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'Two and a Half Men' -- The Show Will Go On!

2/1/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will return to "Two and a Half Men" in 3-4 weeks -- at least that's now the plan -- and producers will make up the episodes so no one from the cast or crew will be out any money ... TMZ has learned.

Two and a Half Man Update
Sources connected with the show tell us ... although nothing is in stone ... they're told by the addiction specialist that Charlie could be back to work next month. If that happens, producers would most likely make up the two missed shows at the end of the production season.

Bottom line -- no one will lose money and the show could be back on track.


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Maybe the p!ssy drunkin, pathetic, druggie, woman beater will finally get it in the last few seconds of his sorry-ass life while he is laying on the floor suffocating in his own vomit and feces. Bye Charlie. Have a nice trip to HELL.

1357 days ago


They need to replace him with a new character/superstar funny guy like Tom Hanks... the writers are great, who needs Charlie.

1357 days ago


get your heads out of your asses CBS!!!...Is it really worth losing Charlie all together all for your selfishness and greed? The man needs help!!! Drug use is only a symptom of the problem, gonna take lots longer for Charlie to figure it out than what little time you're giving him...
The loser beats women. He deserves to DIE!

1357 days ago


The show is a hit because Charlie basically plays himself on the show. He's a male whore on the show and in real life. But what the heck, he makes $2,000,000,00 per week and has the money to blow on hookers and drugs. It just comes natural when you are rolling in it.

1357 days ago


Not only are 300 jobs at stake, but there are reports that Two-and-a-half Men is worth 250 million dollars in syndication. Cancelling the show now would jepordize that payday. Charlie Sheen needs to hit a rock bottom before real recovery is possible. He'll never hit that bottom, however, if the network continues to enable him for the sake of money

1357 days ago

Y do he got    

CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST so sorry forks thats ALL.The show? is killin sheen and you could pay him a billion and he would still want off the DUMB as dirt DUMB Train 2-1/2 of nothing still leaves nothin.NO WONDER he is doin smack his life sucks TV trackmarks off dirty walls in snowblind MY FRIEND you are in real smitty NOW!.DIRTHEAD is still dirthead and the dirthead show MUST noe be cancelled due to lack of interest..he can`t play himself any is killin him actors must act and he must move on or be dead forever in reruns rerun

1357 days ago

prompter boy    

TMZ: note this from somebody active in the tv world.
When shows get postponed and rescheduled-the crew must now fill in the void of the "MONTHS" worth of work.
90 percent of the television is freelance and when producers say RESCHEDULED- in reality is means SCREWED to all of us tv folk.
What happens to my already planned and organized schdule of gigs planned for the following month, when CBS so conveniently screws over its crew with the term reschedule.
The only people loosing money here are the crew in fact.
(i think i did )

1357 days ago

Hey Now    

Just a thought but... maybe it is helpful for Charlie to keep working. Not using drugs & hookers but keep acting. I'd think that helps people who are depressed keep going. Maybe? Or just speculation from those of us who have no life? : ) I really do hope his parents get that conservatorship - If you think about it, all the stuff that Charlie has done is so much worse and more detrimental to his health than Britney ever did. In fact many of us thought he actually DIED the other day.

Martin & Janet say its a long shot to get it - but go for it! You never know! This could help save him.

I can imagine after all those substances left Charlie's system that he is awfully depressed and in horrible shape. I know some men want to do that 'attaboy' thing but seriously - that is just knocking on death's door. It's like playing "How many different ways can I die tonight?" (and playing it every f**king day!)

1357 days ago


and.....Charlie keeps coming out "smelling like a rose", the "suits" keep banking cash, blah, blah, blah.

The catch is.....Charlie Sheen appears unwilling, incapable, or just too stupid to care. He wants to leave this Earth, HIS WAY, he's almost there.

1357 days ago

go home!    

THey should just use the money from the 2 million an episode that charlie will miss (hmm...4 weeks, 8 mill) and give that to the remaining cast and crew as their pay for the week.

Charlie is SUCH a loser.

1357 days ago


No No No....he needs longer than 3-4wks. Get real, and get rid of his "assistant".

1357 days ago


Oh thats goina work REAL WELL......way to do CBS work that dam pony till he snorts hisself to dead.... Get all the miliage you can out of the old wreak before it dies......What ! get him some real help ...not on your dollar !!! You gotta keep the money rolling god forbid someone might get behind on their pittifull little salary they are paid just to get him help...

1357 days ago

canned laughter    

I~AM so sorry but I just could`nt go on with the show and I decided it was better for everyone is I just left.

1357 days ago

pat m    

All the posts that blame CBS interest me. Why not put the blame on the viewers of this train wreck? If there were no high ratings the show would go away. Is this supposed to be such a fantastic comedy show no one can turn it off? Get real, it's only mediocre at best.
As for Charlie, who cares, let him go out with a smile on his face. It's his funeral and his choice. He's a fool.

1357 days ago


The story changes by the second. I just read his parents want to do a conservatorship, he's doing rehab at home, he's going back to work .. what is the real story then? I heard he was taking three months off?

1357 days ago
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