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Lindsay Lohan: I Don't Do Paperwork

2/4/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan does not fill out paperwork when she takes expensive necklaces out of jewelry stores ... she leaves that to her people -- so says Lindsay to her pals.

Lindsay's freedom is riding on her claim that the Venice, CA jewelery store owner loaned her the necklace in question.  Lindsay is telling friends ... "I don't deal with things like that."

Lindsay is passing the whole incident off as a "misunderstanding."  Problem is -- when she figured it out, why didn't she just return the item to the store instead of sending an underling to the LAPD?

Worst case scenario -- Lindsay could face felony grand theft charges which carries a penalty of three years in prison.


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Ronald RayGun    


Hey, Miss. legal eagle. If Lindsay gets charged for the theft it is a violation of probation. Doesn't matter if it is a misdemeanor or a felony charge. That means I am sure if will be longer than 24 days.

1357 days ago


This woman needs to be in jail for at least 6 months, if nothing else, to get her out of our hair! Where's her money coming from anyway? My H thinks she ought to hook up with Sheen for his 'porn' house except she's looking way to mean and old for him but if you're going to play a porn star, might as well be one.

1357 days ago


Lohan keeps strutting like she's Gods gift. No one want's anything to do with her even the paps have slowed down.

This should help her non-career.

1357 days ago


That's it. Take her to jail now. Do not let her off.

1357 days ago



TAX the studios and stations and use the money to build "CELEBRITY JAIL"!!! Video tape it 24/7 and air it...that way we could use the money to save Calif. from going BANKRUPT and the has been "stars" would be CLAMORING to get in for one more shot at FACE TIME!

I'm telling you, this would work and they would all STOP pleading NOT GUILTY and do their time.

1357 days ago


She goes to court this month to deal with the probation and BF thing right?

1. hating Lindsay is a new recreational sport
2. I have puzzled over the same things. People like Charlie.
People like Downey. The only thing I can come up with is her
blatant entitlement and superiority over everyone and everything.
People like others they can connect with. It's difficult to connect with Lindsay. She may be talented but at this point in her life she is still very juvenile and demeaning to everyone who does not serve her. We can often root for the bad guy but
Lindsay just is not charismatic enough to have many fans.
She isn't likable at this point in her life. She is a user. She takes and never gives. Just my two cents as to why hating Lindsay is so easy to do.

1357 days ago


Wow, this woman is ARROGANT. After stealing a pricey piece of jewelry from a local store (brings new meaning to the phrase, "shop at your local retailer", I guess,) she has the balls to claim it's the shopkeepers fault for not bothering to call HER when the piece went missing and that she, Lindsay, doesn't DO paperwork. Like she's still a big star that needs to borrow pricey jewelry to walk the red carpet!

She may well walk - this time - but her drug abuse and unbridled kleptomania, not to mention her sheer arrogance, will bring her down in the not-too-distant future. She's not infallible, despite what she, Dina, Michael and Ali all mistakenly chose to believe.

1357 days ago


"I don't do paperwork." Apparently that includes paperwork that is green, with presidents' faces on it, and monetary denominations printed clearly on it.

1357 days ago


She's starting to sound like Zsa Zsa Gabor back in the 90s. Zsa Zsa slapped a cop and then later declared that celebrities should have special laws that are designed for them that don't apply to regular people. Claiming she doesn't have to fill out paperwork because of who she is sounds very similar.

1357 days ago

Good riddance!    

Why would she deal with something like that when she will just steal it instead.

1357 days ago


Some very enterprising studio head or agent better jump on that "CELEBRITY JAIL" would be a GOLD MINE! I'd watch it :)

1357 days ago


She looks good for 47.

1357 days ago


It's a waste of time to follow this story...Just like all the other "Celebrities" legal issues and this will somehow go away quietly. This is just another case of "pay-off" in the works. She has no morals and continues to live in "Lohan Land"

1357 days ago


"I don't do paperwork." Apparently that includes paperwork that is green, with presidents' faces on it, and monetary denominations printed clearly on it.

Posted at 9:33 AM on Feb 4, 2011 by lou


She looks good for 47.

Posted at 9:36 AM on Feb 4, 2011 by Emerson


1357 days ago


The store is stating there was never a loan of anykind. Lohan would still need permission even though she doesn't do the paperwork. Lohan would still have to sign stating she has it and is responsible.

The Z-lister took it. That simple.

1357 days ago
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