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'Superman' Producer's Kid -- My Dad Was Attacked

2/4/2011 6:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary "Superman" producer Ilya Salkind was "brutally attacked" in Mexico and is being treated in a Mexican hospital for bruises on his head ... this according to Ilya's daughter.


Anastasia Salkind tells TMZ ... she's been in contact with the caretaker of her dad's estate in Mexico, who informed her the 64-year-old producer was in serious pain when he was discovered yesterday ... after being missing for several days. 

The caretaker also told Anastasia that Ilya has bruises on his head.

Anastasia tells us she believes her father was kidnapped -- though Mexican officials have not confirmed or denied her suspicion. 

We're told an investigation into Ilya's disappearance is underway.

UPDATE: After we posted the story, Anastasia contacted us again to stress that her suspicions have NOT been confirmed by any one involved in the investigation.


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Davey Boy    

I find it amazing that anyone would ever consider Mexico safe these days. Mexico has spiraled into the literal crapper of third-world countries.

Course that doesn't stop its citizens from "jumping the fence" and entering our country illegally. Heck, the liberals welcome them with open arms and give them free healtcare and an education. All at tax-payer expense!

1325 days ago


Enter Mexico at your own risk.

1325 days ago


Yea...I'm sure the Mexican Policia are performing a thorough investigation. They are so honest, forthright and not corrupt. Those ****ers will cover anything (and I mean ANYTHING) up for the right amount of money.

1325 days ago

northern gypsy    

somethings not right...if my father had fallen off the face of the earth...
i would have taken the 1st flight there...something is off !!!
let's wait and see what develops...

1325 days ago


What's funny is Napolitano is saying how safe our boarders are now. Yet people seem to be dying or attacked every day in Mexico, On the boarder, or by Illegals who have come into our country.

but we shouldn't protect our boarders, we should lie about how bad things really are cause that will magically make it better, and lets not face the facts that illegal immigration is a problem.

Yeah I understand the American Dream... my parents came from Japan legally for that dream... but there are legal ways to come into this country...everyone who comes into this country illegally is breaking the law... and a lot of them continue to break the law because they come here specifically to do that.

And I agree, why would anyone in their right mind go to Mexico now a days.

1325 days ago


Stay OUT of Mexico and buy more ammo

1325 days ago

my opinion    

Mexico is not safe to visit ALL Americans should get out of there NOW it isn't safe.

1325 days ago


Seriously, why is anyone still going to Mexico if they have a choice? Expecially someone with a bunch of money. You're definitely going to be a target for kidnapping for ransom at the least, and just killed off and robbed at the worst.

This guy needs to come back to the U.S. and just get a quiet apartment in Beverly Hills somewhere.

1325 days ago


All of you who speak negatively of illegal immigration, when are you going to accept the U.S's part in how dangerous Mexico is for the people who just want to have a normal life? Accept the fact that it is OUR people who can't peel themselves off heroin, cocaine, or their drug of choice and OUR peoples money who is fueling the drug cartels in Mexico. Without us, Mexico would not be run by cartels, because bottom line: They wouldn's have the money.

1325 days ago


Why CNN or USA TODAY never mentioned this news? Are they trying to protect the tourism in the dangerously and barbaric Old Mexico?

1325 days ago


i agree with MAYU.. come here the right way..i would not go to mexico, for ANY reason.. there is enough crime right here in phoenix,i dont go looking for trouble.. the gov..doesnt even care about people coming across the border at all..they sure arent doctors or lawyers coming in this way..some pretty bad people stealing and killing people for anything they can get a hold of..just crazy..

1325 days ago


I'm going to be honest when I hear news that someone has been kidnap in Mexico makes me ashamed of that country and I'm a Hispanic. Like any country they have their good and bad, but Mexico seems to be the worse.(in my opinion) I love going there and visiting my family but DAMN! why is humanity so cruel towards one another? We are destroying our world with hate and violence and nothing being done to stop it. When will it end?!?

1325 days ago


The caretaker did it. Case closed.

1325 days ago


There are too many holes in this story. If he were kidnapped, why didn't they hold him and send a ransom demand? Where was he kidnapped? Where was he found? Who found him? How did they target him? I think we need for the man to wake up to say what actiually happened.

1325 days ago


There are three places I will never visit.
1) Any middle eastern country.
2) Mexico.
3) Oakland, CA.

1325 days ago
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