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Christiane Amanpour

I Was Attacked in Egypt, Too!!

2/2/2011 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by Anderson Cooper, ABC News reporter Christiane Amanpour just filed a report claiming she too was attacked by an angry mob in Egypt.

Christiane Amanpour Attacked

Amanpour claims, "An angry mob surrounded us and chased us into the car shouting that they hate America. They kicked in the car doors and broke our windshield as we drove away."

As we previously reported, Anderson Cooper claims he was punched in the head by members of a violent pro-Mubarak mob early this morning.

Katie Couric was also roughed up during a live shot from Cairo.


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Think about this for a moment: what news would the world be getting about the civil upheaval in Egypt if Western journalists weren't there? If we saw anything, it would be only that which Mubarek would allow to go through. Having said that...perhaps it's time for them to leave.

1357 days ago


What did you expect--friendly people?

1357 days ago


Since they hate Americans so much (along with other banana republics) then we shouldn't send them our money or help! I'm so sick of all these haters in that part of the world and their terrorist ways. Let them solve their own dilemas, we need to be helping our own country.

1357 days ago


I would hate like heck to be in Egypt right now. Can you imagine being trapped in a violent revolution? I wonder if Egypt will fall into radical Muslim hands?

1357 days ago


Everyone always sais they HATE us AMERICANS. But yet they whine and if we ignore it and dont send money or help.

Not all Americans are political morons who hate the world and are greedy. Some of us are nice open minded people who want good things for this world.

1357 days ago


Just part of the job. What cry babies.

1357 days ago


Amanpour is what you would call in polite society a lying ****. No Egyptians are running around shouting "I hate America." They hate the dictator that the US has supplied with cash and weapons for the last three decades. This is not about hating America (although they would be right to hate this ****ed up country). Amanpour is nothing more than a whore (er, journalist) who knows that its her job to sell right wing, anti-Arab lies to the American public so that we can blissfully and blindly support more war against brown people for oil. In fact, the Egyptians were chanting "We are Muslim, We are Christian, We are all Egyptian!" and young women and girls have been marching for democracy in the streets right along side the boys and men. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THE ****ING CORPORATE MEDIA IN THIS COUNTRY TELLS YOU. I wouldn't even trust them to say that Michael Jackson is dead.

1357 days ago


What a freak she is..... the way she talks..... ew

1357 days ago


Amanpour wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in her lying face.

1357 days ago


I am glad these liberal jokes are getting beat down. Welcome to the Third World. 1st Amendment rights do not apply. Force prevails over education, guns trump brains. When will these touchy-feely knuckleheaded socialists get a clue? You ain't in The United States of America anymore. Keep trying to make America into a Third World country and this could happen in your kitchen.

1357 days ago


What does one expect when in a country with conflict? hugs and chocolate? get real.

1357 days ago


These journalists are so incredibly stupid...what's that saying about getting out of the kitchen? Journalists should sign a "no complaint" contract when willingly entering volatile territory. I don't feel sorry for them. This is why military personnel take GUNS when going into risky areas. "Doh!"

1357 days ago

Jill Kennedy    

So sorry... I can't believe that would have happened while TRYING TO INTERVIEW AN ANGRY MOB! Dumbasses. Let's never forget the American journalists are the real story here.

1357 days ago


How's that Muslim Brotherhood treating you, Christine?

1357 days ago



1357 days ago
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