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Ben Roethlisberger -- BOOZING at Texas Piano Bar

2/3/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is paying extra special attention to his diet this week -- because when he was pounding drinks at a Texas bar Tuesday night ... he wanted his rum mixed with DIET COKE.

Ben Roethlisberger Piano Bar
TMZ has obtained FOOTAGE of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback hanging out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Fort Worth Texas ... where he sang his face off from 11:00 PM until 1:15 AM the next morning.

Sources inside the bar tell us Big Ben arrived with two massive teammates -- and bought several rounds of drinks for himself AND the entire bar.

We're told Ben racked up an $800 tab -- and tipped an additional $200.  People inside the bar tell us Ben was "nice, fun and took care of everyone."

In the clip, Ben can be seen singing along to the Billy Joel classic "Piano Man" while his teammates joined in on the fun.

So, we gotta ask ...

UPDATE: This morning, Ben told reporters about his big night out ... saying, "It was a superstition and tradition on Tuesday night. I take the linemen out to dinner. We went out for barbecue and then we wanted to hear some live music. We just had an enjoyable night."

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No Avatar


And what will most of you be doing when he is playing in the Super Bowl?

1357 days ago


posting song lyrics from hall& oates, couldn't you think of anything original???? and how do you know they were paid to go away, were you there???? there are so many sports groupies , that all of the rock bands have lost their groupies to athletes, gee i didn't hear anyone calling rape when they slept with bands.... athletes make bukoo bucks.... iguess you think tht soetimes these incidents are set up....

1357 days ago


That is to funny! But 100% fact that's not BEn and those guys aren't Steeler players! Just remember this TMZ is the national enquirer basically! Which means that they make things up! The edit, they make up fictitious stories and are just not a reputable source of news for anything. If you believe these guys then you must think the WWE is real! LOL Watch out or the BatBoy who is also WolfKid but is 10' tall at bnight and goes to 6" during the day and is alien might come for you! LMAO

1357 days ago


I don't think that Steeler fans are any uglier than others that are die hard and stick by their team. The majority of you that are talking ****; your team's locker rooms have been cleaned out:) Keep hating and we'll keep winning. GO STEELERS!!

1357 days ago


wow... Sad sad says 200 tip on an 800 tab is cheap... by my math thats a 25% tip... I think most would be happy with that... But he does make lots of money and he's a **** so he should have given more.

1357 days ago


Oh come on! For ****'s sake, the guys having a few beers, as are his teammates. Big deal. I remember seeing video of Bradshaw so drunk the night before a Superbowl that he was being wheeled around in a shopping cart in the hotel lobby by a teammate. Then he won the next day. Enough. Give the guy a break. He behaved like an ******* but he was not charged. Poeple shouldn't throw the term "rapist" around so freely.

1357 days ago


Good Lord, you must be the most conservative and boring people around. A guy can't go out with his friends and enjoy an evening?
What the hell's the matter with you people?!?

1357 days ago


You can't access the video now. Is it because you state that Ben's singing and he's actually sitting to the left. Great fact checking!

1357 days ago

Does it matter    

So what, I'm sure he wasn't the only player that went to have drinks. What is wrong with that? He has never been charged nor convicted of anything. He's having drinks with guys and singing...lighten up people

1357 days ago


Have we all forgot the fundamentals of football.....its about having fun. Dudes doing nothing wrong except going against the nay sayers who take the game too serious...their paychecks are a different story, anyone would take the cash. At least hes not some dude who thinks its more than just a game. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.!!!!!!

1357 days ago


This from the QB who had Laryngitis just last week. He is officially the dumbest pro athelete of all time.

1357 days ago

Davey Boy    

What's the problem here? The game isn't till Sunday and he's got two teammates to keep him in line. And you know everyone would be watching to see if Ben were to do anything.

And $200 for a tip is more than fair.

1357 days ago


You know, he wasnt found quilty!! Some bimbo wanted some $$ and she got it.Get off Big Bens'case. You people out there giving him crap need to get a life!! He is a awesome QB and he has learned from his mistakes !! GO STEELERS

1357 days ago


So I guess all the players,coaches and staff from both teams should be in thier hotel rooms...right? What a joke....
OMG Ben was drinking!!!! SO WHAT!!! Since when is it illegal to have some drinks? You people have nothing better to do then sensationalize...Get a life!
I hope it's a great Super Bowl!

1357 days ago


This man should know by now that getting falling down drunk in a bar is not a good thing for him or the people around him, and before a game. His team mates should take him out back of the shed and have a long talk. He is letting his team down, and the fans down, but he has already shown he cares about neither. He is a grade number one selfish, irresponsible idiot!

1357 days ago
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