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'Real Housewives of

Beverly Hills'

Casting Gets Rocky

2/4/2011 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone's wife is being recruited to appear on the next season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... or maybe not ... depending on who you believe.

Solid sources connected to Bravo tell us the network has been in touch with Jennifer Flavin Stallone and Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville ... in the hopes of locking them in for the next season. 

But some pretty solid sources connected to Jennifer are adamant ... she hasn't spoken with anyone from Bravo about the show.

As for Brandi -- she hit up a Beverly Hills restaurant this week with Lisa Vanderpump's former house guest Cedric ... but she played coy when we asked about her future on the show. 

As TMZ previously reported, Kim Richards and Camille Grammer might not return to "Housewives" next season.

We've reached out to Bravo and they've declined to comment on casting and have yet to formally announce the show's return for a second season.


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I used to feel sorry for Eddie's ex-wife, with the way he ran around with Leanne and all... but now, seeing her chum-up to that IMBECILE Cedric.... I am beginning to think Eddie had his reasons for moving on.

1271 days ago


It's called entertainment! You don't believe all you saw on RHOBH was REAL do you? Did Brett Michaels marry any of those hos on Rock of Love. Of course he didnt the show wasn't REAL.

I cant comprehend people believing these shows are nothing more than entertainment. They all play CHARACTERS.

1271 days ago


I see the LR sheep have arrived.....cast Brandi.....BRANDI BRANDI

1271 days ago


Classy Lisa who humiliated Russell in front of the whole group and on TV ("Taylor was attracted to YOU? Unbelievable!") Classy Lisa who humiliated Cedric on TV ("he has a two inch fuse"). I guess the definition of "classy" doesn't include "kind" or "considerate of other human beings' feelings."

1271 days ago


I think Brandi Glanville will bring a lot to the show. The only people that wouldn't think so are LeAnn Rimes fans. You would think that they would want her to get a job, that's what they have been complaining about.

Brandi Glanville would be a great asset to the show. She would bring a lot of class. Please put her on.

1271 days ago


If Bravo casts the HOTNESS that is Brandi Glanville, it will be a genius move. Just look around at the panic setting in, at just the thought of it! Hotness must have plenty of dirt to go around, all she needs now, is the leaf blower to spread it! Bravo, give the foxy mama a leaf blower!!!

1271 days ago


Kyle destroyed Kim's reputation on national TV so what choice does that leave Kim? I'm not watching that show anymore after witnessing that limo scene. It was gut wrenching watch one sister physically attack another sister. Felt like I was watching a bar brawl or an innocent teenager getting savagely attacked in a back street alley in NY by a thug. Kyle reduced the elegance on this show to that level. I don't care if she has alcoholism. Kim behaved more kindly, more compassionately, was more forgiving, and more level headed than any one else. Check the Bravo blogs and you'll see what people really think of Kyle.

1271 days ago


How could Brandi bring anything to the show? The other women are all rich, famous, live in huge houses and are somebody. She is only known for being the ex-wife of an actor. She doesn't work, she has no money and where would they film inside her little rented apartment that she might or might not get because she can't afford one? I don't get that at all. I hope it's not true because I love the show the way it is. I could go without Camille the whiney b**** but Brandi could take some of her leftovers maybe?

1271 days ago


Hmmm could "Sue" be Renee saw a verrrry similar post on another site. Brandi Glanville would definitely bring IT!!!! I would think Brandi would be awesome!!!! Brandi for RHOBH!!!

1271 days ago


I still think the Glanville chick is too hot for the how. She looks like a model.

1271 days ago


That was "too hot for the show". The woman looks too damn GOOD for this show. She puts Jennifer, Slys wife to shame.

1271 days ago


All I know is that Glanville chick is revving my engine. I'd do her in a heatbeat. heh

1271 days ago


Who are these women putting Brandi Glanville down? I have never heard of her before now. But she is GOOD LOOKING.

1271 days ago


Who was Kyle Richards before the show? She was Paris Hilton's Aunt. I guess that's something.
Taylor Armstrong, who was she before the show?

1271 days ago


Kyle is a narcissistic sociopath. She is truly evil, and keeps chipping away at Kim's self esteem, sanity, and sobriety. She tried to defame and humiliate Camille, as well. Kyle looks like a lush, to me. All of these women drink like fish...except Adrienne and Camille. I don't think anyone wants to see Kyle anymore. And look at those photos of the two anorexic skull faces they are considering!!! Egads. The only natural one in the whole bunch is Kim.

1270 days ago
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