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Underage 'Teen Mom'

Coronas and Beer Bongs

1/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" Maci must have misplaced her Shirley Temple -- because TMZ has obtained some pretty crazy pics of the MTV reality star brewing up serious trouble ... and hitting a beer bong.

No word on when exactly the alcohol-infused party pics were taken -- but thankfully, Maci doesn't look pregnant at the time. 

MTV had no comment.


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18 you can join the military and fight for your country.but you cant go to a bar and buy a beer.nuff said.our laws over here are stupid.just like in some states a 17 year old girl can get married if their parents sign for her too.yet if the guy was to take nude pics of her it would be considered child porn.

1373 days ago

Jerry Springer    

She looks like she's does a pretty good sucking on hoses.

1373 days ago



I expect the only reason you've never used a condom is because you don't need them with blow up dolls.

1373 days ago


Here's a thought...maybe she's in Mexico where the drinking age is 18. Who the %$#& cares!

1373 days ago


oh, prob 90% of teens underdrink anyway !
i still like her, i find she takes care of her kid too!
sooo yalll can piss off

1373 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Teen moms as reality stars and circus clowns are getting their fifteen minutes like a tomato soup can.

1373 days ago

I'm a le po po    

I am oh so baffled how this young lady ever got pregnant :P

1373 days ago


How exactly does being a teen mom automatically make you a whore?? So every single female that has a child before they turn 20 years old, no matter what the situation, means they are a whore?? That's a little dumb. Another thing, if there is 1 adult on here reading this, that never drank alcohol before the age of 21, then your a damn loser. Who the hell hasn't drank before the "legal" drinking age??? Get off your high horse people. It's not that serious.

1373 days ago

cynical me    

Sweet JEEBUZ! A teenager drinking! NO WAY, that's never ever ever been done before. Pictures of underage drinking!! No way, that's never been done before either!! OMG This is so shocking!!!

TMZ is becoming a bunch of mental midgets.

1373 days ago


A 19 year old consuming alcohol? Shocking! Before you know it you'll post an article about people having sex before marriage.

1373 days ago


Having a kid before turning 20 doesn't make you automatically a whore. My best friend in high school got caught her very first time. 30 odd years later she's married to the father, has 2 other kids with him and grandchildren. All the kids are college educated with the first entering the bar (lawyer) 2 years ago. It's not an ideal situation but sometimes s hit happens. It's what you make of it.

1373 days ago


The giant tramp stamp on her back says it all. The Teen Mom shows are completely fake. MTV gave them a pile of money and none of them are real teen moms. They think they are celebrities, but their money will be gone in a couple years and they won't have learned a thing. I'll be surprised if any of them actually keep their kids, and if they do the kids will all be mentally screwed or worse. Bringing strange men in and out of your kid's home, and life, is so wrong! It's extremely dangerous for the kids - both physically and mentally.

1373 days ago


Hey Whamo, sure.. Bitter Betty. When you have a real thought or suggestion let us know. I can assure you, we WILL NOt be waiting.

1373 days ago

QueenBCici Lakeland,FLORIDA & LKPT NY    

Damn it Maci... u were 1 f my favs... wheres bently? mayb u and amber sld hangout and party 2gether... all trash bags go to tha GARBAGE. god i jus said something 2 amber abt hw she sld look up 2 u..and ur doing tha same thing. go home and tk care of ur son honey! he wants u around.

1373 days ago


She is one of the few that are responsible on that leave her alone.

1373 days ago
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