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Oprah's Sister -- My Old Wisconsin Home

1/26/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This house in Wisconsin belongs to Oprah Winfrey's half-sister ... TMZ has learned -- but now that O knows she exists, it probably won't be Oprah's sister's house for long!!


O's half-sis Patricia -- who just met Winfrey for the first time back in November -- lives in this 1,070 sq. foot house in Milwaukee ... that includes 4 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom.


According to -- the estimated value of the house is somewhere around $55,500 ... which Oprah could probably find in her couch cushions. 

So we gotta ask ...


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who gives a **** ? i mean serious people

1343 days ago


The only way anything gets done to the house is if oprah can get someone else to pay for it. All of her giveaways on her show are paid for by the manufacturer. Those cars she gave away? Paid for by GM. Oprah dosent spend her money, she gets others to spend their money. Racist fraud.

1343 days ago


Oprah is getting fat, again.

1343 days ago

marsha washington    

Patricia, Oprah's sister sister's do things for each other and no one has to know about or needs to know. The public is just too busy all up in her business, but haters are that way. What ever they decide is their business and they need not tell the world. Marsha

1343 days ago


Yeah Oprah who had her dna done to find out her lineage and says no one gets to be apart of her life without a full fbi background check didn't know she had a half sister till now? Yeah and there first meeting just happens to be put on the show instead of a private matter? Hmm and the timing nothing important that Oprah would want to improve her image or use her personal life to promote like a new network? If people actually buy her hype they have not been paying attention the same time she came out with the network she made a huge public donation to charity. She knows how to play the game and she does. If you think its not thought out and planned your naive. I have never seen a women so stuck on herself look up to mother Teressa someone who really loved and laid down her life. Not this puppet for the NWO. Wake up these rich people playing you world as a fool.

1343 days ago


is oprah really using her sister, if her sister agreed to come on her show and reveal the secret? i would think patricia is breathing a big sigh of relief since she no longer has to live a lie or keep a major secret about her own identity to PROTECT oprah and her mother. oprahs not gay by the way...she isn't presented to us as a celebrity whose sexuality will hurt her career. i think she'd of admitted it already if she were. and lastly, the industry of television is about ratings. oprah's ratings are high because of her honesty and openness. i watch her show because i want to know what she is going to say next and i want to know more about her...

1343 days ago


Oprah is the lucky one in this, not the other way round...

1343 days ago


It's a nice house & as long as she is happy, that's what counts most. Life is more important than "stuff". Can always visit.

1343 days ago


I hope Oprah does right by this lady who seems to be real and genuine but I have my doubts because Patricia doesn't seem to be kissing the might O's booty enough. She didn't come across as OMG Oprah is my sister, I'm so excited to be related to Oprah, it was more about her mom and connecting with her family and Oprah seems to do for those that kiss up the most.
Kudos to Patricia

1343 days ago


I don't think Oprah has done that much for her brother she already knew about.

1343 days ago


Patricia, Oprah's sister sister's do things for each other and no one has to know about or needs to know. The public is just too busy all up in her business, but haters are that way. What ever they decide is their business and they need not tell the world. Marsha

Posted at 6:15 PM on Jan 26, 2011 by marsha washington
but oprah makes sure she tells the world for ratings she has a half sister.she also feels the need to tell the world when micro soft donates lots of stuff to africa so she can get the praise for it.

1343 days ago


Oprah didn't even help her mother out with a massive bill she ran up shopping in Milwaukee. She may have helped her in the end but she hung her out to dry to the point that it made the newspaper.

Like another poster said Oprah doesn't spend her money unless it's on her but she's good at spending others money. Do you think for one second with all of Oprah's resources she didn't know she had this sister? Please, this is nothing more than her trying to get ratings. Furthermore her OWN network has been a flop so far and I'm glad to see it as I can't stand this fraud.

1343 days ago


Oprah was not living with her mother at the time of her mother's pregnancy with this sister. We now know that Oprah's mother gave Oprah's sister up for adoption. At the time, Oprah lived in Tennessee with her father. Oprah did not know about her mother's pregnancy.

1343 days ago


Oprah is getting fat, again.

Posted at 6:15 PM on Jan 26, 2011 by ifuseekamy

getting?!?!?! her a.s.s. is the size of a 1950 buick roadmaster.

1343 days ago


I hope she got paid for appearing. Oprah managed to make that story all about Oprah and her dead sister with her sister sitting there. It was a really uncomfortable interview.

I hope her sister separates herself from Oprah or that Oprah appreciates her new sister for being who she is and no more comparisons.

1343 days ago
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