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Lindsay Internet Picture Triggered Search Warrant

2/2/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A photo on the Internet triggered the search warrant that targeted  Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the owner of the jewelry store who filed the complaint against Lindsay saw an Internet photo of Lindsay wearing what the owner claims is a "one-of-a-kind necklace."   We have confirmed the photo (above) shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in question.

The store owner went to cops with the photo and the surveillance video -- shot January 22 --  which we've learned shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store. 

The store owner told cops Lindsay frequented her store.


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Lindsay, invite me over to your house please. Pretty, pretty please. I want to "borrow" some of your stuff.


1297 days ago


Missbella said,"Although, that is a really nice necklace and I'd steal it to if I had the chance."

Ut oh, do you know what you just DID? You gave Lilo an OUT! Now she can swear up and down and sideways that she just borrowed it for YOU because she knew you liked it sooooo much and she was just trying to do something nice and post-rehabby.

1297 days ago


I am sure the store owner is going to be very happy with a huge $25,000 - $50,000 payoff and then tell the cops and media it was just one big misunderstanding. Watch and see.

1297 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

Just pound on her. She's worthless.

1297 days ago


how much more money do I need to pay off to get rid of these headaches???!!!

1297 days ago


is there never a straight story with this girl? jeez, the people say shes a frequent customer so instead of contacting her or her stylist regarding the necklace they call the police? that sounds kinda funny doesn't it? or maybe they treat all their regular customers that way? i bet they have tons of stylists lining up at their doors;} NOT!!!! i know they say bad publicity is better than no publicity, that doesn't mean customer service oriented retail stores people, bad is just that BAD

1297 days ago


She's turning into a grifter in front ouf our eyes. Her excuses for the stolen coat, jewelry in Europe, lost passport, DWI, pants with cocaine in the pocket, breaking parole, and now another theft of jewelry, this trash needs to be swept up and tossed out.

1297 days ago


I am sure the store owner is going to be very happy with a huge $25,000 - $50,000 payoff and then tell the cops and media it was just one big misunderstanding. Watch and see.

Posted at 10:30 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Her and Charlie will be out on the streets in 5 years if still alive.
Mark my words.

1297 days ago


How did Lindsay know she was going to be served with a search warrant before it was served?

1297 days ago


No one seems to mention how hot she looks; does that not account for anything?

1297 days ago


57- Thats what I have been wondering.

1297 days ago


@40- "dont you think they would of by now?"
I think the words you are looking for are WOULD'VE, short for "WOULD HAVE." Would of is what degenerates say, don't be one of those, because I am sure you're not.


1297 days ago


How did Lindsay know she was going to be served with a search warrant before it was served?

Posted at 10:37 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Sammie

Radar online posted 2 days ago there is a search warrant.

1297 days ago

Davey Boy    

Yup, I agree with the posters. The minute LL moved in next door to Sam, I knew nothing had changed. This theft only proves it. Welcome back to jail, Lindsay.

1297 days ago


Nicole Enabler..Where are you?..Lindsay needs you here defending her every move!!

Now Nicole here is a question.

Quote--> Lindsay Lohan is firing back at a store owner who claims the actress stole a $2,500 necklace last month -- telling friends, "It's bulls**t ... I don't have any necklace."

Well the video camera,and the pictures don't lie.She did know about the necklace,and a matter of fact it was in her possesion.

Lohan also claims the person who filed the police report against her is "nuts" -- despite surveillance video that we're told shows Lindsay wearing the piece inside the shop.

Now who's nuts here?..Lindsay,or the store owner?

Oh,and like I mentioned earlier this is a felony,and you corrected me that this was just a midemeaner.Well you're wrong.

I also think Lindsay will be proven to be the one who took it.Her hair stylist had nothing to do with it,but returning it on Lindsay Lohan's behalf.

She was busted red handed on being in possesion of it,and for Lindsay to slander the store as being nuts,should also be considered a slander charge also splapped at her. this still a misunderstanding as you said earlier??

Is it common for people to walk out of jewelry shops now days without paying for items?

Does this happen all the time,or is this what a shoplifter says after being caught?

Nicole?..Lindsay needs you now more than ever to fix this for her.

1297 days ago
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