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Rachel Uchitel -- You're on the Air!

1/31/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is returning to the workforce -- and even though it could never be said she has a face for radio ... that's exactly what she's doing.

Rachel Uchitel Radio Show
Rachel tells TMZ she was approached by people behind "The Mancow Experience," a syndicated radio show based out of Chicago. Rachel will be a guest co-host on the show a few days as part of his ongoing auditions for new talent.

Uchitel tells us, "I'm honored someone with a radio history like Mancow would approach me for a job like this."

And hey, if it doesn't work out ... she's got $10 million to fall back on.


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only in America

1358 days ago


I think Octomum should have sex with some famous married american and solve all her financial problems, Really america? Do you really consider her news worthy?

1358 days ago


That's an extremely American Name!
Why are you on an American Gossip website?
Love people who put down Americans, but can't get enough of American Culture!

1358 days ago


Radio? How embarrassing. She should sell oranges by the freeway instead, it would be more respectable. Perhaps she can team up with that homeless guy. Clearly there are no barriers to entry in the radio "profession."

1358 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@13"I do not respect this woman.
She is a husband f**ker, a pay-off b**ch, a celebrity want-to-be, and a phony.
I see right through her.
by Sue"

I kinda agree. At first I was apathetic...but the more I see her face the more Im disgusted by her. Disgusted because she basically stole money and now wants fame. Her ego is off the planet.

1358 days ago

Mary Ann    

Thought this homewrecker was going to be a private detective a few months back.

1358 days ago


Idid not have a good opinion of Rachael until I watched her on Celeb Rehab. I have a newfound respect for her, and the way she carriers herself. She is afterall human. Ye without sin throw the first stone.

1358 days ago

Insidious Sid    

In her last bikini pictures, she was bending over. You could clearly see masive skid marks. Eeeewww!

1358 days ago


She should be charged with blackmail and made to give the money back....after all she is just a whore, who was paid for her services...and then given 10 million to keep me thats blackmail.

1358 days ago


That's an extremely American Name!
Why are you on an American Gossip website?
Love people who put down Americans, but can't get enough of American Culture!

Posted at 6:23 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by Scotty
we come here to read the garbage because other countries, dont write or put up with this kind of crap...and cant get enough of American culture , as you call you realize how ridiculous this makes USA look..even your first lady doesnt know how to follow protocol...Only in California, mostly LA..laughing stock of the world, but a bit entertaining.

1358 days ago

Blue Lake    

Way to lose the audience!

1358 days ago


This just sucks. My entire life, I've been working my ass off to make money and do well in life. I was taught that hard work and a solid work ethic would pay off. What a fool! I've been in the wrong line of work all this damn time.

Well to HELL with work ethic and decency! A career change is in order. I think now, I'm gonna become a disgusting, filthy opportunistic homewrecking scuzmbucket of a skank, ruin a really prominent guys' marriage without conscience or consequence, make SURE their family gets ripped apart and turn the children's lives irrevocably upside down, get famous for it, become a HUGE 'celebrity' at the expense of someone's sense of family, happiness and peace of mind, take lots of his money to keep quiet...flirt like HELL on TMZ live, and then have dumbasses like Mike and the rest of the superficial TMZ boy band worship me. And even though I'm wrong as HELL, I'm gonna hire Gloria Allred to make it somehow acceptable.

Cuz THAT's how you get rich in America!

When they dubbed us 'the land of opportunity', they weren't kidding.

1358 days ago


She has been on Mancow's show before, she knows what he's like. This is a publicity stunt by Mancow, nothing more.

1358 days ago


Good Lord, when is she going to go away? At least we know now that her body isn't a wonderland ~ hello cellulite city!

1358 days ago


Mancow is nothing but a shock jock with a big huge mouth. He is a clown. His worshipers are losers. He has way out there political views that he spews on his listeners.

He plays the radical guy people like him, listen to him, that is about it.

He thinks he is smart to boot. It is quite laughable to hear him attempt to defend himself and his views/opinions. He is not very popular in his line of work. Howard he ain't! Howard IS a smart man.

This is the last place this woman will fit in. I live in Chicago and have to listen to his verbal vomit every now and again. He used to be more popular, but, now nobody talks about him. {Or should I say try and listen to him without puking.}

1358 days ago
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