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Jaime Pressly Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

2/4/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jaime Pressly doesn't think prosecutors can prove she was driving drunk on the night she was arrested for DUI -- and moments ago, the actress pled "not guilty" to the charges in an L.A. County courtroom.


As TMZ first reported, the "My Name is Earl" star was pulled over in Santa Monica on Jan. 5 for a routine traffic violation ... and during the stop, cops say they noticed signs of intoxication.

Law enforcement sources tell us Pressly's blood alcohol level was measured at .22 -- nearly three times the legal limit.

If convicted, Pressly could spend up to 6 months in jail.


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How does she plan on explaining the blood alcohol of .22????? Jaime, just give up.

1356 days ago

go home!    

wow, what an ignorant 6itch. with a superior attitude like that, she's gonna be convicted and go to jail. idiot. Wonder how she wuold like someone on the road driving like that hitting her child?

1356 days ago


What did she blow? a .22? and she thinks they can't prove she was drunk? Well...this IS Hollywood, so maybe she can convince some stars struck judge that she wasn't plastered...stranger things have a suit case full of coke being ignored :)

1356 days ago


Since the jails are full? Maybe they should impose a tax on all of the network and studios and use the money to build "CELEBRITY JAIL!" Where they can do their time and be video taped 24/7 and sired on T.V....BET CALIFORNIA WOULD GET RID OF ITS DEBT!

1356 days ago



I once blew a 0.24. Wanna party sometime?

1356 days ago


that is one ugly looking mouth hanging off her face!

1356 days ago


Again, why does TMZ act like a celebrity will do real jail time? That's not the way the legal system in L.A. is set up. Just go ahead and say "A non-celebrity would, in the same case, do up to six months in jail, but since XXXX is a celebrity, they will totally skate."

1356 days ago


Again, she's being charged with driving without a chin, people....

1356 days ago



TAX the studios and stations and use the money to build "CELEBRITY JAIL"!!! Video tape it 24/7 and air it...that way we could use the money to save Calif. from going BANKRUPT and the has been "stars" would be CLAMORING to get in for one more shot at FACE TIME!

I'm telling you, this would work and they would all STOP pleading NOT GUILTY and do their time.

1356 days ago


Damn this woman should be ashamed of herself. Wonder if she would think twice if her child was hit and killed by a drunk driver or her husband was killed by a drunk driver. Hell if she killed her own family member by driving drunk; what a real life selfish bitch! Let me blow whatever she blew and run over her and her loved ones; ugh I hate Jaime Pressly. Wish I had a dozen eggs to throw at her damn face...bitch

1356 days ago


Just look at Lohan.

1356 days ago


I just got off the phone with the DA and he said he plans to make an example of this young starlet. In fact, he actually said he is sick of these rich white trash bitches trying to get away with breaking the law --- My prediction --- 6 month minimum... Say Bye Baby.....

1356 days ago



Lying on TMZ? Pretty pathetic. You no more just got off the phone with the DA than I just came back from visiting the pope.

That said with a recorded blood alcohol level of .22 I think the police have all the proof they need.

1356 days ago


How can plead not guilty when your blood alcohol is .22?!? This is just some lawyer BS trying to make a deal to get a hollyweird bitch out of trouble!!! She should go to jail like every other DUI offender!

1356 days ago


She's not gonna do any time. She'll get probation or some other slap on the wrist.

I'm sick of Hollyweird

1356 days ago
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