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Michael Moore to Harvey Weinstein: You Screwed Me!

2/7/2011 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore claims movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and brother Robert cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits for the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," by secretly diverting profits ... even using Michael's money to fly one of the Weinstein bros. to Europe by private jet.

Michael Moore Harvey Weinstein

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Moore's company, Westside Productions, claims Moore had a deal with the Weinsteins' company -- The Fellowship Adventure Group -- to split profits 50/50 for the flick.

In legal docs filed by Moore's celebrity lawyer, Larry Stein, he alleges the Weinsteins used "bogus accounting methods to hide the true amounts due Westside."  Moore also claims the Weinsteins secretly diverted a fortune in profits to themselves.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is the top-grossing documentary of all time, pulling in $222 million worldwide.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $2.7 million.

UPDATE:  Weinstein's lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, "Michael Moore has been paid over $20 million on this film.  Under the contract he's not entitled to another dime.  His claims are baloney and the timing is very suspicious."


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Country Lady    

Alex Jones gives his 911 truth movies away for free. Capitalism bashing Moore stomps his big baby feet because his money bin is running low. His last two films tanked because he was exposed as a hypocrite and a fraud.

1168 days ago


But wait... I thought Moore hated capitalism and greed??? Oh yeah, it's only wrong when CEO's make millions. When it's a Hollywood celeb like him it's okay.

1168 days ago


Stop...STOP.....STTTTOOOOP... I can't laugh any longer. I will wet myself

1168 days ago


Of course Hollywood accounting is "Bogus", and so is Moore. So, Michael, it's just all about the $ now isn't it. Could not happen to a bigger nor more deserving slob. Oh well, maybe you'll make out better with your pals Castro, or Chavez. Ohoou, I know, go do your biz with the Muzzy Bros in Egypt, you might lose more than your $ there, Moore, maybe your head! What goes around, comes around,.... how fitting.

1168 days ago


The people that go after Michael Moore don't realize the real criminals are out free; the Wall Street Bankers, Koch Brothers, Big insurance, etc. Those are the people that need to be rounded up and put in a prison right next to Madoff.

1168 days ago


If the film grossed $222 mil, why did Moore get only $20mil?

1168 days ago

Franck Verhaeghe    

there is so much anger in all these responses wow do i feel better about myself reading these reactions...

1168 days ago


F 9/11 rated as a do***entary?

1168 days ago


great to see you meet your match

1168 days ago


vicious, vile, very nasty conservative tainted commentary here. so much for that liberal hollywood myth. If Michael Moore feels like he's been ripped off, let the facts come out in a trial.

1168 days ago


A bunch of hollywood jews screwing someone over? Really?

But then again, Mr. Moore is a real jerk.

He deserves it.

1168 days ago


hey moore-on MAKE A DO***ENTARY ABOUT IT!

1168 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! I hope he's broke - fat bastard!

1168 days ago

Ruble Noon    

If that POS michael moore was on fire I wouldn't piss on him to put him out. Glad to see karma is still a bitch.

1168 days ago


HA, HA, HA!!! What's a matter Michael, nobody paying for your other "movies" where you have profited off of other dead families? I hope you don't ever see another dime in your life!

1168 days ago
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