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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - Up Close & Personal

2/7/2011 7:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Teen love birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a tender embrace in Santa Monica yesterday.


The Biebs is all wrapped up in Selena.


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umm im not mad or anything im happy for them theyre so cute but you cant hide it know justlena we have caught you several times! lol

1299 days ago

vince ng    

NO DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1299 days ago


To comment #73

get help. you are clearly insane.

1299 days ago


I will laugh when she goes to jail and becomes a sexual offender. (:

1299 days ago


first of all when otha famous ppl cheat on otha ppl itz fnny but when it comez 2 justina bieber itz like WHO GIVEZ A ****! now my point wuznt he gon out width tat 1 girl jazmin and then cheatin on her width a betta person wtf! i knw i knw tryin 2 get more popular but not happenin

1299 days ago

Yu Lee    

Justin should be looking to find his life partner right NOW. No it’s not too early! He works on tour for about 6 months at a time on his MyWorld concerts & in a year he will already be 18 yrs old. Girls his age will be starting to get engaged by then! Since i think he deserves the very best, when it comes to finding a wife from his generation, Justin should be the one to get first choice! Let's face it, the best girls go first. If he waits too long, it will be tragic, he will only get the left overs! In summary, if he wants THE BEST GIRL, he’ll have to get married fairly soon!

1299 days ago



So you are telling me he somehow got from the NYC SNL set on Saturday night to the Santa Monica Beach inside of 12
Unless he chartered a jet and flew out from NY Sunday at 3 AM, this seems a little unlikely.

Although to pound that hot 18 year old cooch I would if I could afford it.

Posted at 3:57 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by bob

Is it me or does Bob seem like the type to be featured in an episode of "To Catch A Predator"?

Thinking about pounding barely legal 18 yr old cooch? A world collectively sighs Ewwwwwww

Say hi to Chris Hanson when he comes out with cookies and lemonade:) Freak

1299 days ago


This will hurt his career. I hope he knows that. Girls want to think they are the one for him. IF he already has a girlfriend, other girls will move on to a more available guy. Poor Justin.

1299 days ago


I hate the people saying they look so cute together but really it disgusts me!!!

1299 days ago

justin beiber is gay    

justin beiber is so gay ahha and you know selenas only with him for the publicity she actually hates every second of the time that they are together.

1299 days ago


Probably no one will take notice of this comment, but to the commenter ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff on page one, it really sickens me that people like you can't keep your disgusting thoughts to yourself. Is there any need to talk like that? I don't even want to know people like you are breathing the same air the rest of us are. You are a sick and creepy individual.

1299 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

i don't know what's more sad... the fact that this pathetic excuse for a canadian actually *has* a career... or the fact that his girlish figure, drag-queen hairstyle, and being total tool actually makes him attractive to teenage girls.. oh wait, some deprived cradle robbing 30-somethings think he's cute too...

*gag* I'll stick to actualy MAN-LOOKING men my own age thanks

1299 days ago


I can see trouble down the line for him also. You know, I don't care how much money my kid brings home... at the end of the day I am your mom and you are only 16. I saw pics of these two not long ago on a yacht all by themselves for the weekend. I'm sorry. These kids go off on their own buy yachts, homes, cars, they are going into bars, buy drugs, going to adult parties before they even have the common sense to weigh out good and bad decisions.

Posted at 3:28 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by becky

uhmmm, i think your info is false.
first of all, no one is sure whether it was a yacht. it was rumored that it couldve been a very expensive household on the islands that ppl have to pay per night. second of all, their parents were there, at least both their moms (there are pics to show that).
they dont go off buying their own cars, houses w/e. as far as i know justin asks his mom whether he could buy things beforehand therefore he doesnt have a limited allowance. and he plans to buy his mom a house soon.
i dont think it's right to say that theyll go off buying drugs, because so far they have generally been great role models. both of them give back to the society and donate to charities. also, theyre surrounded by great teams of ppl.
dont lose faith on them

1299 days ago


Selena can do better than that. He just turns my stomach.

1299 days ago


Ok I am really sick of people saying if their sexes were reversed this would be called molestation or whatever. YOur so full of it that its coming out your ears. 16 is a legal age in almost all if not all states if having a sexual relationship. She is 18 so stop acting like shes in her 20s. Since when is a 2 year age difference something to act stupid about. How many kids in high school are these ages and dating? You people act so dumb sometimes. As for him looking like a girl, he looks like a 16 year old teenager and I am sure most of you commenting looked the same. Does this stem from jealousy or what? I may not love his songs but at same time he plays several instruments that he played as a very young child so he does have talent. Stop with the jealousy already.

1299 days ago
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