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Lindsay's Lawyer Has Chitchat With Prosecutors

2/7/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Chapman Holley just made her pitch to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office as to why Lindsay Lohan should not be prosecuted for allegedly stealing a necklace from an L.A. jewelry store ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told Holley met with prosecutors Danette Meyers and John Lynch.  As TMZ first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft.

On her way into the meeting, Holley was coy.


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From a related Lohan link:

Lindsay Lohan is mentally insane and having people post here that she is a 'normal person' does not help her. The poor women need help not lies.

Posted at 12:00 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by Mikey

Mikey, I DO wonder now about her mental state. Stealing expensive jewelery (and she's suspected of stealing a staggering $400k of jewelery several years ago) is a huge step up from doing recreational drugs. She made a conscious decision to go into a store and commit robbery. Wow. It blows my mind! Can you imagine the mindset it must take to actually go in, think about doing it and then actually executing the plan? Wow again.

I wonder if she's taken a real mental step into her criminality, into becoming a hardened criminal. Robbing a jewelry store is eons away from baby stuff, likes crying over being called a Milkaholic.

It boggles my mind that her family does NOTHING to help her get the mental help she so very much needs.

1355 days ago


Shawn Holley Chapman Jones conversation must have gone something like this...

1. There was a misunderstanding, the stylist didn't realize that she was supposed to do that paper work AFTER Lindsey stole the merchandise.

2. Lindsey wasn't aware that she had walked out with the loot around her neck

3. She returned it, so why don't we just pay for it [with a little extra] and drop the charges, you know how it goes down for celebrities.

4. *Lindsey has been under a lot of stress over the past months and has impacted her reasoning, shy don't we just allow her to get MORE treatment and maybe send her to a DIFFERENT rehab facility (this one is the one she uses most for her criminal celebrity clients, and it works every time)

5. That surveillance camera don't mean a thang if you can't hear what's being said. Why not reduce the charges to loitering, and recommend jail time which will, of course, be suspended [Celebrity Justice Style - wink, wink]

6. I think the merchant is just trying to guide more business to his store-rumor is he's having financial trouble (I doubt that this is true, but it sounds good for a defense

7. You'll ruin her "career"

8. If you put her in prison, then I'll be bombarded with demands by the enablers, Dina and Michael to find a work around so she'll not have to really do any time - that's no problem, that's my specialty, but I'll have to charge two arms and a legs and those deadbeat don't have sh*t.

1355 days ago


How is the media not all over this story? It's been all over the news since Wednesday. There were SIX LL stories alone on TMZ within 8 hours. Not to mention I have seen people quoting the LA times, CNN, Fox News...I could go on and on. We are right now commenting on a non-story about Lindsay's attorney just going into a building essentially saying nothing.

Posted at 12:29 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by suza271

I have read stuff, but I haven't heard a thing from my colleagues. Nobody actually cares if she ends up in jail. They took time to write an article and forgot about it. Don't think that media loves that girl, they hate her as they hate the rest of Hollywood.

1355 days ago

Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

Inferno director Matthew Wilder has told "We would never have got our movie made if Lindsay Lohan was still attached to it."

LOL, I think everyone knew that.

1355 days ago


@28 go with her no one will miss u.

1355 days ago


Quentin has a hard on if he sees a stuffed monkey. Machete was a bomb that only earned a million at the box office.I really doubt investors will open their wallets if they see the name Lindsay Lohan on anything as of today on. Sorry

1355 days ago


Ernie is 100% correct. Her enablers need to let go and allow her to hit her necessary bottom. The sad part is I have been in recovery for 30 plus years and have not met anyone under 25yrs of age with any long term sobriety. ML needs alanon. Dina (Nicole) just needs to go away.

1355 days ago


Go Shawn!!! Lindsay has far too much money and dica status to get charged for this false accusation. There is no reason she should have to be in the same building as dirty black and mexican people. Lindsay, we believe in you! You have never done anything wrong!! Muah!

Posted at 12:09 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by susan


WTF, did I just read this right?

Oh Dina, I just HOPE that all of those "dirty black and Mexican people" walk out of the courtroom scott free and wave to your dumbassed POS daughter as she has the book thrown at her dirty white asz!

(And I'm white, btw.)

1355 days ago


Go read what Radar just put up about her.

1355 days ago


I am sorry to inform you but apparently Quentin has a hard on every time he sees her. See, she is going to have a huge role in Machete kills and Machete kills again. Quentin has a huge plan for her character. So no matter what she does, she is still going to be in next Machete movies.

Posted at 12:34 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by learnmachine

Are they going to film it in the prison or wait until she gets out?

1355 days ago


This is a little spoiler I just have to share. See, Quentin already wrote a script for Machete Kills and showed it to big heads. They were all awed by the brilliance of it. So yeah, Machete will return with Lindsey in it!
I also learned that Jessica Alba will only have one minute dialog. So I guess that means that she'll be killed in the opening scene.

1355 days ago


Um, excuse me.... since when can your lawyer go chat up the D.A. to potentially try to talk them out of pressing charges?!? Seems the accused's point of view shouldn't be heard until they are actually charged and sent to trial, if that happens.

Imagine a normal person pulling the same schtick.... NOT! What a crock of s h i t.

1355 days ago


@suza71, I think that it's too bad that serious treatment isn't in the cards for her because, I think she really needs it and in the long run she'll have to do it anyway.

This behavioral pattern is very disturbing. Very self destructive. Totally peplexing. Maybe she really doesn't want a film career afterall?

1355 days ago

Cecilia Ma Magdalena Mirasol    

she needs help

1355 days ago


I wouldn't be so sure that charges will be filed
"Absolutely nothing will be filed today," D.A. spokeswoman Jane Robison tells E! News.

Right now, longtime Lohan nemesis Danette Meyers (who prosecuted the actress's DUI case) is still going over the evidence presented last week by the LAPD.

If Meyers agrees with police that a felony charge is warranted then a criminal complaint will be filed. But because Lohan would be considered a nonviolent offender, the D.A. would not dispatch police to take her into custody. Instead, Team Loan would would either negotiate a surrender or prosecutor's would just set an arraignment date for her to appear.

Over the weekend, Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley issued a statement saying, "We vehemently deny these allegations, and If charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press."

Meanwhile, sources close to the Lohan family seem to be in denial about the seriousness of the alleged felony, which carries a maximum three-year state prison sentence.

"No one [in the family] really thinks she's going to get charged," said the family insider. "They believe she didn't steal the necklace. They think it's a non-case."

1355 days ago
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