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Lindsay Lohan:

I Just Borrowed That

Damn Necklace!

2/2/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims she did not steal the necklace at the center of a criminal investigation ... rather, she claims it was loaned to her and a stylist simply forgot to return it on time ... TMZ has learned.


Sources closely connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay was in the jewelry store in Venice, CA  on January 22 and claims the necklace was loaned to her.

Lindsay claims she gave it back to a stylist at some point thereafter but the stylist neglected to return it on time.

Lindsay says her stylist is the one who returned it to the LAPD last night.

Lindsay says, according to sources, "I didn't have any part in the non-returning on time."


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1360 days ago


#118 - so it's OK to be a drugged out alcoholic as long as you leave the children you brought into this world with their mothers while doing so? Are you for real? the guy's a loser in every way that really counts.

1360 days ago



So much time spent on someone who has made her own choices, and gambled away her 15 minutes like most of the rest of the "stars (anyone who has ever been on some kind of screen)."

Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.


1360 days ago


IT'S SIMPLE-all she has to do is produce the "loan" receipt with signatures.

1360 days ago


Ka-CHING!!! That is the sound of Shawn Chapman Holley's wallet at this moment. Who needs other clients with Lilo on the loose?? Lilo will be on eternal retainer at this rate...hahaha

1360 days ago


*Cough* BS! *Cough*

1360 days ago


Tired of Celebrity She needs to GO TO JAIL Anyone else would be Under the jail

1360 days ago


I could believe that it was loaned and she did not return it, and I could EASILY believe that Lohan stole it outright.

But let me understand something. Usually when a person steals something it is to resell it and reap a monetary profit to either buy food, drink or drugs. Or just plain make a profit.

This goes to show how pathetically screwed up the Hollywood of today is. She puts whatever reputation she has left on the line to waltz around in one of the ugliest looking necklaces I have ever seen ~ and for what? Is someone going to really envy her for being able to wear such a thing? Is she banking on this choker becoming the latest "thing", making her the maverick of the newest trend? Is this stupid thing around her neck going to erase the unerasable image we have of this "artist" and elevate her out of her baggage of growing triteness, stupidity and addiction? (And calling her an "artist" may be the biggest crime of all.)

Maybe instead of stealing property, she should jump in a bed next to her infirmed Dad and have Dina snap a photo and sell it for big bucks. Then she can buy all the ugly necklaces she wants and continue sustaining a life distorted by superficiality and the faux starlet syndrome, which unfortunately has consumed whatever glamour is left these days of magical Hollywood.

Keep sitting on that balcony. It is formally making me a resident of California in spite of all its nonsense.

Love TMZ Live! {And Charles is fantastic in one of the twin chairs.}

1360 days ago

Sick of Lindsay    

She will never accept responsibility. And for $2500 I would expect a damn better looking necklace, even if I did steal it.

1360 days ago


IF the necklace was indeed on load then the store owes Lindsey a public apology, otherwise I'm not believing a word Lindsey is saying and am tempted to believe that the return of the necklace was accompanied with a little hush money...

we will see

1360 days ago


"Glee" had it right..Lindsay Lohan mucho loco

1360 days ago


Did the Stylist borrow it? No...there for no the stylist job to make sure it was returned on time. Its called accountability and responsibility. It was your responsibility to return it to where YOU borrowed it. Is the law really that confusing Lindsay...then again i guess it was also someone else's fault that you couldn't make it back to your court date from the trip to Cannes to promote a movie you were doomed to be kicked from. Guess it was all those other peoples fault they didn't ASSUME to leave you an open seat on the plane back. Lets see, how do you spell, self-absorbed or pretentious...thats right L I N D S A Y. By the way, nice to see your throwing people under the bus skills are still on par.

1360 days ago


Lindsay lohan please go to JAIL!! thank you and good Night!

1360 days ago


Sometimes grand theft can be charged as a misdemeanor. But that's IF you have a clean record. In Lohan's case, it'd be a felony. And she could face a big fine and up to a year in jail. That's just for THIS charge. That's not even counting an automatic six months for violating her current probation. So at the end of the day, if the DA files charges, all total, she's facing MINIMUM 6 MONTHS in jail or a MAXIMUM YEAR AND A HALF. That being said, if she miraculously dodges the theft charges and is just in violation of probation, she might get out again for good behavior after just 36 days which is 20% of her sentence. BUT, if she's convicted of a felony, there won't be any "overcrowding" early release. Good behavior after awhile maybe, but none of that in and out in a couple days nonsense. No doubt that between the probation violation, this theft charge, and the potentially pending charges for the Betty Ford incident, the D.A. will be going after her HARD CORE and likely seeking the maximum fine and maximum penalty for all charges and violations which means Lindsay Lohan could very seriously be heading to STATE prison (not just county jail) for a YEAR AND A HALF, if convicted on both the theft and violation. And the likelihood of an early release is very slim given everything.

Ultimately though, it's up to the judges and the seem to have some insane soft spot for this girl and let her off way too easy before so it might happen again and she serves only 36 days. But even still, either way, it seems she's on a fast track back to jail. Even if the D.A. files charges and she is found innocent, even being charged is a violation. So if she's charged, expect to see her taken to the court in handcuffs immediately to be put in jail for AT LEAST 36 days as she waits for her theft trial. This girl is in deep deep doo doo now, seriously. And all just because she wants to flit about looking hot for the papz and do whatever she wants with no regard for others, their property, their reputations....sad sad tale.

1360 days ago


:( I'm just sad for her. Thats some serious self destruction. Get a grip girl.

1360 days ago
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