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Lindsay Lohan: Bad Jewelry = Good Defense to Felony

2/12/2011 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's bad taste in jewelry could be the key to her defense, because according to TMZ's research, the necklace in question may not have enough value to constitute felony grand theft.


In order to charge a defendant with a felony, the item in question must have a fair market value of more than $950.

Kamofie & Company was selling the necklace for $2,500.  But we checked with three prominent jewelers in L.A., and they claim the price tag is grossly inflated.

The jewelers asked us not to identify their stores by name, but here's their assessment of the item.  We gave them information from the necklace designer, who told TMZ it was comprised of 8.84 carats of natural, untreated yellow diamonds.

-- A Santa Monica jeweler told us the necklace is "a dime a dozen," and he wouldn't think of selling it for more than $1,000.

-- A downtown L.A. jeweler says if the item is retailing for $2,500, it means "the stone is cheap," adding, "It's most likely an industrial-type diamond, not gem quality."  He says the necklace is worth no more than $900.

-- A San Fernando Valley jeweler says, "I don't believe this necklace has 8 carats of diamonds.  It's so thin."  She says the chain would sell in the jewelry district of downtown L.A. for $800 tops -- and probably less. 

Under California law, if the necklace is worth $950 or less, Lindsay could only be charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor.  The maximum penalty is 6 months in L.A. County Jail -- and with jail overcrowding she's looking at a short stint.

If Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley can convince the judge that the necklace is cheap, Lindsay could dodge the biggest bullet yet.


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Yeah, but we know she's guilty.

1347 days ago


So tired of this loser popping up on my screen when I come to TMZ for news. You guys are so far up this girls nostrils, you've forgotten there are other celebs that exist. What about the Halle Berry stiutation? How is Dame Elizabeth Taylor doing now in the hospital?

Good grief. Other celebs exist. Lohan is not even a celebrity anymore. The only thing she can do is now is make headlines by committing terrible crimes.

1347 days ago


WTF does this even mean?? If I go in and shoplift an over-priced ANYTHING from ANY STORE, then my charge will be based on what the store down the street sells it for?

This may be fodder for discussions between attorneys for a plea deal, but this is worthless for a jury if it goes there. The price being asked for the item determines what the thief THOUGHT they were getting away with. It could very well be argued that Lindsay isn't a professional jewelry appraiser and would have no idea if it was 'worth' 900 or 9k.

It's sad to note that she at least thought it was worth a possible probation violation...

1347 days ago


TMZ changed the article again.

Legally, it means little what the actual item is worth based on gold weight, etc. The retail price is all that matters to the cops and the DA.

I'm surprised TMZ doesn't know that.

1347 days ago


That's not a fair way to determine value, you know damn well it needs to be appraised IN PERSON. You cannot describe a necklace to people and ask them what it's worth.
Come on guys, enough of the BS.

1347 days ago



Yeah, you're right. Let's read about some REAL celebrities on TMZ. Not some washed up child star felon.

1347 days ago


You can clearly see the yellow diamonds. This is no overpriced cheap gold chain. Lindsay then has her arm up over her face and neck, and in subsequent photos you can't see the diamonds - it seems she attempted to hide them from view by turning the necklace around. She's gotten caught red handed with grand theft.

Give it up team Lohan.

1347 days ago


TMZ plays with us and I'm not going to play anymore. This article is stupid and obviously meant to start yet another 300+ comments about the mess. There HAS to be more going on besides this woman and Charlie. I am bored, bored, bored. We should rebel. No comments on the next article about Lindsey or Charlie.

1347 days ago


You can't just consider the penalty for the alleged jewelry theft, but that any kind of conviction, including a plea agreement, will be a violation of her parole.

1347 days ago


is this story made by the POS who was siting during duck lips live streaimng?
Dude your story suck same as you do.

1347 days ago


Wait, wait, mean to tell me something in L.A. was grossly overpriced. This world no longer makes sense to me anymore.

1347 days ago


What makes a Birkin bag worth ten grand? You charge what you can get.

Notice none of these 'jewelers' are willing to identify themselves, but they're happy to trash the designer - and the store - anonymously, and estimate the value of a necklace that none of them have actually seen.

Where did you find these people? Did you just call random jewelers from the yellow pages? Slow night?

1347 days ago


@7 bb

Read the story properly, the necklace was not assessed by the photograph but by the description and information given to TMZ by the person who made it.

Anyway, I agree NO MORE Lindsay stories, you have flogged this to death TMZ, let her have a stress free weekend.

1347 days ago


A friend of mine bought a diamond ring from an L.A jeweller for $1,100. Two years later she tried to sell it to raise some cash, and found it was only worth about $50.

1347 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Sorry, but thieves should not be able to determine the value of what they stole. Beotch liked it enough to steal it. Another crapstain of the Lohan smear campaign was dutifully swallowed and disgorged by TMZ.

TMZ- your source for all Lohan underhandedness.

1347 days ago
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