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Charlie Sheen -- Negative on Drug Tests

2/14/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been clean since he went off the rails two weeks ago in his 36-hour romp with porn stars -- and he has the drug test results to prove it.

Sources directly connected to Sheen tell us Charlie has passed two drug tests since he began his in-home rehab -- one taken this morning and the other last week.

Charlie has a team of addiction specialists working with him at his home, some of whom he has known for 20 years.  The lead specialist is nationally known and someone both Warner Bros. and CBS signed off on.

The two drugs test results are being forwarded on to Warner Bros., which is monitoring Charlie's progress to determine when "Two and a Half Men" can go back into production.

Sources say Charlie "feels great," is actually enjoying his newly-found and hopefully not temporary sobriety and is "itching to get back to work as soon as possible."


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casting couch    

Clean... but for how long? The countdown begins.

1294 days ago


Charlie may have a habit but its certainly cannot be as bad as the press makes it out. He still looks great and has a great body, much better than Jon Cryer. If he is such an abuser as the media claims, he would look a mess. I know TV can make you look younger with make-up, but he looks good when caught on camera just roaming around. Lets hope he gets clean because even though he messes up, he has a family that loves him and don't want to see him in a morgue. Good Luck Charlie.

1294 days ago


I knew Charlie could do it.Have no idea if you read these comments or not Charlie.Congratulations and so proud of you :) Keeping you and your family in my prayers every day.

Thank you TMZ for letting us know this wonderful news :)

Charlie Fan

1294 days ago

Made it Past 27    

I have never understood the attraction with his show. It is stupid, boring, and not funny. Why is it even on TV? Everyone who watches that show is lame.

1294 days ago

moe l.    

I'm starting an "OD Pool". $100 buy-in. It renews every 100 days; you keep your same square; the next 100 days are assigned.
$2,500 to the winner of the day of the OD and $7,500 to the winner of the day he actually kicks. If they are the same day, winner takes all!!!

1294 days ago


@ 81

It only seems funny because of the automated laughter from the fake recorded audience that they use. Not everything is funny on the show but yet there's people always laughing.

1294 days ago


I bet he tested negative for any morals too.

1294 days ago


Why is it that this guy can commit major crimes and get away with it, and HIS rehab, which isn't ever supposed to treat someone like royalty, is in his own home? NO one does that. What makes him so special? He's twisted, perverted, isn't royalty, his father wasn't any more special than any other Hollyweird celeb, his looks have faded. His show is nothing more than filth anymore and isn't funny. Why throw the book at Lindsay for a cheap necklace, and he can have a suitcase of cocaine in his home, and he admits it? WHY don't the police arrest him? Or are they in Heidi Fleiss' book of customers that Charlie has in his possession? Has to be something like that. He's untouchable.

1294 days ago


That's a crock - he's probably paid someone off to say he's had negative results. A month from now he'll be a drug addicted drunk again.

1293 days ago


Cocaine, or any drug for that matter, will not stay in your hair for 25 years. That is about as absurd as the urban legend of LSD staying in your spinal fluid.

All drugs can exit your system completely after only 90 days, and you can completely remove them from your hair anytime you want by thoroughly washing your hair with vinegar.

I have a feeling that Charlie Sheen is just being smeared by the mainstream media and that this is being blown way out of proportion. Same with Rosie O'Donnell. Why? They both are outspoken about the events of 9/11 and want their questions answered, so they get slandered.

1282 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a wimp. Yeah, I know, he makes a lot of money, but for the life of me I can't see why??? A pig turd has more talent!! Pig turds don't stay high on drugs either.

Charlie Sheen???? Hmmmmmm, is that a new type of "Afro Sheen" like an "Afro Sheen Blo Out Kit"???? Nah, no one would even wipe their bum with a Charlie Sheen.

1273 days ago


well u only live one life some of us would love to have a bit of your money just to pay are bills but that life but u can take a bad time in your life and turn it good i hope this is that time for him God loves us when we try to do the best we can so lets pray he found a way

1208 days ago
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