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Halle's Race War with Gabriel:

Our Daughter IS Black

2/8/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry says it point blank ... her daughter is Black -- a direct message to her ex Gabriel Aubry who, according to sources, "went nuts" anytime someone called Nahla Black.

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory." The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn't 100% Caucasian.

As TMZ first reported, sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel insists Nahla is White.

Truth is, they're both sorta right ... and both sorta wrong.

So, we gotta ask ...         

Halle Berry


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Oh…her daughter is “high yella”…she will identify as black when she gets old enough…unlike “white” folk who change with the weather…black folk will love her no matter what…forever. Her mother knows this…white folk only like you when it suits their purpose god forbid you show that you’re human…(make a mistake-perceived or not) because that’s when they show their true colors…low-down-dirty-racist-mofos.

1350 days ago

Mayra Peterson    

I am so surprised at Halle Berry, just because her ex file to share custody she is putting such a great performance for the media? I don't believe the father of her daughter to be a racist since clearly he dated her and not precisely in hiding.
Halle is making an ass of herself, and the poor little kid would grow with prejudice

1350 days ago


One drop is right.
Once dropped on your stupid head.

Stop the bs rascism on both sides. Americans feeling the need to constantly separate black and white.

No your baby isn't black but an individual with a racist mother.

1350 days ago


Its kind of interesting that he is the one flipping out when she is referred to as being black. Didn't he know prior to her birth that if they were to have children the odds are that she will be referred to as black, regardless of how she sees herself.

1350 days ago


by i said racist. You got far too much time on your hands. for instance take this line from your previous post, "Is that why a black is 39 times more likely to commit a crime against a white then vice versa?"

For the record, there are whites who commit a crime everytime they give a job to an under qualified white person rather than a qualified exceptional black person. Your inflated theory of 39 times can not come close to that number,so who's the real criminal, yet you sit behind your computer and google info to support your DECISION to be a racist...hell just own it! Plus you got mother issues too. I actually feel sorry for you.

1350 days ago


What Halle Barry is saying is Grabriel doesn't event want to acknowledge that his daughter is part African American. She is not saying that her daughter is fully black...Its not about them determining their child race its fact that he wont accept his daughter for who she is.If he was so concerned about his daughter being black than maybe he shouldn't of lied down with a black women.

1350 days ago


Apparently Ms. Berry doesn't seem to understand that her daughter is half black AND half white...She's a mixed race child, not simply one or the other...What a mess this is. I feel sorry for this little girl.

1350 days ago


Yo dude? Are you nuts? Halle raised by white mother with no father in sight= White....Tiger is 1/8 black, doesn't even consider himself black= mixed, Barack Husein Obama raised by white mother and white family after african sperm donor abandons them = White. You claim whatever you want for your race but as for myself I am white evn though I am exactly the same race as our idiot president.

1350 days ago


Halle Berry is a total racist. She herself is HALF black, yet she chose to exploit her black side in order to get ahead in Hollywood. Easier for her to claim to be black rather than relying solely on her talent. Now she uses an antiquated and abolished guideline in order to once again get her way.

Technically, their child is quarter black, 3/4 white. And didn't she say years ago that race wasn't important? If she's "so black" herself, why isn't she with a black man and have a baby with him?

Ms. Berry is getting to be a nutjob like Tom Cruise!!

1350 days ago


While i used to love halle, im happy for her ass.
She thought going white was the way to go and she too got screwd. It would be no differernt if a black man sought a white woman to have a child with.
TELL her IGNORANT ass the baby is mixed. Unless The Girl is driving by herself at night and get stopped by white racist cops then she is black.
TELL STUPID have kids with someone you love not someone who you can have good looking kids with cause doing that result in stupid **** like this. THe guy is really deep he dated kim kardashian after halle.

1350 days ago


What is Black or White not even a color officially. Well if I didn't know who this child was and I saw her on a play ground my assessment if I were making one about race
The skin tone of the Child would make the difference in that assessment not the mother or fathers.

1350 days ago

joyce richardson    

if you know anything about DNA you would know that whatever the father is that is what the child is the man carries the seed so there is no such thing as half or mixed the child has the fathers bloodline sure the child can take features from the mother but not the bloodline i wish that someone would clear this up and as for halle berry going alone with the one drop lie it is pretty sad when these were ignorant racist men that came up this follishness. halle your baby is white if you wanted a black baby you should have gotten with a black man and by the way ms berry if your father is black you are also black forget the half and mixed lie and it dosen't matter about the skin color, black men are the only men that carry 2 dominate genes they can produce black and white what else can i say this is how GOD did it if anyone has a problem with this please contact GOD.

1350 days ago


EVERYONE is a person of color... there is no such thing as a white person-so called "white people" are people who are just melanin deficient in the skin (or the hair, i.e. blondes) nothing good or bad, just biology and science.

1350 days ago

Ralph Kent    

2011 and still we won't leave it alone. The baby is a baby! A beautiful baby girl. period. once again, kids can't just play and be kids. a damn adult has to walk into the room and stir up things with race. who really cares!

1350 days ago


The baby is vanilla, chocolate mixed w/ whip cream and a touch of Cinnamon, you gotta add Cinnamon.

1350 days ago
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