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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Howard's in love with his own hype. Trying so hard to hold on to his youth, he just looks like the bitter version of Joan Rivers. Or Don Rickles. Or Kathy Griffin.

1359 days ago

truth hurts    

yet I prefer leno to letterman and stern

1359 days ago


Right on, Howard! Jay SUCKS!

1359 days ago


Howard doesn't like Jay because John Melendez left him to go with Jay. GET OVER IT vulgar man!!!

1359 days ago


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1359 days ago


Meh. I don't know who the hell this Stern guy is but I agree with him! haha. I don't like Jay, but I love Conan. We all aren't going to like the same things. So stfu!

1359 days ago


Wow Howard Stern is still around? And people still pay attention to him?

1359 days ago


i love you howard!

1359 days ago

Davey Boy    

The Tale of Two Losers. Question is, which loser takes the cake. Jay has too much class to bad-mouth either of these two rejects.

Team Jay All The Way

1359 days ago


Howard Stern is an A-Hole !!!!.

1359 days ago


HS is nothing but a Brooklyn low life. How can he say that a Jay, HS does not even have a show on TV. Because he has no talent and he is to ugly.

1359 days ago


The sad thing is that not only is howard a nasty person, so is Letterman for bringing him on the show knowing full well what he was going to say. Funny that Jay leno doesn't have to bash anybody at all and he gets the high ratings..hmmm..maybe Stern and Letterman should try to find brain cells and figure that one out! YA THINK??

1359 days ago


HS is a woman hater, I do not understand that any woman with any self respect would listen to his radio. I am sure Leno's mother is proud to be in audience, can you say the same for hs mother or sister?
HS audience is 14 to 17 year old boys.
Who cares what he thinks?

1359 days ago

Gabe Athouse    

You people are all morons... You have no idea what good comedy is. You all must be brain dead. How can you say Howard is irrelevant? You're reading a story about him, not Jay Leno. When was the last time Leno did something original? He stole Jaywalking from Stern. Plus he stole a good 70% of his material from other comics. You all are idiots. I'm glad you frequent this site and not something more educational.

1359 days ago


Leno fans need to wake up and realize that he steals bits, and acknowledges no one . . . just plays dumb. Stern bashers are basing it on NO KNOWLEDGE at all, just what they have heard. Howard is the ONLY HONEST man in show business. 100% direct and honest--and that's why he is revered by millions. Saying Howard is irrelevant is just a moronic statement. At least he speaks about what he KNOWS to be true about Jay. If you really listen to Howard and know what he represents, then you can make a rational comment. Howard's appearance on Letterman last night was EPIC as always.

1359 days ago
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