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Aerosmith 'Crazy' Model -- Arrested on Rape Charge

2/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dean Kelly -- the ripped ex-model who skinny dips with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 music video for "Crazy" -- was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape ... TMZ has learned.

Dean Kelly Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell us, 39-year-old Kelly allegedly lured an unidentified woman into his New Orleans home last November ... where he got her drunk, and then raped her.


The incident wasn't reported until last Friday, which explains the belated arrest. Kelly was released on $35,000 bail.

The Tulane University Police Dept. had been looking for Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club"), who allegedly had been trying to get girls on campus to pose for nude photos. The Tulane P.D. helped capture Kelly and now authorities in the rape case want info from the Tulane students.


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And hey Dean, I'll give you a freebie as to how we can tell your fake posts.

Because you're too stupid to know you're leaving telltale signatures in your writing style and cadence.

Notice here:
michelleno w/ 3 posts total defending dean. I'll post a snap:

"lets collaborate - can you back up any of your hate/complaints/allegations?"


"i have a plan- whats your real name? email? info?"

Notice the overuse of "blah blah blah - blah blah blah blah?"

Again here on TMZ by "Annoyed in MD" (yeah.. in MD huh? another red herring.)

"Come on TMZ - slow news night?"

"Please - women pull this crap all the time about "oh, he raped me" an etc etc"

"He looks like a rapist. - How does someone look like a rapist???"

Again with the "blah blah blah - blah blah blah blah"

Buddy.. You're so stupid, you give yourself flat out and away with these fake accounts all using the same signature posting styles and cadences. I study online behavior.

Post #22 here by MD:
"N.O.Lady - you are absolutely right."

Again. Nobody else posting here or otherwise, especially only people defending Dean uses that. Only you. Over and over. You're ignorant.

1314 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Also, Gobsub20 -if you read some of my earlier posts - you would see I see this guy is likely very guilty. But you know the more I read I realize how many dumb women apparently fell for his bull s**t. Gotta ask yourself, if there wasn't so many gullible women falling for a "get famous quick sceme" like being on MTV or Maxim, would he even be able to fool so many? Very disappointed to see how many gullible, naive women there are out there.

1314 days ago


Ah, I see. My apologies, married man with a child in Maryland.

1314 days ago


Yeah, you're right, Married Man with a Child in Maryland. If women just weren't so gullible, huh.

Keep going..

1314 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Gosub - you really need another really have no idea what you are talking about. I am not going to defend such stupidity. Yes - *******, I am annoyed and live in MD for stupid people like you!

1314 days ago


I grew up with Dean, knew him from kindergarten (St. Pauls) through high school (St Stanisluas) and even went to college with him. Lot of memories. We were friends as little kids. But he was a spoiled rich kid who, in high school, had his own house (replete with booze and drugs). This was in a tiny town in Mississippi. He was above the law then, but I guess he got old and the cocaine has burnt his brain.

1314 days ago


I dunno... I just have a gut feeling that these ladies that are commenting on here about him being a creepy, scary dude are legit. When I google his name what kind of stuff am I suppose to be finding?

If this guy has raped girls then he needs to be put away for life! I am glad TMZ and other news sites are reporting the arrest ans rape charges on this guy... If there are more victims it will surely help others come forward. God bless you girls

1314 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Thank you N.O Lady!!! Finally some common sense. It is funny I just posted that someone thought that though. Seems like everyone posting either knows the guy or is more familar with the case then I was.

1314 days ago



HEY!! Thank you so much for those links! What a creeper! SCARY

1314 days ago

Master Po    

Figured I would pass this along. I found this on one of those blogs.

Anonymous5 on February 9, 2011
I just called detective Merrick's with the NOPD who is handling Dean's case. I told him my horrific experiences personally had with Dean. DEAN IS STILL IN CUSTODY in New Orleans, but they can only hold him for a couple more weeks UNLESS more victims come forward. If not he will be released to roam the streets as a free man to harm more innocent people again. We cannot let this happen. If you have been assaulted, harassed, stalked, or hurt in any other way by Dean PLEASE come forward and call detective Merrick's at 1-504-915-5005. You will absolutely remain anonymous. It was very hard for me to call but in order to protect others that's what needs to be done. You are not alone -- Dean has MANY victims and once you come forward you will find this out. Detective Merrick's can only prosecute/ build a strong case against Dean with victims, so please come forward.

So again PLEASE call detective Merrick's with the New Orleans Police Department at 1-504-915-5005 or you can go to his office at 715 South Broad St. New Orleans, LA 70119. You DO NOT have to give your name, and you DO NOT have to be a Louisiana resident to call. Dean has assaulted women all over the country, the NOPD know this and want you to come forward as well. Please don't wait -- they only hold him for a few more weeks.

1314 days ago


Yes you are supposed to care about this! Thank you TMZ for putting the real pictures of Dean Kelly out there. The people who know the real Dean Kelly know he is capable of doing this to someone and I am sure to many more. Please ladies come forward so they can make a strong case against him. He is unstable, not in his right mind and I believe is beyond help. Please, please help so he doesnt harm anyone else.

1314 days ago


Hmm!!...This article is smelling like a rotten fish. Please cut out the Aerosmith. You're making the band to look bad, I hope the Aerosmith sue your @$$£$

1314 days ago


i went on 2 dates with Dean about 10 years ago and everything I am seeing girl post about him is exactly what he did and said to me 10 years ago, exceptfor the modeling part. I don't fallvictim to that crap. He was a very goodlooking wealthy guy and but after being arounf him any length of time anyone can see that he has social and behavioral problems. I don't know if I believe that he raped the girl, but I am sure he may have gotten her drunk on purpose and then been forceful. Then again they say that criminals usually progress and get worse as the years go by so maybe he did get to that point . He is truly a waste of alot of looks and talent.

1314 days ago


Rockachaw- I am sure glad to see someone else post that has grown up with him. I have also know him as long as you. Something defently has burnt the boys brain and I dont think there is any way of fixing it. He will never be able to get the help he needs and the only way to make everyone safe is to put him in jail. I am sure you have seen him slip through the cracks with many situations just as much as I have seen in the past. I just hope he isnt able to do it on this one to. Thanks Rockachaw for coming forward with your comment and backing up what so many are saying about him.

1314 days ago


I also feel bad for Dean b/c when I knew h years ago he had this million dollar home all to himselfhisparents left him but its not what your thinking it was gorgeous but old and not a home for a 20 year old guy, was kind of depressing that his family just left him all alone and from what he told me he had been alone in that big house since he was a kid like 14! his parents are very wealthy and basicaly just ditched him . this seems to be why he livesin a fantasy world and doesnt know how to interact normally . it is really sad

1314 days ago
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