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Halle Berry: He Put My Kid At Risk!

2/1/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry claims her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is a crazed, jealous man who put their child at risk,  while he claims she's the jealous one who flies into rages and is a no-show in the baby's life ... sources tell TMZ.

Halle Berry Custody Fight

Halle and Gabriel are locked in what has turned into an epic custody war.  Sources tell us ... while Gabriel was dating someone last year ... he claims Halle would call, screaming and swearing at him in a jealous rage.

Gabriel is claiming ... when he went to London and South Africa with Halle and Nahla last August when she was shooting a movie, Halle would sometimes not return for days, when she was supposed to care for the toddler.

Gabriel also claims Halle cares more about dating than parenting.

But our sources say Halle says it's the opposite -- that Gabriel is petty, jealous and irresponsible.  But the most serious allegation ... we're told Halle believes Gabriel put Nahla in immediate harm's way by being inattentive while the child was in his care.



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Miss Mary    

She is so full of crap.

1358 days ago


Why do people fall in love in the first place if they are going to fight like mad dogs in the end? Shame on Halle and Gabrielle! They remind me of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva. These couples seem to forget that it takes two parents to raise a baby. Not one. So they should not try to destroy each other here for the sake of their children.

1358 days ago


Gee...who do you believe? I mean come on how difficult is it to see through this - Halle!

1358 days ago


I'm sorry but I think he's a liar. We always see her with that kid...and she seems very doting and affectionate. I'm not saying she's perfect, I don't think anyone is, but I think this guy thought his modeling career would blossom after getting with her, and that didn't turn out quite like it did with Bar dating Leonardo. Also didn't she have to fund his Fuego restaurant? It just seems like he's a gold and status digger, and now when she's no longer complying with giving him funds, he has to get funds somehow and that's by getting the daughter, and also getting child support...because it was written somewhere how he also wants child support. I don't think he cares about that kid honestly. Whenever you saw him with the kid and Halle, he looked stone-faced and unemotional. The kid is just the means to the money. Watch.

1358 days ago

mary b    

she is really full of crap... Im so disgusted with her trashing the man she claimed was such a great dad after their separation!!! Now when he starts dating HE IS A BAD INATTENTIVE FATHER!! Didn't he fly to Africa with you Halle to watch your daughter because you wouldn't abide by your own rules of co parenting!!! GET OVER YOURSELF

1358 days ago


hell berry sounds like a controlling biotch.

1358 days ago


I haven't a clue where the truth lies but I've never seen a photo of the ex with the child ever. And certainly not him out with the kid by himself but sure have seen a lot of her with the kid.

1358 days ago


It's really unfortunate that people keep accusing her of not being able to keep a man, but what types of men should she exactly keep? All the men she's dated, with the exception of this last one perhaps, have been sex-addicts, physical abusers, or gold-diggers. If she dumps these types of's not exactly a negative thing but a positive one. Love how a woman's worth is decided based on whether she keeps abusers in her life. The hate that some people have for her is truly pathological, and I don't get it.

1358 days ago


The next Mel & Oksana?

1358 days ago


Sad and sad when Parents start to fight for the kids. Really both need to grow up and put their issues a side and be responsibly for their kid. THE KID DESERVE THE BEST.

1358 days ago


Which one is the lying psycho? I'm going with Hell Dingle Berry. She seems like a humorless crazy b.itch. I don't know much about Gabriel but I'm sure Hell Berry will be telling us -- and by telling I mean exaggerating and lying like a rug through her publicist -- all about it.

1358 days ago


gabriel should remind the court about halle's hit and run incident, the one where she claims not to remember what happened. talk about a b*ll sh*t excuse. halle's unhinged and needs to seek serious medical attention.
her new lover will be running for the hills when he finds out what kind of nutcase he's dealing with.

1358 days ago


Yes, she is full of crap!! How would she know what was going on while the child was with him? Was she hiding in the closet or under the bed? I've seen interviews with Halle and/or Gabriel and I think it's clear that she has serious mental issues. If he's telling the truth about her neglect, it sounds like Gabriel is the more responsible parent and his lawyer will be issuing subpoenas to people on her movie sets.

1358 days ago


Halle YOU GO GIRL fight for your Baby girl. He's too into his modeling and making a name for himself, F-ck Him and do what you can to protect your precious Nahla.

1358 days ago

Lying bitch.

1358 days ago
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