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Kim Richards Airport Video -- Drunk and Pill Poppin' at Airport

1/28/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards was confronted by cops at an airport recently after terminal staff complained she was TOO WASTED to fly ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kim Richards Drunk Video
TMZ obtained footage of a boozy Kim slurring, stammering and popping pills at San Francisco International airport back in July.

After repeatedly bothering staff about a flight delay -- airport security arrives to the scene to help control the situation ... and cops soon discover Kim was in the wrong terminal all along.

At one point cops say to Kim, "Have you had anything to drink today ... [the staff] is kind of concerned about your sobriety."

We're told Kim was eventually escorted out of the airport without further incident.

A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time. 


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Jen Bernstein    

Kyle was in on leaking this for sure. Why would this be leaked the night that the RHBH reunion UNEDITED (part 1) aired? Maybe to deflect from the fact that Kyle is a LIAR! Sorry but cant edit and change story on this episode Kyle. I have completely changed my mind about Camille now. I believe everything she is saying. Maybe this will bring Kim and Camille closer.

1373 days ago


I watched this twice to make sure and listened *very* closely each time and Kim never slurs her words, not once. She said "Stop" "Twitter-er Me" and "Richards" and never slurred or sounded off at at.

As for the pill taken from a prescription bottle - it could have been anything from an antibiotic or who knows what. But to make the inference that she's "pill popping" as if she's abusing drugs is dangerous territory. I know, you'll defend yourselves by saying 'we didn't say anything like that but she did have a pill bottle and you can see the pills in her hand'. Ah yes but you never actually see her put anything in her mouth. It's not even clear at to whether she had a pill, the last you see she's putting pills back *in* the bottle. The camera pans away for some unknown reason and when it comes back to her she's sitting with her hands interlocked around her knee.

As to her "boozin'" - again you never see her actually drink or "booze" to use your elite word. She is asked by security and she admits to having one. I would be extremely interested to hear what someone in the law field has to say about this being libelous or slanderous.

1373 days ago


I find it questionable that this is posted now. There have been numerous Camille and Kelsey posts, Harvey comments as well as questions on LIVE. Posts abt Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and her hubby. Why wasn't this posted sooner?

And what if that was a breath mint, not a pill??

1373 days ago


Harvey, we have all heard of your "friendship" with the miserable Kyle, the sister of the woman your are hanging with this video. Do let Kyle know that it doesn't make any difference to the fans....she will always be the BULLY and Kim will always be the victim in our eyes!
Yeah, good job of throwing your sister under the bus, b!t@h!!!!

1373 days ago


I feel bad for Kim, addiction is a terrible thing but she needs to get help and stop being a menace and embarrassment to her family.

People blaming Kyle for this are ignorant. So what she outed her sister, everyone has their breaking point and she had hers that night. Kim is the one that showed up that night drunk, she acted like an idiot and Kyle snapped.

If anyone is to blame it is Taylor. She starts all the crap then steps back and acts innocent. None of that would have happened that night if Taylor didn't open her big ugly mouth to Camille. It doesn't matter what was said to who, Taylor had no business running to Camille and tattling. She is a grown woman that acts like she is still in middle school.

1373 days ago


I believe it is Taylor also! I agree 100% with Lisa Vanderpump when she said Taylor may "love the Beverly Hills lifestyle."

Taylor plays the victim and complains about her hubby Russell to anyone who will listen. That's very telling to me.

If she's so unhappy then leave! Don't just bad mouth your man!! She's the one who starts ****.

1372 days ago


Big deal - a lot of people pop and Xanax and have a few ****tails before flying...NOT NEWS!

1372 days ago


Who is responsible for taping this is what I wanna know! Why would someone do that?

1372 days ago


And Taylor is so disfunctional. She wants to befriend Kyle so badly that she is acting as if her major issue with Kim is a lack of defense of her sister. Taylor just wants to continue her dramatic past with new people. Find your father and deal with him taylor. Kyle, just remember, if ever you got sick with say nausea, or a headache, you may get some help from your so called friends.However, if you were to have diarrhea, only KIM would mind you. Clearly Kim is so AFRAID of Kyle she will not back Camille up, but from the looks of Kims face every time Kyle accuses Camille, you can tell the Kyle is a chronic, pathological liar.

1372 days ago

Khloe is a man!    

Yes, it was Kyle's fault. she forced Kim to take those pills and then it Taylor who forced her to drink and go to the wrong terminal. Now let's wait for Kim to go on his attack mode.

1372 days ago

Khloe is a man!    

Kim is so vile that she is friends with Camille behind Kyle's back. She is a true dirty old hag!

1372 days ago


Now I understand Kim seems so out of it and paranoid. She is really under influence. No wonder she is always fighting with her sister, Liza and Taylor. This chick has a problem.

1372 days ago


This is CRAP! A SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Kim! Odd that the footage has existied for MONTHS, but It get's posted NOW, just a few hours after the RHOBH reunion that made her vindictive sister and new BFF (no, not you Harvey) Taylips look so bad. Give us a break! Vile Kyle and her publicist have been working overtime to get favors like this. Disgusting.

1372 days ago

Jen Barbman    

Kyle leaked this story for sure!

1372 days ago

Khloe is a man!    

That's one crazy biotch!

1372 days ago
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