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No Perp Walk For Lindsay Lohan

2/8/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be handcuffed and paraded in front of cameras Wednesday before her arraignment on felony grand theft charges ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Our sources say there will be no "perp walk" -- which is when someone charged with a crime is arrested, cuffed and taken to the cop shop for all to see.

Instead, Lindsay, seen above leaving her probation officer this morning, will simply surrender to the court when she shows up for her arraignment tomorrow.

After Lindsay is arraigned, she will be taken to the basement of the courthouse where her booking photo will be taken ... then released after bail is posted.


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Soetoro- Ive been meaning to ask but is that Soetoro as in Barry Soetoro? lol

1251 days ago


Thanks Nicole. I think the Lohan defense team really has it's work cut out for them. I read where Lindsay thinks the DA is just trying to make a name for herself to get elected. They're starting to scramble.

1251 days ago


Ah - Crap - I thought at least they would DRAW AND QUARTER - 4 Lassos - 4 Horses with 4 Riders = a pulled Lindsay ya know kinda like Jerk Chicken!!!

1251 days ago


Guess what, Nicole? I doubt that even ONE of us can name the store unless we go and look it up. Hey, folks, have any of you rushed over to their website to buy something?

PR stunt? Epic FAIL.

I too am disgusted - by Lilo and her family of false-faced enablers who think it's okay to take other people down instead of getting Lindsay help OR publicly announcing that she is a druggie and thief, so they stop ENABLING HER.


1251 days ago



Please turn off the reruns of Living Lohan you are watching, it was cancelled years ago and offensive to all those with a brain.

1251 days ago


It's just speculation that she will surrender, post bail and go home. Everybody in LA County (and Riverside too) knows that once you are in court anything can happen. That's why it's best not to be there in the first place.

Remember too that the "special treatment" is more for the convenience of law enforcement who don't want to hassle the paps and the drama.

They certainly aren't going to announce to Lohan that she may be remanded to custody on other matters, i.e. felony assault in another jurisdiction (Riverside - now that the investigation is complete and it was officially determined that Holland was NOT the aggressor) or her many VOPs.

At this point, I would be surprised if Holley wasn't sick of the whole thing herself - no she is not a public defender but it's considered bad form to resign while a client has these matters pending. Remember the Lohans gave Holley the high hat and fired her until they realized Shapiro was pimping THEM for a change. Also, she can't count on Lisa Bloom who keeps flitting in and out like a butcher shop fly.

Law enforcement waited a cool ten days to catch Lohan in the act, they can certainly be patient to fry her properly. The biggest joke of all is on Patrick and Eleanor - better lawyer up kids - if Lohan can take down a multi-million dollar entity like Betty Ford, rest assured she can send you away for a few months of your life where the silverware isn't metal but the toilets and beds are.

Bottom line, when Katie freakin' Couric calls you a loser on international network television less than an hour after the SUPER BOWL, it's official.

Law Enforcement=1,000,000,000,000

Google that.

1251 days ago


Wondering just how late she will be to court....any bets?

I say 45 minutes.

1251 days ago


@ 100 Mary

If she is sent to prison I think they would have to isolate her for her own safety. There are people in prison who would love to both rape her and to kick her teeth out. The rape because it lets them show other inmates that they own her and the physical violence because it earns them "street creed".

1251 days ago


Living Lohan

Gillian Flynn of Entertainment Weekly graded the show F and commented, "The irritation turned to repulsion around the first minute ... Dina snipes about the paparazzi's invasion of privacy, but thanks to her, there's not much left to invade."

Troy Patterson of Slate magazine said, "The show is crisply edited and tangily ironic without pushing its points too hard .... Living Lohan is not just a symptom of cultural decay but an active agent of it, commodifying the very youth and soul of Ali Lohan—younger sister of poor little Lindsay ... Living Lohan' is one big exploitative mess."

Mark A. Perigard of the Boston Herald graded the show D and said, "Living Lohan scrapes the bottom of the stupidity barrel."

Brian Lowry of Variety said, "It's a tedious exercise, joining E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the realm of mother-daughter bonding experiences, with limited appeal beyond, perhaps appropriately, those pesky tabloids for which the featured "talent" profess disdain ... The show at times provides unintended comedy, representing E!'s best hope of transforming Living Lohan into a guilty pleasure, if not for the reasons Dina (who doubles as a producer) would doubtless like ... the most salient aspect of the series is that it's profoundly boring, wringing out sprinkles of drama as best it can."

While on Live with Regis and Kelly, Anderson Cooper bashed the show during the opening segment of the chat show. Kelly Ripa proceeds to show Cooper what the show is about. Video of Cooper's comments was placed in the "Top 20 Best Clips of the Year" by The Soup.

"I cannot believe I'm wasting a minute of my life watching these horrific people" – Anderson Cooper

1251 days ago

I agree with @Patty. "Celebrity Treatment" in L.A. shows there is a double standard in enforcing the laws. BS! She should be paraded in handcuffs walking to jail like anyone else. She is not that special or VIP. No wonder these "Some Celebrities" act like morons because Law Enforcement & D.A. will slapped on their wrists. I am glad I don't live L.A. (Lunatic Area)

1251 days ago


I swear she can't possibly have two brain cell working @ the same time... she gets everything she deserves.. Lindsey your a dumb've destroyed your career,reputation,brain and looks.. good god grow up you spoiled dumbs ass and lose your mother she certainly stopped being a parent long ago..

1251 days ago


Here comes Adam Case to the defense:
"I have PROOF that LieHo wasn't drinking when she was robbing that jewelry store!"

1251 days ago


Wondering just how late she will be to court....any bets?

I say 45 minutes.

Posted at 3:44 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by BobLHead


I have to imagine that if she truly realized the severity of the situation she may just no show.

I'm getting anxious by association - think I'll go have a drink...

1251 days ago


Oh thank you #123

some people weren't getting that

1251 days ago

deuceswild 76    


1251 days ago
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