't know how to use the IPhone!!

Poor baby with such an ignorant and self centered father...

1366 days ago
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