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Police Report: How Lindsay Walked Out with Necklace

2/10/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was trying on a slew of jewelry before walking out of the store with the $2,500 necklace ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace
The report outlines Lindsay's every move -- from the time she walked into the store to the time she left -- and it's all on surveillance video.

According to the report, Lindsay walked in and removed her necklaces and placed them on the counter.  The report says, "Ms. Lohan then proceeds to try on numerous rings and three different necklaces including the missing yellow diamond necklace."

The police report then says Lindsay continued shopping while wearing the yellow necklace.

Then, at 6:12 PM, the owner locked the store but let Lindsay and her friend Patrick continue to shop.  That's when Lindsay tried negotiating a ring she had been eyeing, but she didn't like the $3,600 price tag.  Lindsay took $3,000 cash out of her purse and offered it in exchange for the ring, but the owner said no.  Lindsay then said, "Ok, we'll come back tomorrow."

When Lindsay prepared to leave the store, she put her own necklaces back on her neck, along with the yellow necklace in question ... then walked out of the store.

The owner noticed a short time after Lindsay left that the yellow necklace was missing, but figured she took it by mistake and would bring it back the next day.  Lindsay never returned to the store.


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Funny how she originally said she borrowed the necklace and it was her stylist's fault that it wasn't returned. Now she "accidentally" walked out with it? Which is it?

1319 days ago


This is what her 3rd? 4th? 5th? probation revocation hearing.
Even an arrest never mind a new case AUTOMATICALLY violates her probation.
Regardless of whatever the outcome is she has violated her DUI probation for the final time.

1319 days ago


@120 amy,
sure, that is going to go over well with every person charged with theft....I gave it back, so what's the problem???? Quit wasting taxpayer money.

1319 days ago


Throw this narcissist in jail and keep her there! She obviously doesn't know how to behave. She thumbs her nose at the laws all of us regular folk have to abide by.

Lilo really doesn't get it. She wasn't chastened in the least by her last stint in jail.

I hope the judge throws the book at her and it knocks some sense into that loser.

Pretty if you can't even get a gig playing a porno star. Maybe her and that other loser, Charlie Sheen should hook up.

1319 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

It may have genuinely been a mistake.

However, she walked out with merchandise and did not return it when she realized her mistake. Had she taken the necklace back to the store the next morning, this could have possibly been avoided.

Furthermore, negotiating a price on jewelry? Is that done? Crap...I'm a moron. I just pay the asking price. I'll try that (though I'm not trying the theft part).

1319 days ago


ROL is reporting Lilty and Dinabler want to open boutiques for jewelry and fashion. Pleeeaase. When Lilty was in rehab, she wanted to open rehab clinics! What happened to those? She is a CON ARTIST and a sociopath. The system should, but won't, throw the book at her.

1319 days ago


LiLoKlepto is going down -

WARNING shop owners, give her two personal attendants when she shops! Try on one item at a time!

She played the walnut shell game and ummmm lost her career under the nut cup.

1319 days ago


a waste of taxpayer dollars filing this case, she gave the necklace back, who cares???!!!

Posted at 9:56 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by amy
so if you have a kid and someone kid naps them but gives them back you wouldnt press charges??get real wake up geez.

1319 days ago


Go see Radar Online just now, they have the real reason Linday did it... for PR for HER OWN NEW JEWELRY STORE WITH DINA!!!!!!!! Un fvucking believable, she had this planned out the whole time!

1319 days ago


John Waters is thinking of using her in his next movie. She has all the qualities that Divine had without the extra weight.

1319 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

No, I don't believe she'd commit a felony for publicity. She gets her lips waxed and TMZ and Radar Online give her DAYS of publicity. Lindsay Lohan does not need a felony charge to promote herself. Crazy chick can generate buzz on absolutely nothing.

1319 days ago


there is absolutely no way if you have one customer in the store and you are talking to them that you can't see they are still wearing a necklace from your store. the owner would have to be blind not to have noticed she was still wearing it.

Posted at 9:21 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by Jill

The store was closed and she put her other cheap necklaces back on over the top of it and walked out while her "friends" distracted the salesperson. They knew she had it and tried to contact her but she didn't return their call so they called the police and patiently waited for her to return it or incriminate herself by wearing it. It could have gone either way but Lindsay called their bluff and wore it in public, proving that she stole it.

1319 days ago


This was a Pro Shoplifter move where you act nice, you make a tumult or have someone else make a tumult & divert attention just long enough to get out the door & steal the goods.

That's why you get arrested when you leave the premises and not while still inside the store.

She's been stealing a very LONG time.

1319 days ago


She's going to open a store? And sell what, leggings and spray tan?

1319 days ago


@ Sunny I wasn't there, so I can't say what really happened. I just don't know how much it will matter in the end if the store owner at first thought on the tapes that she put it in her purse instead of wearing it out. I guess we'll find out. It just sounds like Lindsay's multiple changes in the story might be more of a problem--I wasn't even in the store....It was loaned to me....I accidentally took it.

1319 days ago
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