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Pete Wentz -- I Did NOT Want This Divorce!

2/10/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pete Wentz is getting divorced against his will -- so say sources close to the rocker ... he absolutely did not want to end his marriage to Ashlee Simpson.


We're told Wentz tried talking Ashlee out of filing divorce papers, to no avail.  She wanted out of the marriage ... sources tell us.

In fact, Wentz was flashing his wedding ring and a HUGE smile all over Dallas this past weekend -- while his wife was back home in L.A. with their son Bronx

We're told Pete was partying like he didn't have a care in the world Saturday night at the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race -- even posing for a pic on a massive live bull -- but not once did he mention anything about a possible divorce.


As TMZ first reported, Simpson filed divorce papers Wednesday morning -- and we're told the issue for her  was Pete's "erratic" behavior.



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Taylor Dadson    

Oh boo hoo. Cry us a river Petey. He is way too fugly for her..she can do much better. That man's smile reminds me of a horse. Neigh.. Neigh.. Neigh..

1353 days ago


Michelle: for as well adjusted as you are trying to make everyone think you are - you are dumb as a rock.
Kids suffer when parents divorce. You need both parents at home, showing love, not part-time parents. What children see is what they learn. They learn to dump their spouse and have new spouses.
Gee, that's a great lesson. Not saying it's better to stay and fight, but a whole lot of marriages could be saved if people spent some time apart and weren't in each other's hair every second of the day, like these two probably were.
And lastly, it's always better to try to save the relationship than throw it all away. Who would choose having your child grow up without their father in their home? That's terrible.
Grow up Michelle.

1353 days ago

Mike Smith    

I think Ashley is an idiot. What did she expect when she married Pete? that he wouldnt go out anymore and would just stay home a ton? when you marry a famous emo rocker then dont complain of his eratic behavior, thats a bunch of nonsense. if you get married and have a son together than u work through issues and dont just get divorced. first jessica then ashley, just pathetic, why do these people even get married???

1353 days ago

Karma is illegal in AZ-LMAO    

Pete has admitted to having bi-sexual tendencies, this could be one of the reasons for the break-up. I know it would be a deal breaker for me if my husband revealed that. Although, if I wanted to have a fling with a woman, wouldn't be any harm in that, would it?

1353 days ago


This is the best thing to happen to Pete, so he can resume his fading career. He has talent, which is more than I can say for Ashlee (and Jessica for that matter) both bimbo, talentless hacks!! Go Pete!!

1353 days ago


ferreal, pete, better off. and the music this inspires will be A+

1353 days ago

Christina G.    

If she wants a divorce, she doesn't deserve a good guy like Pete. So he's not easy to live with. Who is?? I've got nothing against Ashlee except this: her parents. I don't think those girls were raised with the right values.

1353 days ago

Christina G.    

Um, Michelle, Child of the World's Greatest Divorce, you were the exception, not the rule. I assure you.

Another Child of Divorce

1353 days ago


sounds a bit like what happened to Nick Lachey - maybe papa simpson had something to do with this one too. he might think it's time that ashlee make another cd or appear on another show to bring some bucks his way. I'm telling ya - papa simpson is behind this whole thing - he has those girls brainwashed.

1353 days ago


he is bipolar and unmedicated. he is probably manic, erratic behavior, crazy mood swings, and out of control at times. Run away Ashley RUN AWAY

1353 days ago


That's not a bull. Its a Longhorn and yes there is a difference.

1353 days ago


All this means is that Pete was a man Poppa Joe and Ashley could not CONTROL.

That family is toxic.
He is lucky to be free.

1353 days ago


All this means is that Pete was a man Poppa Joe and Ashley could not CONTROL.

That family is toxic.
He is lucky to be free.

1353 days ago


Ashlee - take some Midol and think about what you're doing to your son. Your husband does not want a divorce. Just because you're cranky and PMS'ing - you're going to destroy your son's world.

Posted at 12:38 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by Disturbed
Oh yeah disturbed talking about how she's on the rag and needs midol but Michelle is dumb as a rock.
People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

Should I post your other literary gems?

You can look up what literary means at btw


About this--She wants a divorce she should have one.
I would not stay with someone and be miserable so faceless losers can feel better--Do you live with Pete Wentz? Do you f*uck him? Disturbed if he is so amazing you can marry him. I hear he's gay like you are so --you have a chance! LOL

You are kissing his butt a lot maybe you can take Ash's place and raise little Bronx together?

Go for it!
Jessica is hotter anyway.

1353 days ago


Oh shut up Disturbed! Pete has been known for years to have bi-polar disorder and be "troubled" and all that crap so no one should really be shocked by her reason for wanting a divorce. People don't just up and file for divorce after a few years just because they're cranky especially if they have a child together. And that "staying together for the kid" stuff is bull crap too, I'd much rather have my parents be divorced and better off then see them together everyday fighting and being miserable thinking they're "doing the right thing." Shotgun weddings hardly ever work out this is no exception....

Posted at 12:51 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by poo

So, you're saying she married him with FULL knowledge of his bi-polar disorder and that he is "troubled" as it was known for years? Right?

1353 days ago
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