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Lindsay's Jeweler Didn't Want to Press Charges

2/11/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The owner of the jewelry store Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole from told cops she wanted to keep the incident hush-hush -- in fact, according to the police report, she didn't want to press charges.


According to the document, Kamofie & Company owner Sofia Kaman "was hesitant in making the police report." The report goes on:  "Kaman stated that she does not want to press charges.  She stated that she only wants her necklace returned."

Despite Kaman's reluctance, the D.A. decided there was plenty of evidence to warrant a prosecution.  It's unclear if Kaman will cooperate.

And get this ... The police report states "she wants this incident handled with the utmost discretion."

Talk about the ultimate backfire.



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Now where are all those dumbasses saying the store did it for publicity?
Lindsay = Liar and thief.

1321 days ago


How often is TMZ going to KEEP sticking up for lilo over this situation. Yes, she may have wanted to handle it privately that does not mean a crime did not take place.

lilo still did something considered a crime, and she was charged. I sheed no tears for her, she has got one hell of a lawyer that got her out of jail the same DAY she was placed in one, on an appeal

Stop focusing the attention on the owners as if they did something wrong, this type of article is trying to persuade public influnace that hope jewel owners back out of the deal

1321 days ago


the police are framing LiLo like they tried framing OJ...unbelievable

1321 days ago


You don't go to the police when you want discretion.

Being discrete would be asking her to give it back the next time she's in the store.

Lindsay is a drug addict and a klepto but this whole situation seems overblown. Somebody at the DA's office is out to get Lindsay.

1321 days ago


Don't feel bad. Linday's a ho. Lock that bitch up!!!

1321 days ago


Bull****. Why didn't they call Lilo and ask her to bring the necklace, if they didn't want to press charges?!..and why did they go public?!

1321 days ago


i really think she thought it was ok to walk out with it. they let her do it all the time she picks something then somebody pays for it for her. or they put it down as a loaned item.

1321 days ago

Just Me    

Now where are all those dumbasses saying the store did it for publicity?
Lindsay = Liar and thief.

Posted at 12:53 AM on Feb 11, 2011 by Disturbed


@ #1 Disturbed ~ Exactly! Don't worry though, the dumbasses are still here saying it's the stores fault. The store should have waited for her to come back and give it to them LOL Maybe that's why the store called her to ask her to return it and she didn't bother to call them back or return the necklace until the search warrant was issued. She even wore it out in public before that, so she can't say she didn't know she had it. Liar and thief is right!

1321 days ago


This is a lie and shows credibility issues on the jewelers side. The D.A. isn't going to pursue charges if a person says they do not wish to press charges. I think these people realized they made a mistake and are trying to take it back. Lets see how long it takes for there jewelery store to go out of business. What a waste of tax payer dollars and time.

1321 days ago


that is the first thing that makes sense . I would not have wanted it public if i was her either , the store looks unorganised and incompetent at the least ...they locked up the store to give Lindsay more time to shop and then opened the door to let her out wearing the necklace..., it was in plain view ...look at what she was wearing that day..there are pics on line of her in another store was plain to see...she had taken off her own pieces to try this one on..she may be scaterbrained but never a thief..who ever opened the door watched her walk out with it , they let her leave because it was a loan .. I think the DA is pissed because she slost out the last time she tried to jail LIndsay and saw this as a way get even ...she thinks she can get lindsay for a violation of probation ...she really couldnt care about the necklace case..just a means to an end.

1321 days ago


If the average Joe went and stole a necklace they would be in jail right away despite even having a really good lawyer. If Lohan had even a cheap lawyer she would still not go to jail. The justice system turns a blind eye to such events. Lohan spent only 13 days in jail where she was supposed to spend 90 for her substance abuse problems. I can almost guarantee you if I got in trouble for the exact same thing I'd be spending the full 90 days. The justice system is very corrupt in my opinion. Everyone knows this.

1321 days ago


why would they want to to press charges and spend money on lawyer and court when the DA is already doing that
there is more than enough evidence that LieHo is a tief

1321 days ago


Store owner lying through her veneers, she DID want to, that is why she DID, as she SHOULD.

Just like in Domestic Violence cases, many people feel bad, and "tall" the cops they don't want to press charges, but they really do.

By helping with the case, she absolutely wanted her arrested. LA Jails are so over-crowded, she won;t serve sh*t.

1321 days ago


Ha there go all the trollhan's theories about the store wanting publicity.

Love you Harvey, keep em coming.

LL keep getting your life in order but being accountable will help you win back the public eventually. Distance yourself from your Mom and keep a muzzle on her, Dad too btw.

1321 days ago


#10 is another 'sam'

I was the first one. We have diametrically opposed views.
His defy logic.

1321 days ago
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