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Michael Moore to Harvey Weinstein: You Screwed Me!

2/7/2011 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore claims movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and brother Robert cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits for the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," by secretly diverting profits ... even using Michael's money to fly one of the Weinstein bros. to Europe by private jet.

Michael Moore Harvey Weinstein

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Moore's company, Westside Productions, claims Moore had a deal with the Weinsteins' company -- The Fellowship Adventure Group -- to split profits 50/50 for the flick.

In legal docs filed by Moore's celebrity lawyer, Larry Stein, he alleges the Weinsteins used "bogus accounting methods to hide the true amounts due Westside."  Moore also claims the Weinsteins secretly diverted a fortune in profits to themselves.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is the top-grossing documentary of all time, pulling in $222 million worldwide.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $2.7 million.

UPDATE:  Weinstein's lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, "Michael Moore has been paid over $20 million on this film.  Under the contract he's not entitled to another dime.  His claims are baloney and the timing is very suspicious."


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I hope Moore never gets another penny. Such a two faced pig.

1352 days ago

Jerry Draughon    

I personally like what Michael is trying to do and it is a business and he, like any businessman, deserves all his profit. I have read of many creative accounting scamsin the film business. Go for it Mike!

1352 days ago

Scott Trent    

Yep... Capitalism and greed are bad according to Moore`s movies. Yet here he is - filing suit for money... The people who watch his movies and believe the garbage he puts out are gullible idiots.

1352 days ago


"At some point, you've made enough money", right?

1352 days ago


I hope that sick S.O.B. gets his due someday. He's just like all the other Obama suck asses and needs to cause problams.

1352 days ago


So he's a Capitalist when it affects his bottom line.

1352 days ago


Michael Moore the Great Socialist...until has bills to pay and gets greedy. Mike, baby, where were you when me and my buddies were getting our butts shot at protecting the Constitution and the U.S....oh were damming the U.S. with every word and action. Tough luck Pal.

1352 days ago


Shocked!! Unlike greedy capitalists, Moore does not care about making millions, so this must be a mistake. Isn't he living in Cuba?

1352 days ago


A socialist suing for more money! Moore is a fraud, and he has a tremendous following that is blind to the individual's lust for money! A true socialist would be sharing their wealth with the one's of lesser means. If course that a belongs to you and I, not Moore! He should be look to share his movies to all. I would like to see the O administration stick the movie industry, stars, producer, directors and unions with a huge tax,that would help out or pay off the deficit.

1352 days ago


Record and movie companies have been known to use creative accounting practices in order to make a profitable project appear on paper as having bombed, usually by padding the books with expenses (that's essentially what Michael Moore is accusing them of doing by mentioning his money was used to pay for flights s)...But being it is Michael Moore, I wonder if it also has anything to do with a movie he's working on.

1352 days ago


Michael Moore?
Never heard of him.

1352 days ago


who cares!

1352 days ago

jerry k    

Wow, lots of sheeple commenting on this site. I'm sure most of the commentors here would sue, if their business partner screwed them out of 750,000 big macs!

1352 days ago


Maybe he should sue all of us who paid to see a childrens movie then snuck in to see his trash talk without him making any money on it.

1352 days ago


Didn't Michael rant against profits in "Rodger and Me" and advocate high taxes/socialism in "Sicko"? So why is complaining about lost wealth? He constantly does interviews telling us we don't need it. Right Micheal..? Don't tell us you're just another lying hypocrite liberal exploiting those in your films.

1352 days ago
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