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Lindsay's Infamous Necklace -- Still With the LAPD

2/6/2011 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember how when you were a kid, and when you fought over a toy with your brother, your parents would take it away so nobody could play with it? That's kind of what has happened to the necklace Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the necklace in question is currently being held as evidence by the LAPD. We're told the police could hold on to it all the way until the case goes to trial (if that happens) or they could just take a photo and return the necklace to the owner. So far, no decision has been made.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be charged as early as Monday for allegedly swiping the $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.


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Thanks for the reminders Mikey! Lindsay is a chronic thief plain and simple. As for the value of the necklace it doesn't matter... IF it's one of a kind, hand made gold and semi-precious stones the jeweler can price it how ever they like. It's not what it cost it's that SHE wanted it, she just didn't want to pay for it. If you don't think it's worth $2500 don't buy it, I think most of those designer bags are ugly as sin and can't imagine anyone would $3000 for one but hey.. the rich like their 'one of a kind' crap. Doesn't take away from the fact that Lindsay has been stealing from others for over three years now (that we know of).

1319 days ago


All the fuss over that ugly thing? It looks like a retainer.

1319 days ago


I am not here to judge the girl (even though I think she obviously has issues). I commented that the thin, barely there little tiny necklace looks like a $60... piece of cheap jewelry. If she stole it - it doesn't really matter how much the retail value is, it compounds her propensity to "take" things that do not belong to her. I personally don't care if the gold is 10k, 14k or 18k (gold is a commodity that goes up and down in this cyclic market, but based on the tiny, speck amount of gold that is here, it isn't like it is going to bring in a great deal, non retail value wise). So for the total idiot who is more concerned about it being 10, 14, or 18k... who the heck cares? It is a cheap looking piece of jewelry that is even more over priced (retail wise) then a typical department store. Just an observation... HOWEVER, what is truly topic is that the girl just doesn't get it and just keeps doing stupid things (UNLESS of course, this cheap jewelry offering over priced store is making up the entire fiasco just to get some recognition and hoping that some advertising is better then no advertising by using this gal's name to garner interest in their store/boutique.

1319 days ago


Yeah. If all else fails. Insult the jeweler, you Bully enablers.

1319 days ago


She's a psychotic kleptomaniac, stealing from everyone left and right and its finally caught up with her.

1319 days ago


the gold one is the one in question and it has a gold amulet thing on it that's mostly covered in these pics by the shirt - and the gold chain looks intricately woven - yeah it's an expensive piece but all the pics only show the chain - which is probably pretty recognizable by the shop it's an intricate chain you can see quite plainly.
the funny thing is $2500 isn't much for a celebrity - it's kind of funny she's gona go to prison over some chump change =/ she should've just paid for the damn thing.

1319 days ago



Sorry Lohan's the criminal does not get to decide fair market value of the item stolen. The price tag is the price tag.

What makes LL pap shots worth money...what the market will bear.

1319 days ago


All the fuss over that ugly thing? It looks like a retainer.

Posted at 11:02 AM on Feb 6, 2011 by benice

Not nearly as ugly as what comes out of LL's mouth and her actions.

1319 days ago


Might I suggest Lindsay's ex GF Sam Ronson check her collection of Dildos to see if Lindsay has stolen any of them.

1319 days ago


Dee, if Lindsay's team is going to argue that she didn't steal it at all, just "borrowed" it, then the appraised value vs. retail price doesn't mean anything. Only if she's going to try to plea bargain down to petty theft would that be useful. And even then, she'd probably get the maximum sentence, whatever that is; it will be prison, not the jail where she only does 5% of her sentence. Add 180 days for violating her probation, AGAIN, served consecutively she could be away for a couple of years this time

1319 days ago


TMZ has become the new Globe

1319 days ago


Michael Lohan and Family = Balloon Boy Family

1319 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Aww, that's too bad for her. Now it looks like Lindsay's dream marriage to Charlie and their snow filled winter honeymoon may have to wait until she gets out of the slammer. What's worse for Lindsay is Charlie has that one in a billion chance that he may become sober while she's locked up. Oh No!

1319 days ago


I liked the first picture of the necklace you showed. It wasn't the right one, but it was prettier. ;)

1319 days ago

george clooney    

She's good for business, huh Harvey?

Posted at 10:03 AM on Feb 6, 2011 by Jack

Jack, you amaze me when you make these statements. So far Harvey has been the first on 95% of all stories. From what I see, they use the 5 W's and they double check their facts; which is far better than MSNBC and those jokers. Huffington Post just copies whatever TMZ Jack, you want us to get this information from the Sheriff? The guy who has a revolving door for the hollywood elite? Jack, Jack, Jack....or should I write....Michael, Michael, Michael. CLOWN

1319 days ago
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