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Ashlee and Pete -- They Were In Different Marriages

2/11/2011 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's as if Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were in two different marriages ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Ashlee filed for divorce Wednesday. Turns out she's been "extremely unhappy for a long time," so says one source familiar with the situation.  Ashlee has wanted out of the marriage for a while.

Meanwhile, Pete was happy with the marriage and had no idea Ashlee had reservations about the union. 

When Ashlee told Pete she wanted out, he begged her to change her mind, our sources say.  As recently as yesterday, Pete has been crying, asking Ashlee to give the marriage another try.

We're told Ashlee isn't budging.  As we already reported, she feels Pete's "erratic behavior" has made the marriage impossible.



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I mean, did anybody really think that this one would last?

1258 days ago


I think he should get props for trying to SAVE his marriage.

1258 days ago

Who needs therapy?    

#58 says: she says he is a minute man and god left him a little short changed in the umm department..she needs a real man

If that is true, then Poppa Joe is definitely involved. Remember Jessica said the same thing about Nick? Seriously, is that all these bitches can come up with - **** on the guy in some pathetic attempt to make themselves look better??

1257 days ago


I'm a little sad, but it's predictable. I actually like her A LOT more than Jessica. I agree that marrying into the Simpsons probably isn't fun. She's still very young.

1257 days ago


why did she have a baby with him if she was unhappy with the marriage

1257 days ago

Sarah in Texas    

Papa Joe, this is the price you paid to turn your girls into cash cows. A far cry from your days as a youth minister.

1257 days ago


She should have talked about her feelings to him way earlier, then. How can they work through it if they're not honest with each other? If this is the case, they haven't tried to work it out, cause Pete didn't even know.

1257 days ago


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1257 days ago


Is it wrong to say I called this?
Ashlee is such trash.
Poor Pete.

1257 days ago

Nita Dunn    

The video of Ashley at McDonalds should have been warning enough.. she is the erratic, crazy one. I could never understand how someone as mellow and cool as Pete could marry her. I guess opposites really do attract. He's lucky to be rid of her.

1257 days ago


I think it's sad that people today don't give their marriage a chance...and the way this will effect their children, they appear to be clueless. Marriage takes a lot of work, give and take by both partners, and if one person isn't even aware of why the marriage broke down then that says a lot about the other person to me. They sure weren't communicating their wishes or desires to their mate. Is it kind of like at the first sign of trouble, they want to run instead of trying to work things out? Is that what Jessica did? Whatever the case, what a shame.

1257 days ago


good luck guys. dont know to much about you two to comment... but a divorce is always hard, no matter how much money you have. both of you, stay strong....

1257 days ago


Pete had said he always fell for the trainwreck. Just to point that out.

It doesn't really matter what anyone else has to say about it. She filed for divorce. End Of.

1257 days ago


I think Pete was confused and then just pissed off when he found out Ashlee didn't have a penis and I have to agree with 99. Patrick, she does smell funny.

1256 days ago


Hey pete u dont want her? Ill come right in and help you out buddy! I mean its mot like shes hard to get, hes not a star and he looks like a cracked out Wilmer Valderrama, cute baby though

1256 days ago
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