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Lindsay Lohan: Perp Walk Fears

2/7/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could be getting a very unwanted TV role as early as today -- accused felon in handcuffs, paraded before scores of cameras.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as today. 

An LAPD source tells TMZ ... no decision has been made on whether an arrest warrant will be issued -- which would then allow cops to find Lindsay, put her in cuffs, and walk her into the station in front of a gaggle of reporters.

There are other options. Authorities could make arrangements for Lindsay to voluntarily surrender at a location and in a manner that would avoid the cameras.

And there's another possibility ... The D.A. could allow Lindsay to surrender in court, at her arraignment.

A perp walk in a shoplifting case is unusual, but not unheard of.  It would certainly send a message.


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Oh brother! Here we go again... Now she has sticky fingers, but at least she seems to be on the mend from her drug and alcohol problem. Too funny.

1351 days ago


This is ridiculous.
Lindsay is innocent and the store just wants publicity.
I'm sure Shawn arranged her surrender.

1351 days ago


Bwah hahahahahahaha!!

1351 days ago


LOL...c'mon guys you know Lindsay won't be doing any perp walk. That would really make our day but it's not going to happen.

She'll probably sneak in with her lawyers, plead not guilty and the judge will set another court date for next month on whatever grounds her lawyers can come up with then Lindsay and lawyers will sneak out and that will be that.

1351 days ago


Typical for a slut.

1351 days ago


That would make my week.

1351 days ago


Along with a very public perp walk, I hope the bail is high and the judge demands cash bail. Then she can sit in jail until her trial.
It's way past time for the public to see her treated like anyone else and not pampered.

1351 days ago


May 2008 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing fur coat from Masha Markova, a twenty-two year old Columbia University coed while at a NYC private party.

May 2008 … Lauren Hastings claims that Lindsay Lohan stole clothes from her closet during a party.

June 2009 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing jewelry and clothing that was loaned to her while at a shoot for Elle magazine in London. Rumored to have urinated on the dress before surrendering it when she was told she’d have to return the frock.

August 2009 … Lindsay Lohan had jewels loaned to her by Beverly Hills jewelry XIV Karats for over two months. When asked to return the jewelry she said she didn’t have them. Claims they were stolen from her safe.

October 2009 … Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole jewelry yet again. Reportedly that Lindsay made off with jewelry and accessories from Arielle de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week.

April 2010 … Lindsay Lohan named as suspect in stolen Rolex watch case. Had apartment tossed by LA County Sheriff’s Dept.

June 2010 …Beverly Hills boutique suing for $16K+ for unpaid clothing.

February 2011 … Venice Beach has video implicating Lindsay Lohan to stolen jewelry.

*** thanks Score Card from The Superficial

1351 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

This is what makes buying a DVR a solid purchase!

1351 days ago


So, I am guessing she is not going to jail? Because you know, if she was there would be a lot of coverage, and there is none at all.

Its funny, how people from Europe name us these days. We sure are United States of Azz holes and a bounch of yahoos who dont know shiz about justice.

Its really sad that people stereotipe America based on the actions of these idiots, who we for some reason call celebs.

Cristina insulted me, insulted you, and entire US army, and still got paid. If there was justice the money she was supposed to get would go to charity and not that brainless nitwit.

Then again, if The World would find out who are the objects of Blind Items on Blind Gossip, and what else these people do, I am sure there would be no more news on Page six and Blockbuster movies.

1351 days ago


Winona Ryder had NO previous criminal record and was NOT on probation, and this is what happened to her:

2001 arrest

On December 12, 2001, Ryder was arrested on shoplifting charges in Beverly Hills, California. She was accused of stealing $5,500 worth of designer clothes and accessories at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store.[4][78][79] Los Angeles District Attorney Stephen Cooley produced a team of eight prosecutors. Cooley filed four felony charges against her in what was described by British newspaper The Guardian as a "show-trial."[80] Ryder hired noted celebrity defense attorney Mark Geragos. Negotiations for a plea bargain failed at the end of summer 2002.[81] As noted by Joel Mowbray from the National Review, the prosecution was not ready to offer the actress what was given to 5,000 other defendants in similar cases, an open door to a no-contest plea on misdemeanor charges.[82] Ryder agreed under signature to pay two Civil Demands, as permitted under California's Statute for Civil Recovery for Shoplifting, from Saks Fifth Avenue that completely reimbursed Saks Fifth Avenue for the stolen and surrendered merchandise while detained in the Security Offices of the Saks Fifth Avenue store, and before she was read her Miranda rights and arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department.[83]

During the trial, she was accused of using drugs without valid prescriptions. Ryder was convicted of grand theft,[84] shoplifting and vandalism, but was acquitted on the third felony charge, burglary.[85] In December 2002, she was sentenced to three years' probation, 480 hours of community service, $3,700 in fines, $6,355 in restitution to the Saks Fifth Avenue store, and ordered to attend psychological and drug counseling.[86] After reviewing Ryder's probation report, Superior Court Judge Elden Fox noted that Ryder served 480 hours of community service and on June 18, 2004, the felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. Ryder remained on probation until December 2005.[87][88]

Lindsay, on the other hand, has a remarkable past criminal record, multiple rehabs, and is on probation already!

1351 days ago


The standard bail amount for felony grand theft is $20,000.

1351 days ago


On Feb 3rd:


The Lohan family has asked power attorney Lisa Bloom to help Lindsay deal with the recent accusations claiming she stole a $2,500 necklace.

Bloom has represented Michael in the past but the two dissolved their relationship back in September after helping him through much of Lindsay's legal troubles....A source close to Lindsay tells us Bloom has NOT yet been retained by Lindsay to represent her, however.

Bloom tells X17online exclusively:

"I was asked to see Lindsay at the request of the Lohan family. Something is fishy about this story. It doesn't sit right with me. I want to get to the bottom of it. I find it hard to believe that Lindsay would steal a necklace worth a couple thousands dollars. I'm very sympathetic toward her position."

1351 days ago


California's judicial system is all jacked up. I would be so pissed off if I was a taxpayer there.
They should send down the appropiate sentence when the crime is committed, not spend so much money dragging this kind of stuff out for years.

1351 days ago


@yo Thanks for the long history of her stealing. Wow, hard to believe, she has been a repeat offender for many years. She needs another hard lesson in life. Go ahead and handcuff her, and throw her in jail for violating her parole.

1351 days ago
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