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Lindsay Lohan:

I Just Borrowed That

Damn Necklace!

2/2/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims she did not steal the necklace at the center of a criminal investigation ... rather, she claims it was loaned to her and a stylist simply forgot to return it on time ... TMZ has learned.


Sources closely connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay was in the jewelry store in Venice, CA  on January 22 and claims the necklace was loaned to her.

Lindsay claims she gave it back to a stylist at some point thereafter but the stylist neglected to return it on time.

Lindsay says her stylist is the one who returned it to the LAPD last night.

Lindsay says, according to sources, "I didn't have any part in the non-returning on time."


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I think by now that when store owners see her coming they should just say their closed.

1355 days ago


This is very unfortunate that a young,beautiful, and talented actress has destroyed her career and personal life. I don't think that there is any hope for her. She will most likely die young from alcoholism or drugs and will be just a tragic, fleeting memory in the Hollywood news.

1355 days ago


why isn't she in jail from the drunken incident with the woman at the rehab center. i am starting to blame the previously so called tough judge and and others in the judicial system along with the very mal-adjusted lindsay. by not being responsible civil workers and putting her behind bars they make themselves a large part of the problem. i wonder if they could be sued or charged if indeed it is considered they have neglected their duties in the matter of miss underhand? i mean lohand.

1355 days ago


It sucks when everything that is going wrong is because of someone else. NO accountability. She has this idea that she is entitled. What a sad life, even sadder in jail, but that is the best place for this person who needs to take responsibility for her own life, actions, and mistakes !!!

1355 days ago


Nuts, just plain nuts. All I can think of is Janice Joplin, she is headed in the same direction. Tired of her getting away with everything...that neckage is her brain on drugs!!!

1355 days ago


lock her up !!

1354 days ago


It's sad watching you destroy yourself. Apparently you haven't found your 'bottom' yet. No one will hire you, your credibility along with your career at this point is ruined. You are/were such a talented beautiful girl. I think time in jail would be good for you; a place where you can mingle with people who don't care what your career is.. you are doing time, just like themselves. The only difference will be is that you think you are above them and deserve special treatment... reality check... you are lower than them. Too bad and such a shame on you.

1354 days ago


I could almost buy her story if it wasn't for the fact that she has stolen before. A few years ago she stole some girls coat from a NYC night club so she has a history of stealing. Although I have to say, in this case it doesn't make sense that she would be wearing the necklace in public if she "stole" it...but nothing she does makes much sense either.

1354 days ago


She must enjoy prison....because that is where she is heading again.

1354 days ago



1354 days ago


Sorry Lyndsay, but the stylist wasn't obligated to return it. You are the one who "borrowed" it, so you are responsible for returning it, not a stylist. And that's only if you borrowed, it, not shoplifted it. But apparently you are the only one who seems to know about any arrangenent to "loan" you the necklace . . . . hmmmm . . . there seems to be a pattern emerging from your excuses and alibis . . . . . hmmmmmm . . . .

1354 days ago

beverly strand    

Hollywood is a mess in general! People like LL are not stars, nor are many of the ones that think they are. It is all a big egotistical game. Wake up America, when you pay homeage to people who set bad examples and get paid high $$$ for it, and then go and see their movies.... hello.. what's wrong with that picture. Mass majority of movies produced have little content.

Like sports and hollywood most people are over payed and over rated. The true heros are among you. Look and you will find.

1354 days ago


All she had to do is ask I would have bought it for her lets all give her a break she is a really good person and a roll model for young kids today

1354 days ago


ya can't kum in, on, or all over the forum !!

1354 days ago


She STOLE that necklace I bet! Makes ya wonder if Lindsay is starting to actually believe her own lies!! She's in such denial...She doesn't even know what's real or what isn't.

I guess criminality runs in her family...Her dad was a jail-bird too at one time...What a shame.

1354 days ago
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