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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - Up Close & Personal

2/7/2011 7:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Teen love birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a tender embrace in Santa Monica yesterday.


The Biebs is all wrapped up in Selena.


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you all are jelous let the poor guy be in love.he sings for us and cares about us and thats hpw you treat him,so what if he is in love with selena he is also human like us and even if im a fan im comenting rude stuff and the one who confused him with a girl or just prettended she did well you should be quite because he has never done nothing to you.

1350 days ago


well....first of all im a huge bieber fan and in my opinion i think justin and selena do NOT make a cute couple.and second of all...she is way older than him shes 18 and hes only 16 going on 17!and finally...its his choice and no matter what i will ALWAYS be a true bieber fan!!!!

1350 days ago


At this point I think that both of them need to take some time out and think about the fans cuz we r the most important part of their careers cuz they would be down the drain if we didnt like them !!!! *_*

1349 days ago


who new selena gomez was a lesbian

1349 days ago

Top Secret    

it´s a pity , is terrivele

1349 days ago


It's gross that they are together because she is older than him and they look more like brother and sister and dating your brother or sister is REALLY gross!!

1349 days ago


It irrates me everytime young stars try to have a personal life people think they know best or critize their sexuallity.They are going thru the same stage we went thru at their age.Quit predicting their future when none of us know what tomorrow will bring.In other words grow up already!Let their parents watch out for them.

1349 days ago


i just cant believe this Selena you can pick better ones :o

1349 days ago


uh Selena is 18 and Justin is 16 them dating is illegal just saying! im not hating or anything

1349 days ago


selena has degraded herself by going out with the balless wonder

1349 days ago


there a so cute is wonderful to see the happy!!! be happy dont worry :D

1348 days ago


it dont metter how old there are so long there are happy and by the way who love's justin are selena the need to be happy for them and just love them how there are a what choose the make!!! support the love of them!!!

1348 days ago


damn naw i don't think dis selena , selena is wayy taller than him and has a bigger head!

1348 days ago


Wow. You Beiber 'fans' still don't get it, ah? He will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER will fall in love with you gals!!! Just use your brains, please.

Also, it won’t surprise me, that he is ashamed of you all, because what you gals have done (or still doing), is WRONG! Perhaps he should stop his concerts, until you gals are stopping the harassments.

Now you really should stop threaten the life of Selena Gomez or make up stories etc, or else you go for certain to jail. And I don‘t think you or your parents want to pay the fine. It will cost a lot of money. And will get you banned from twitter, face book, etc.) I don’t think your parents want to have gal with a crime record.

If you gals are his true fans, then you should support them. Or else, you really stop calling yourselves fans.

1348 days ago


i mean if he likes her and she likes him let them go for it.i know most of the bieber fans are in love with him they absolutely hate it. be happy for the guy even though he is a playa.

1348 days ago
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