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Ashlee and Pete -- They Were In Different Marriages

2/11/2011 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's as if Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were in two different marriages ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Ashlee filed for divorce Wednesday. Turns out she's been "extremely unhappy for a long time," so says one source familiar with the situation.  Ashlee has wanted out of the marriage for a while.

Meanwhile, Pete was happy with the marriage and had no idea Ashlee had reservations about the union. 

When Ashlee told Pete she wanted out, he begged her to change her mind, our sources say.  As recently as yesterday, Pete has been crying, asking Ashlee to give the marriage another try.

We're told Ashlee isn't budging.  As we already reported, she feels Pete's "erratic behavior" has made the marriage impossible.



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TMZ dont like me    

Lemme guess. He was just a "phase" she was going thru. She don't want rock stars no more. Maybe she will be Lil' Wayne's Baby Momma #25 next....

1349 days ago


Why do people marry when one of them doesn't love the other?!?!?!? And then stay married a couple of years, instead of getting an annulment?! I don't get it. I don't think she ever really loved the guy. That kind of thing happens way too much!

1349 days ago


Well that is just wrong that the first Pete heard that Ashlee was unhappy was when she filed for divorce. With a child involved, she has a duty, I think, to try to make things work, or at least try counseling before divorce.

1349 days ago

Mebal Zahari    

A couple of no talents

1349 days ago


GOOD JOB erratic behavior RUN GIRL RUN!!!

1349 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I'm not a fan of Pete, (I mean, at all), but at least he's got talent. He actually had a career, whereas all I know about Ashlee is that she's Jessica's sister. (Somebody remind me, what's she famous for again?) I bet that caused a bit of resentment.
Either way, quit posting about these fugs. I agree, Pete's no looker but Ashlee's no gem, either.

1349 days ago


This is precisely why you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get married when you're young. Jesus, your brain isn't even fully developed until you're 25! My advice to all of young peopleSTAY SINGLE until you are AT LEAST 30. Don't tie yourself down with one person, and certainly don't have children young. Sew your wild oats, party, screw, be irresponsible (but wear a condom), have fun!! Get a sense of who you are, what you want (in life AND in a relationship). Allow yourself to grow up a little. Get it all out of your system, and when you get tired of going from one person the next, partying and what not, THEN you MIGHT be ready to find the right person and settle down, because you won't feel as if you've missed out on anything. You may never get to that point, and that's perfectly fine,but stay single why you are figuring it all out. Why in the world would anyone would want to get married young is beyond me.

Pete and Ashley grew apart because they were too young and too stupid to begin with. It's sad that they have to drag a child through this. It's all incredibly selfish.

1349 days ago


Ashlee is hungry.. Feed the bitch!!! she is anorexic.

1349 days ago


The only two people that know for certain what happened in this marriage are Ashlee and Pete. She might have told him numerous times she wasn't happy, or she might not have. You can't believe everything that PR people say, it's their job to make sure their clients are shown in the best light possible.
I personally think it's sad whenever a marriage ends (there are of course a few exceptions, but as a general rule...) because at some point in time these two people truly believed that they had found the person that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

1349 days ago

Vanilla Chinchilla    

I don't care what anyone says - She is F'n HOTT !!!

1349 days ago


Another clueless male.

If your woman has gone from wanting to talk about the relationship to keeping silent -- it doesn't mean all is good -- it means she's given up on you ever listening to her and is making her plans to get out.

Listen up, and if you don't hear anything, start talking, pronto!

1349 days ago


Clearly none of you are FOB fans. Pete hasn't said **** to the media. Everything is coming from Ashlee's side. He's not telling the media he's crying, because he isn't even letting the FANS know **** is going down.

1349 days ago


shes probably just using "erratic behavior" as an excuse...
she wants out because she got bored
you Simpson girls are LOSERS!

1349 days ago


Ashlee is a nut. What does that mean "she has wanted out of the marriage for a long time"? They havent been married that long. You are supposed to work through your problems when you are married not have one foot out the door all the time. and by the way simpleton if you are unhappy in your marriage you should be discussing it with your husband in private and not anyone else. stupid frivolous woman.

1349 days ago


Erratic. Isn't it kind of "erratic" of her to divorce so easily when a child is involved?
I think they are both "erratic".

1349 days ago
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