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Ashlee and Pete -- They Were In Different Marriages

2/11/2011 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's as if Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were in two different marriages ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Ashlee filed for divorce Wednesday. Turns out she's been "extremely unhappy for a long time," so says one source familiar with the situation.  Ashlee has wanted out of the marriage for a while.

Meanwhile, Pete was happy with the marriage and had no idea Ashlee had reservations about the union. 

When Ashlee told Pete she wanted out, he begged her to change her mind, our sources say.  As recently as yesterday, Pete has been crying, asking Ashlee to give the marriage another try.

We're told Ashlee isn't budging.  As we already reported, she feels Pete's "erratic behavior" has made the marriage impossible.



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Translation: Ashlee has a boyfriend. Guaranteed.

1352 days ago


But how do you marry a musician in a band and then expect him to stop doing that? I assume she likes the cash and the life style. What's he going to do, flip burgers? I doubt he's qualified for much else.

Even though their "friends" deny it, I think when this is over, you will find she's got a boyfriend. That's usually the case in a "happy" marriage, when one partner insists on splitting and refuses to try to work it out.

1352 days ago


Noooo That´s so sadd :( and What´s happen with Bronco?? I love Pete♥♥

1352 days ago


OOOH! My gonads are itchy!!

1352 days ago


she smells funny.

1352 days ago

Room Monitor    

Michelle is the only one with a working brain who posted.


1352 days ago


Waddya expect. shes an amrican idol-wannabe lipsynker and hes an uber emoband douche*** "musician". Theryr both stupid rich so who cares what happens now.

1352 days ago

Angelyn Whiddon    

When the family burst on the scene in Hollywood they declared themselves a Christian family. Father a pastor, daughters singing in the choir etc. What a terrible demonstration of a Christian family. since the father is the manager of their careers, he needs to apologize to Christians who truly love Jesus and
Try to follow Gods way. Although his daughters arenadults now,he needs to recognize that hebhas failed as a father, a pastor and their manager. While they are responsible for their lives, he surely must
question his decision in taking them to Dollywood

1352 days ago


Who cares between the emo homo and the lip syncing t.wat they have about as much talent as a used condom. they should both die.

1352 days ago

Room Monitor    

angelybn wyndom

put your head in a vice and turn 22 times to the right
people like you are scaries

1352 days ago


She wants a divorce - he does counselling!!! She does not give a da** about her child! I hope Pete gets custody! After the Michelle Trachtenberg and the McDonalds incidents (just type "ashlee simpson mcdonalds" in your browser to get a look at this disgraceful piece of trash). Pete, I'm sorry for your pain, but I believe you will be better off eventually. TEAM PETE!

1352 days ago


If she was unhappy in her marriage for such a long time why didn't she discuss it with her husband? At least try to work on the relationship before getting a divorce.

1352 days ago


I have to admit I didn't see this coming. They always seemed involved and together with the child. I thought this one was going to work. But I totally understand how she just threw in the towel. It did seem like for him it was business as usual, just kept with his own thing. This is why I've said to so many of my female friends not to rush into the the baby thing. Almost all of them have been left to it by themselves. Usually the man/boy runs for the hills as soon as the baby is born. Times have changed. No longer is the man the protector. It's all up to the woman now to have the big bank account and if you want a baby then you better be prepared to have a future on your own. Most men just don't have that baby desperation. They love to f*ck but want nothing to do with the consequence. But I fully believe Ashley gave this an honorable try. Hopefully her sister won't fall into the same rut with her new guy. He has no job and really doesn't seem that interested. Jennifer Aniston has the right approach. Just try to make as much money as you can and NEVER get in the situation of depending on some guy. So many of them want to be gay now. So women just have to accept it. This is the sign of the times. Sad but true. Just wish the baby obsession would chill. Get rid of all these reality shows with teens having kids as well. This is all sick.

1352 days ago


These "erratic behavior" comments are possibly an attempt by the simpsons to make Pete out to be a psycho or something to help ashlee get custody. There is no low too low for the simpsons.

1352 days ago

george fudge!    

The Dumb, No Talent Simpson Ho's (Jessica & Ashley) must be taking turns, getting married and divorced. It's against the laws of nature for both of them to be married at the same time.

1352 days ago
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