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Police Report: How Lindsay Walked Out with Necklace

2/10/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was trying on a slew of jewelry before walking out of the store with the $2,500 necklace ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace
The report outlines Lindsay's every move -- from the time she walked into the store to the time she left -- and it's all on surveillance video.

According to the report, Lindsay walked in and removed her necklaces and placed them on the counter.  The report says, "Ms. Lohan then proceeds to try on numerous rings and three different necklaces including the missing yellow diamond necklace."

The police report then says Lindsay continued shopping while wearing the yellow necklace.

Then, at 6:12 PM, the owner locked the store but let Lindsay and her friend Patrick continue to shop.  That's when Lindsay tried negotiating a ring she had been eyeing, but she didn't like the $3,600 price tag.  Lindsay took $3,000 cash out of her purse and offered it in exchange for the ring, but the owner said no.  Lindsay then said, "Ok, we'll come back tomorrow."

When Lindsay prepared to leave the store, she put her own necklaces back on her neck, along with the yellow necklace in question ... then walked out of the store.

The owner noticed a short time after Lindsay left that the yellow necklace was missing, but figured she took it by mistake and would bring it back the next day.  Lindsay never returned to the store.


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That makes me feel idiotic. I am probably the only one who wont try to argue with you, I do often wonder why in the world I dislike certain celebrities, and I do agree, I would do anything to get out of jail, I don't think she's evil or vindictive and I agree her life has probably led to her issues and most likely she wont get help because no one genuine seems to care, and all of our hate cant help her either if she ever hears it. But I am very impressed, usually I would be mad if someone defended her, but you make some very true points. I think all these gossip websites are to blame because it's not even about actual talent anymore it seems to be about who has the biggest issue at the moment. People should just leave her alone, you can still dislike her, but I hope I'm not the only one who realized how dumb I sound when I get joy from her getting in trouble. Why do we care so much? And why do people get angry if someone who isn't a fan of Lindsay is saying just stop reading about her and she'll get less press or actually see that people all over the world get in trouble for worse than taking a necklace. Who knows whats real or not anymore? I am most certainly not commenting on here again, and if I do it wont be telling someone to kill them selves, and I did just realize there are a lot of angry people on here lol. That scares me!

1317 days ago


If she is so linocent then why would she want a plea.She has she says two people to testify for her.Let a jury of her peers decide this.She has drug out her civil cases now 4 years.Trying to get a job with a no contest plea for stealing will ruin her ....chances of working anywhere.She's opening a line of rehabs and shops and movie deals,clothing line, shoe line, jewelery line,and god knows what else.She sounds like The Kardashians opening stores in SoHo and Venice.Plus she's scatterbrained.She's a jack of all trades.Remember action speaks louder than wordssssssssss...

1317 days ago


Even Lindsay thinks their prices are high.

1317 days ago


I am not sure why TMZ is trying to make it sound like she may have a defense?!

Lindsey had to take the necklace off at some point!!!!!!! She did NOT return it! She is GUILTY case closed!!!

1317 days ago

Sad sad    

therock agrees. I see her being scatter brained and she has a lot of nervous habits in public. In this case she "might" have lied (out of fear) about it being loaned but truthful she didn't steal it. I think it was an accident. That she just didn't return it. But she didn't go in with the intent to steal it. Funny the store caught it the first time so one would think to be extra cautious of her the next. Amazing.

1317 days ago



Looks like you f'ed up. Keep lying low and adress your issues.
America loves a comeback story but you are nowhere near ready for prime time. Don't worry about supporting your family, its not your job.

Show some accountability and where a suit to court next time or at least a classy skirt and blazer.

1317 days ago


I have a few explanations for why people crow every time she gets into yet more trouble.

#1: People do not like self-entitled celebrities who are rude and act above everyone else, talking about "my people [this]" and "my people [that]" and that people are just out to get her because she's a celebrity. Her smug superiority that she drapes herself in is intolerable. The "F*CK U" on her fingernail in court was decidedly the straw that broke the camel's back.

#2: People do not like seeing others who, after committing a long string of various crimes and violations and cannot even manage to do what very little is asked of them to get out of hot water don't seem to be punished in any way. Even after all her many "mistakes" and all the many chances that she has been given that she has completely blown, she still blames others.

