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Dr. Murray's Defense: MJ Was In Failing Health

2/8/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was in such a weakened state before he died ... it's unfair to blame his death on Propofol ...and we've learned this is precisely what lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray will argue to a jury.


Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Dr. Murray's team will argue that at the time of his death, Jackson's body was failing him ... partly because he  was "driven over the edge" by AEG to rehearse for his upcoming tour.

We're told Murray's lawyers will call witnesses to testify that Jackson was not showing up for rehearsals -- and when he did show, he was exhibiting "clear signs" of failing health.

The upshot of the defense ... even if jurors believe Dr. Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol, Jackson was already in failing health.

But as TMZ has already reported ... Dr. Murray's lawyers will argue Jackson himself administered the fatal dose of Propofol to himself when Murray was out of the room.

The trial begins in April.



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Wow, what a kick in the nuts! How dare Murray use that defense. The person giving the autopsy found that Propofol was the killer. They aren't going to make it up for Murray's sake.

Not anorexia, not exhaustion. Propofol. Murray=pathetic loser

1261 days ago


Coroner's Report:

Around 1200 hours, Dr. Murray found that the decedent was not breathing and he pulled the decedent onto the bedroom floor and began CPR. 911 was called and paramedics responded to the house.

According to the medical record (listed above), the paramedics arrived at the home at 1226 hours and found the decedent asystolic. paramedics continued CPR and ACLS protocol including two rounds of epinephrine and atropine. The decedent was then intubated and CPR efforts continued. The decedent remained unresponsive; his pupils were fixed and dilated. Under advisement of Dr. Murray, the decendant was placed in the ambulance and transported to UCLA Medical Center. Throughout the transport, all medical order were given by Dr. Murray.

The decedent presented asystolic to the hospital. Central ines ans an intra-aortic ballon pump were placed by the decedent remained without vital signs. Dr. Cooper pronounced death at 1426 hours on 6/25/09.

Report Findings:

Signed by - Dr. Christopher Rogers, MD, MBA
Dr. Sathyavagiswaran Lakshmanan, MD RRCP (C), FCAP,

On 8-7-09

IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DEATH: Acute Propofol Intoxication

RULING: Homicide

HOW DID INJURY OCCUR? Intraveneous Injection by Another


Also stated in report by Dr. Rodgers & Dr. Lakshmanan on 8-19-09

4. The cir***stances do not support self-administration of


Just thought that everyone would like a reminder of what the Coroner's Report stated.

1261 days ago


Posted at 3:31 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by FlowerPower

Great post, FlowerPower – and very interesting that link to Murray's troubleshooter PR firm...

Does actually anybody know whether Propofol has any effect at all if it is drunken? I'm no medical expert, but doubt that. It must be for a reason that it is administered via injection (besides that "burning" effect).

1261 days ago

Lee lee    

@moni....yes a very bored and quiet time in Qld this week. Nothing much happening :-)
Nice to catch up.

I don"t know how much live streaming will be done....I hope we ( from other countries ) can getto some of it . TMZ ????? perhaps.

I don't know how I'm ever going to get to work !!!!

@ FlowerPower :)

Yes, is this from another wonderful source from TMZ??? It's hard to believe that the defence can keep coming up with these stories. They actually think this helps the client?? LOL

1261 days ago

Lee lee    

*Typo again.....get to see !!!

1261 days ago

Lee lee    

Hi Pegasus !!!

Great to see you here : )

Thanks for that reminder of autopsy report. I try not to re read to much......breaks my heart :(......but I do think that we need to remember what it states !
Hope all is well with you.

1261 days ago


I'm just thankful that TMZ has chosen to put up some pix of Jackson that make him look nearly normal. Sure got sick of seeing those freakshow pix they showed for so long.

1261 days ago


Is it because you know your patient is in failing heath that you administer propofol in a bedroom without monitoring and then leave him on his own while you phone and texto ?
Not mentioning cleaning up instead of dialing 911.
They shoot horses, don't they ?

1261 days ago


Hi moni

I found this bit of info about drinking propofol
Check the Ingestion parts on page two and three

It is not believable at all that Michael drank it.
Defence's rubbish talk about Michael first pour it in to juice box and then drink it, in a matter a few minutes when quackster was in a bathroom! I would have thought that after all those meds doc gave him , he would have been at least groggy, how would he been able to pour it into juice box? Nonsense if you ask me:-)

1261 days ago


I don"t know how much live streaming will be done....I hope we ( from other countries ) can getto some of it . TMZ ????? perhaps.

I don't know how I'm ever going to get to work !!!!

Posted at 3:56 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by Lee lee

LOL! You don't know how you're going to get to work, and we in old Europe won't know how to sleep then... Disaster outside the USA!

Oooh, I'm afraid Murray and his defense will provide us a lot of reasons to get outraged during next spring and summer. Good to have all of you nice posters here – maybe it won't hurt so much then.

1261 days ago


More info about drinking propofol
"Possible side effects of Propofol:

All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome:

Change in mood or emotions; dizziness; drowsiness; lack of coordination."

Key word here is lack of coordination. According to doc, he went to bathroom for two minutes and meanwhile Michael was pouring propofol to juice box and then drinking it or even straight from the bottle, not believable!

1261 days ago


I kind of believed the hype about how sick Michael Jackson was while getting ready for his last tour-until I saw the HBO special "This is it", it shows a man who had a passion for his craft and kept up with the cast of dancers that grew up learning to copy his syle. It was sad to think he was robbed of seeing his kids grow up because someone wasn't paying attention to what he was handsomely paid to do-take care of his patient.

1261 days ago


Thanks FlowerPower - very interesting again, you're really investigative!

So if I understand this right it is basically possible to drink Propofol and maybe (!) achieve similar effects as an injection – but it seems also likely that you would vomit from a "milk shake" like that, right?
And it took Murray quite a long time to find this fanciful theory, didn't it? Why wouldn't he tell the police so right from the beginning and blame Michael from day one? Why hectically cleaning the room from all (Propofol-) evidence? Why the IV stand if not for an infusion? Why a doctor at all?

Really, it's getting stranger each day. Hair-rising!

1261 days ago

Neale Smull    

so sad

1261 days ago

Lee lee    

Hi Siggi!

Sorry to hear the you are sick....especially so soon after beginning a new job .:-(

Hope your feeling better soon .

Can't wait for the trial...its taken too long already. I'm sure things will be said about Michael that may shock and sadden us.....but I'm ready.
Michael Jackson is not on trial here..Conrad Murray is.....and damn it, I WANT JUSTICE for Michael, his family but more than anything I want justice for his children .

1261 days ago
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