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Charlie Sheen

Checks into Rehab

1/28/2011 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen voluntarily checked himself in to an undisclosed rehab facility earlier today ... and his show "Two and a Half Men" has been placed on indefinite "hiatus" while he undergoes treatment.

"Two and a Half Men" producers released a statement saying, "Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing “Two and a Half Men” on production hiatus."

The statement continues, "We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision."

Sheen's publicist tells us, "He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern."

As TMZ previously reported, Sheen had a briefcase of cocaine delivered to his mansion during a 36-hour bender earlier this week ... and was hospitalized early Thursday morning for a hiatal hernia.


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Charlie Sheen oughta be careful, as cocaine can lead to face cancer and abdominal cancer. It was reported there was a cocaine addict in Hollywood in the early 80's who got abdominal cancer from smoking cocaine before there was crack, and he made it himself, and, there is a very talented formerly famous musician who now has face cancer and he smokes crack, still. He has been known to say that after the crack is gone, he will smoke the wire mesh or whatever is put in the pipe. And that can't be good for a human body.

So even if a cocaine addict does not die from cocaine, he may contract cancer from it, or some other disease. Think about it, not a good thing. Besides, isn't cocaine known to be the drug that never satisfies the addict, and they crawl around on the rug looking for more after it is all gone? That is so humiliating for an addict to do that, especially if it is someone in the public eye.

If Charlie Sheen had cocaine delivered to him, is he going to jail for it?

1332 days ago


no comment you would not like it.

1332 days ago


I think he lost his soul somewhere between the porn family and briefcase of coke. If he was a regular joe doing the same stuff, he'd have gone to jail long ago. Instead, he's using his TV show money to hire a mob of lawyers to keep him from the slammer and keep being a role model to idiots who look up to train crash celebs. Way to go network execs

1332 days ago


Hey TMZ!

I don't know who your "SOURCES" are but you have been MISINFORMED...

Charlie Sheen DIDN'T check into rehab until Saturday 1/30/2011. He spent Friday picking one out. Maybe your "SOURCE" needs to read PEOPLE MAGAZINE for correct information...

Didn't your "SOURCE" call your back and tell you THEY LIED, so you can put up the CORRECT info!!!

Here's the link just in case...,,20462094,00.html?xid=rss-yahooheadlines

1332 days ago

laura pichierri    

You are a very talented and gifted man.
I wish you all the best, you deserve it.
Please believe in yourself, you are worth it.

1332 days ago

Tom M.    

I hope he can change it is a hard road I know I have been there and know how addiction can ruin a life and hurt people that love you . So hang in there Charlie One day at a time and remember jails,institution,or death is the road that he is on .

1332 days ago

Ah Choo    

He sneezed so hard from the coke he gave himself a hernia.

1332 days ago


I am praying for you Charlie. I have had two relatives pass away from addiction and they only drank. I am praying for everyone in your family that is effected expecially your ex's and your kids. XOXOX

1332 days ago


tmz sucks

1332 days ago


PR stunt, smoke and mirrors, etc. who cares who broke the story? It's just that, a story. Charlie will be out in no time and back at the drugs and hos faster than he can shake his disease riddled **** at them. And shame on all the rag outlets for cycling these stories. It's a private matter, even when the publicist announces it. TMZ with your silly fat assed college dropouts with nasty facial hair and trucker hats and cute little half smart wannabe bimbos, you need a reality check. Harvey is a Jew money machine just like the rest of hollywood and he hires a couple of Black people on the show (and they're the smartest ones) to avoid any accusatory flak. Duh.

1332 days ago


If the network forced him, if his family threatened him, if he actually REALIZES he needs help.. no matter... if he's sick and tired of being sick and tired, done with the lifestyle, and recognizes his bottom he can get out from under this. The man is a good decent man who is lost in his addiction... Prayers for him and all who suffer and those of us who have recovered. Lots of people are pulling for him and those in need... please be one of them and not a negative source.

1331 days ago


This show two and a haf men is so so so very disgusting, all they talk aut is sex and booze, I do not understand how the American broadcasters will and can allow such a mess on tv, especially during day time tv,it needs to be aired late late night, or taken off and then replaced with day time series, such as my wife and kids, however, I absoluetly pray for a speedy recovery for Charlie and a total deliverence forever.

1329 days ago

althea lasha    

That tv show two and a hf menn is so so so very disgusting, all that is talked about is sex and booze, I truly do no understand why it is still aired and then aired during the day time hours, it is reaaly a shame to American television viewers, it really needs to be aired late, late night if it continues or totally taken off tv and replaced with my wife and kids, I really want to start a protest about this, however, I hope and pray the best for Charlie and a speedy recovery unto deliverence forever!!!

1329 days ago

althea lasha    

That show two and a half men is so so so disgusting, it needs to be taken offthe air or viewed late nights, all that is talked about is sex and booze, wow, television broadcasting hs come to an all time low airing shows like this, my wife and kids would certainly be very pleasant to the eyes and ears aired and replacing two and a half me.

1329 days ago


My fiance and I love your show two and half men you have made us laugh so much,it would be a shame for you not to be there,You and Alan and Jake have been a part of our family for quite awhile,good luck you are in our prayers,who are we to not support you for all you are going through,you are not the only one made mistakes it's just you are in public, you are a role model and keep on trucking and get clean and show everyone you can do this and beat it,so many kids watch your show.Me personally hope to see you soon on the show and have a fresh start on life,just look up to the higher power there is nothing that can't be forgiven if you forgive yourself,you will get past this mess all the others have done so,be strong and remember we are praying for you.thanks tmz love the show.

1307 days ago
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