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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Case -- No Decision This Week

2/3/2011 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will have a tense weekend, because a spokesperson for the L.A. County District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... the D.A. will not make a decision this week on whether to prosecute Lindsay for the alleged jewelry heist.

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Heist
The D.A. has three options:  Filing a felony grand theft charge, filing a misdemeanor grand theft charge or not filing any charges.

The case was submitted to the D.A. by the LAPD yesterday.



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Lock her up and throw the key away!

1357 days ago

The Judge    

Thumb your nose at the justice system enough times and the tables turn. Your money and power are now an embarrassment, a liability. Send this ridiculous girl to jail for crissakes, a twelfth chance is eleven too many...

1357 days ago


Misdemeanor grand theft?

1357 days ago


WHAT !!?
I thought a decision was being made this week. Good or bad it would have been best to know.

1357 days ago


Well, that gives her plenty of time to run to the bank and figure out who needs payin' off.

1357 days ago


is that good news for Lindsay or bad??

1357 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Actually there's a fourth option---File a Motion to Revoke her probation.

1357 days ago


I think if I want to commit a crime I should come to LA. Have TMZ post every 3 hours and get the charges dropped.

1357 days ago


All Lindsay had to do is let Charlie Sheen **** her and she'd have $30,000 to buy crappy jewelry.


1357 days ago


Verdict in: Lindsay's stylist returns neckless. Jeweler and Lindsey's camp agree, all a big misunderstanding. Charges dropped, case closed.

1357 days ago


I am sick to death of this girl getting away with so much criminal activity. Anyone elase would have spent some rserious time in jail. Here in Florida if they even think you are doing something wrong while on probation your butt is in jail.

1357 days ago

Davey Boy    

If this was your average Jane Doe, a warrant for her arrest would ALREADY have transpired.

1357 days ago



People always loan celebrities stuff so that they get photographed with it and it brings the store publicity. Y'know, so they can publicize "Worn by Lindsay Lohan" etc.

I also think she found out about the warrant because someone at the store must have gotten in touch with her to tell her they reported her to the police. They also said they tried to contact her, so maybe she finally got the message and returned the necklace?

Also, WHY would you have a phone number and an address on file UNLESS you loaned something to them?????

If I was a celebrity I wouldn't just be handing out my address and phone number to anybody. And I certainly would not give them my address if I was going to steal something.

Just guessing.. Someone who works at the store loaned it to Lohan. The store owner found out about it, got mad and the person who loaned it lied about it being stolen to save their job. Or the store owner is lying about it.

1357 days ago


@Cravin Morehead
File a motion to revoke her probation when she only has 3 more weeks of having a probation officer? In addition to the fact that Barbara Parker still has to write a report for the February 25th hearing .
Its not going to happen

1357 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Nicole---I didn't say it was or wasn't going to happen. I said it's an OPTION. With the ADA handling her Probation running for DA, who knows!

1357 days ago
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