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Kim Richards Airport Video -- Drunk and Pill Poppin' at Airport

1/28/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards was confronted by cops at an airport recently after terminal staff complained she was TOO WASTED to fly ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kim Richards Drunk Video
TMZ obtained footage of a boozy Kim slurring, stammering and popping pills at San Francisco International airport back in July.

After repeatedly bothering staff about a flight delay -- airport security arrives to the scene to help control the situation ... and cops soon discover Kim was in the wrong terminal all along.

At one point cops say to Kim, "Have you had anything to drink today ... [the staff] is kind of concerned about your sobriety."

We're told Kim was eventually escorted out of the airport without further incident.

A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time. 


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The definition of bullying is demeaning people for enjoyment and doing so in front of others, while choosing the weakest link. Kim has issues but none of them include being a bad person. Friends of the family have remarked that they have never seen Kim drunk and some have insinuated that Kyle IS behind leaked footage of many, including Kim. Why do you think Kathy called Kim, and not Kyle, with their excuse for not attending the graduation party? Kathy is horrified by Kyle's treatment of Kim. Kyle is the one who needs the most help, especially for her vicious attack in the limo and now this well-timed leaking on this cell phone video. Whose phone do you think it was?

YES, TMZ, please investigate Shana/Taylor, the improbable "Ford heiress" and drunk lesbian. PLEASE!?

1329 days ago


Harvey, did Kyle put you up to this? Leave Kim alone...this is not fair. Continue to bug the rich and powerful; leave those among us--Kim-- with real problems alone.

1329 days ago



1329 days ago


ridiculous, tmz. i was expecting something much more worse and then to read that this is from JULY! it's like TMZ is trying to pull things out of the air and SLANDER someone that they think won't fight back. TMZ is fun to watch when stars are making a$$eS out of themselves...but it's not fun to watch when TMZ is trying to make news out of something that was done 6 months ago.

1329 days ago


Completely disgusting ass who filmed this - this is bullying at its finest. I sometimes have a drink before I fly and I have prescription medication that I need to take - does that make me a boozer and a pill popper? Get off this woman's back - she has enough to deal with considering her crappy sister and her friends.

Eff you TMZ!

1329 days ago

Kathi j    

This poor woman! Watching the show she obviously needs help, but mocking her is not the help that she needs. Everyone ganged up on her on the last episode of RHWOBH and it was sad to watch. She obviously is hurting because she said how she used to have to work and support the whole family. Leave her alone and quit mocking her. Show her some sympathy.

1329 days ago


A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time.

A "source," who Kyle Richards? And why is this video just now surfacing if it was way back in July? A day after the RHOBH reunion show? This is ridiculous. If her sister Kyle knows anything about this or is behind it, she is way more sinister, evil and manipulative towards her own sister than I thought she was. Like a previous commenter said, Kyle is an amazing hater. And hating on her own sister no less. It's truly a shame. I'd hate to be somebody that Kyle REALLY hated if she treats her own family like that. LEAVE KIM ALONE. This video isn't even that bad and doesn't prove anything. KYLE RICHARDS NEEDS PRAYER.

1329 days ago


That was back in July 2010!

1329 days ago


I have to wonder if Kyle and her husband knew about Camille/Kelsey breakup and in an effort to maintain their business relationship Camille was attacked and called delusional. Kyle completely attacks Kim and Kim just doesn't have the coping skills to deal with her. Sad....Taylor is just bad news. She stirs up the pot and then walks. I don't know how she thinks she can talk her way out of situations she caused when she can clearly be seen on film saying and doing this stuff. Taylor is delusional.

1329 days ago


Leave Kim Alone. Its her private issue. I am far more disgusted by the fact that Kyle just let Taylor treat her sister with incredible disrespect, condescension and venom at the reunion.

Taylor and Kyle seem to be drinkers themselves and both have behaved badly on this show and in various clips. Simple as she may be Kim is by far, heads above Taylor in class and behavior. Kim is real and her observations were always spot on. She does not seem crazy to me. Taylor/Whatever is an ambitious pretender. Kyle is starting to come off as a classic abuser, and her tacit complicity with Taylor's behavior paints her as somewhat of a self righteous bully IMO.

We can all empathize with the irritation and stress of dealing with substance abuse and IF Kim has or had a problem and relapses I can also empathize that part of it may be related to the fact that her sister treats her like crap when she's with her posse of girls.

Kyle and Taylor made Camille come off smelling like a ROSE.

1329 days ago


Taylor is so disgusting to look at and her personalty is just as bad. That mouth of her is so hard to look at. It is so big that you could drive a truck in there.
And as far as Kyle goes. Whoa what a sister. I would never in a million years stand on the other side and gang up on her the way they did. That is her sister!
Kyle is disgusting to me now and I will never see her the same.
What a ugly person she is inside.

1329 days ago


ewwww what a nasty prick why would you be so vincictive?! u don't know the whole story! shame on u thug

1329 days ago


Drunk lesbian Taylor

1329 days ago


That doesn't prove anything. Nobody knows what pills she was taking. She did sound a little buzzed but nothing that bad. Funny how the 'family source' says they've been dealing with her 'issues' for a long time. That is what Kyle has been saying, TMZ probably just used her statements on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as their 'source.' Also, she didn't say Kim Richards when the photographer said she name-dropped. She said Kim DAVIS = which is her married name. And lastly, this was from JULY 2010. WTH??

1329 days ago


Drunk lesbian Taylor. LOL

What exactly is the abuse that Kim inflicted on Kyle? People keep alluding to it but have absolutely no evidence. Even friends say that what is scary about Kim's addiction, if there is one, is that she drinks in PRIVATE so nobody knew. She probably manifested this by failing to show up at a few family events. Horrors. Yes, she seems to need financial help although I don't know why because she gets $40,000 in child support a month.

Kim ain't the victim in this scenario, Kyle is. Always whining about having to deal with her sister. Who asked her. And FYI, this mother they are both sad to have lost was a monster. You have to read about her to believe it.

1329 days ago
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