#3: People do not like being played for fools when Lindsay and her family say "I'm fine/She's fine" when we all know perfectly damned well that is not the case. She has persisted in this innocence act that is just unpalatable. Quitting street drugs and switching to abusing pharmaceutical equivalents so you can pass a drug test is NOT getting clean. Sneaking out of rehab (where you were graciously sent instead of jail), refusing to be tested, and then assualting the employee who is court ordered to do their job and make sure you are is NOT the mark of a rehabbed person.

The fact is, her family and friends insult people in order to defend her. They call anyone who dares to comment on news of her latest crimes "jealous losers". Do they really expect that to help public opinion of Lindsay? Does she think putting on a skintight minidress and strutting into court with a sultry smile on her face into court is helping? The moment this girl shows ONE OUNCE of HUMBLE...then I might start changing my mind.

Until then, she is just gutter trash to me and I will laugh at her as I see fit each and every time she proves it.

1317 days ago


there's no audio for the video, so the report is a play by play, the color commentary comes from what the shop keeper remembers. For reals, now I don't buy the larceny charge brought by the DA. This store owner knows her, she had done it before, she had visited several times, the owner never calls her or one of her assistants?? weak. I bet this store has given or lent to Lilo before...part of the enabling of narcissistic behavior that hollywood does for all it's stars and for marketing....

1317 days ago


#275 - they DID call her. She blew them off. What were they supposed to do? And if it was an accident, like she says, then why did she at first say it was being lent to her? And, if it was an accident like she says, why didn't she return it instead of continuing to wear it? The store only called the cops after they couldn't get lohan to bring the damn thing back.

1317 days ago


@mark what drinking and drugging? didn't you hear the part when Lindsay's lawyer said she was a good probationer due to ALL of her drug and alcohol test coming out CLEAN? why post such drivel, get your facts straight.

And can we give this prison fixes people thing a rest with the anecdotal Robert Downey Jr. case being repeated so much? Most drug addicts or mental patients do worse after spending time in jail or prison, not better and RDJ and Lindsay have completely different backgrounds and different personalities and cir***stances. Not all drug abusers are alike and this last Lindsay Lohan case has nothing to do with drug use.

1316 days ago


All you morons on here that claim the jewelry store is using Lindsay for publicity are wrong.

Nobody in LA including jewelry stores wants their good name besmirched by Linds darkening their doorstep. You can bet the smart owners lock the door when they see her comming.

1316 days ago


Why did Lindsay wait 5 weeks to return the necklace after repeated calls. The store called the police in a timely fashion and responsibly reviewed the surveillance tapes and called the police back to correct their findings. Absolutely responsible on the store owner's part.

1316 days ago


Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan will consider a plea deal on the charge that she stole a necklace from a jewelry store if she can avoid going to jail, her lawyer said Thursday.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley insisted, though, that the grand theft charge is "entirely defensible."

If I was up for charges that I knew I didn't do, and if my high priced, previously very good at getting me off of other charges (very light sentences, etc), all the time I had been telling the judges and everyone else I just wanted to get on with my life and have a job, yet was willing to plead to an "entirely defensable charge" that is a felony, I would be off my rocker!!!!
The only reason to plead is if you think that the case could go against you and you want to try to escape a mandatory prison senctence and felony charge that stays with you for life, just about. Especially for a person who can't seem to stay "fully compliant" with all the terms of previous probations???? Huh???

1316 days ago

normal person    

Or wait to set her up for publicity

1316 days ago


The fact is, her family and friends insult people in order to defend her. They call anyone who dares to comment on news of her latest crimes "jealous losers". Do they really expect that to help public opinion of Lindsay? Does she think putting on a skintight minidress and strutting into court with a sultry smile on her face into court is helping? The moment this girl shows ONE OUNCE of HUMBLE...then I might start changing my mind.

Until then, she is just gutter trash to me and I will laugh at her as I see fit each and every time she proves it.

Posted at 1:06 PM on Feb 10, 2011 by Amy

Thats a two way street, I have been posting on several of these threads and have been insulted countless times simply because I think there is more to this story and guess what.... everyday there is more to this story that comes out. I have been accused of posting under multiple names (I don't),and Being part of her family (I'm not). I have been insulted right and left, no biggie I expect it.

1316 days ago
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